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Monday, June 12, 2006

I'll just Patch this right up.

I remember, as a kid, whenever I was sick, whomever wasn't working at the time would end up taking care of me. I think my mom worked weird hours as a nurse way, way back in the day so I usually got her. This was always much more fun, cause she'd rent Dragnet and we'd watch really horrible soaps together. Her two favorites were Another World (which I believe has been off the air for some years now) and Days of Our Lives (which will live on until that fucking hourglass breaks in half and sticky old sand pours out). I believe we both had a crush on 2 main characters. Patch and Bo. They were both bad boys, and if that doesn't explain our relationships here on out I don't know what does. To make things super easy, Patch was named properly, because he wore a patch (not because he was a pirate, but because of some freak accident and to make him look more bad ass I guess). Bo was just the long haired dreamboat who was always losing his one true love, Hope (don't you just love these soap opera names???). These characters always come and go. Like I remember the day Deidre Hall died off, and my mom actually taped the episode where she came back to life about 5 years later. She was in a cave, taken hostage or something. But of course, when she woke up she was wearing makeup and just had her hair done. Patch and many others have died since I stopped watching this crap, and haven't returned.... UNTIL NOW!

That's right Mom. Patch and Chris (? the one that used to be married to Jen) are back! They actually look exactly the same. I only saw about 10 seconds of this momumental commercial and the neighbors must think I'm a weirdo cause I couldn't stop laughing.


Blogger marcia said...

Patch is back????

4:55 AM  
Blogger marcia said...

I wish I still had a VCR!!!!!!!!!

4:57 AM  

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