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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How do you people live like this?

Yesterday I left early to get to my Car Rental place before they closed. I gave myself plenty of time, considering I knew it only takes 30 minutes to get home and this was not too far away from there. I even gave myself an extra hour just in case.

I was 30 minutes late.

Luckily Rent-A-Wreck are some of the nicest people ever. And yes, I just plugged them because they are the greatest.

After being in traffic, thanks to construction, for over an hour I called up my guy and he said no problem, I'll wait. He goes on to say, Oh you're only like a mile away. It's no problem at all.

45 minutes later I made it.

I left at 4:40. I got there at 6:30.

How do you people do this driving thing? Is it really worth it to deal with traffic and construction and accidents and pot holes and dents and insurance? I just don't get it anymore.

I cursed the entire time. I got several headaches. I punched the radio dial hoping something decent would come on. Nothing did of course, because the radio here is just god awful. If I'm stuck in traffic I need something awesome to sing to and distract me. Not This American Life or another fucking Nirvana song (seriously what is it about Nirvana here?)

Oh, how I miss 90.3 KEXP.

I came home so glad to be out of that thing on wheels, that I took a long walk on the beach and talked to Dominic about my hatred for everything that has 4 wheels.

I feel like an old lady, but I like a walking city. I like the bus. I like being able to read and listen to my ipod and even knit while someone else takes me here and there.

I like that someone else is ripping out there hair and punching the radio dials, cursing at the road while I mindlessly wait for my stop.



Blogger maurene said...

for whatever reason, the past week or so has had the worst traffic i've ever seen here. i'm not making excuses, i'm just saying you've been here when it's been out of control.

that said, i've had moments where i've pulled over and cried during traffic. where i've read a book in traffic. where i've sat and worried about a throbbing behind my eye and prepared for a brain hemorrhage in traffic.

it sucks. but, i promise there are lots of good things too. check out the museums, observatory, korean food, hiking, melrose, pasadena, little tokyo, chinese food in san gabriel, shows at the troubadour, bars in silverlake, and movies at the arclight. and many more! i'll call you soon.

11:03 AM  

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