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Friday, June 09, 2006

April Fool's Day in June.

So, when the interactive group was moved into a new space (same building, same floor, just different area) we all noticed the big map of the world, that's freestanding and looks just like something out of a bad war movie. On our first day in this room, someone wrote that a co-worker was to be recruited to the Lahor agency, in Pakistan. He believed it, and was confused. So everyone just ran with it. Our boss had meetings with him saying that he'll be going there for a month to redo their company's website. He was obviously a little worried, but kinda excited. Then the entire agency got involved. The head honcho was told what was going on and thought the prank was so hilarious that he wanted to be apart of it too. So, the honcho even scheduled a conference call with the prankee saying how proud he is for taking one for the team, and that when he goes he probably shouldn't say that he's American, and instead say he's Canadian. Our other co-workers started making itineraries for his flight plan and hotel stays. They even scheduled for him to have a toot toot as his mode of transporation. All the while, he was convinced he was really going for some assignment. Finally, yesterday we had a "going away party" for him at some bar, and our boss made a toast. At the end, our boss finally revealed that he need not worry because he's not really going. He was a good sport, and wasn't too pissed. And we're pretty sure we're all gonna get our paybacks pretty soon. I think he's planning a trip to Home Depot this weekend...

Did I mention that I love my job/Seattle?


Blogger imran said...

that rules!
and lahore is pretty cool, my mothers from there. they love american...

as hostages.

5:52 PM  

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