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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Knitting is Neato!

Once I found out I was moving to Seattle, I abandoned all knitting projects. I just didn't have time to devout even 5 mintues to a row, when there was packing and saying goodbye and figuring shit out. Even on the drive up here, I couldn't knit because I wanted to see everything. And I'm not the experienced type who doesn't need to look at her needles. So, I haven't done shit in about 2 months. My mother's blanket has remained at a length of 3 inches for way too long.

Thus, I decided over the weekend to fucking pick up those needles and get to work. I made a pact with myself saying that no matter what, I'd knit for 30 minutes everyday. And it's worked! Actually, I've been doing more like an hour, because I only get two rows done in a half hour with this mammoth blanket. And besides there's always something to kinda pay attention to on the TV for at least an hour.

Funny, how instantly you can drop something, pick it up and get addicted to it all over again. Just like cigarettes! But way healthier.

Now, I'm up to about 10 inches (I think? I have no good judgement of length and too lazy to find my measuring tape).

Momma, you'll get that thing by Fall. I promise!


Blogger marcia said...

I can't wait!!! Love

3:43 PM  

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