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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

To Lala and Beyond...

So, I'm here and it's hot. This is the part I wasn't too thrilled about. Actually, there were lots of things I wasn't too thrilled about when I took this freelance gig. And one of the biggest parts is that Los Angeles is the spitting image of Fort Lauderdale, just with maybe more Mexican food and less Olive Gardens. But the layout is basically the same.

I'm not saying I hate it. I am saying it's no Seattle. I haven't felt that feeling I experienced when I first arrived in the Emerald City. The mountains and Puget Sound and Space Needle. Now those are things to see. The office buildings, traffic and heat are not.

Like I said, I don't hate LA. It's not your typical city. I live a block away from the beach. And this is definitely a plus, especially since my phone doesn't work because Sprint sucks huge hairy balls and never gets reception. So the boardwalk has become my talking and walking playground.

The sunsets are pretty and the people look pretty (fake). And the radio stations play way more Nirvana that I care to hear in one day. I don't think I've heard a Nirvana song yet in Seattle.

The stores are cute and plentiful. The people seem crazy and fun. The guys look tan. The gym is intimidating. Actually, I may be the fattest person there, which is pretty shocking in itself. And I'm pretty sure I saw The Edge from U2 working on his abs.

It's only been Day 3 in Lala land, so I shouldn't and couldn't possibly judge an entire city by then. But, of course, I do and will.



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