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Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm one of those busy ladies.

I kinda hate chinese food (I'll only do vegetarian dishes now) but I went to a fabulous place in Chinatown yesterday and then off to see Sigur Ros with a kick ass opening band, whom I actually bought a signed poster from (because I need art). I know their music very well, but had no idea what their concerts would be like. I can only imagine someone on acid would have a fantastic time, as the lighting displays were spectacular. It was fun, in a very relaxed kinda way and the bonus was that it was free (a welcome to Seattle present from Maya's friend, and my new apartment manager, Zach Attack!)

Today, I thought I'd just sit and do nothing but then I found out that it's the last day my museum has the Roy Lichenstein exhibit and Thursdays are Free!!! So, you know I have to go. I'm super quick at museums so most likely I'll be there for like an hour and be back in time to cozy up in bed and think about the weekend (which is already filling up fast!).

I don't have real friends yet, but everyone loves doing what I love doing so it's super easy to ask anyone to go with you somewhere. Luckily, most of the things I find are free (like walking, or free museum thursdays or going to Pike Place Market to work). And free equals awesome. And awesome is cool. And cool is not raining. And not raining is what it's been like in Seattle, thank you very much (SO STOP ASKING!!!!).

Okay, kinda lame blog. But I'm busy here. Not bad busy. Real good busy. Haven't really been bored busy. But not Steve busy, where I'm up till 3am pulling out my hair. I still don't understand that boy. Maya??


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