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Friday, November 30, 2007

The Rain by LA

I've been in LA for a month and it hasn't rained at all. This is obviously unheard of in Seattle.

But LA is well, different.

Everyone takes for granted the amazing 72 and sunny weather they get everyday. So when it rains, we all feel it. People went home early today. Everyone is kinda drowsy. The roads just suck, even worse than normal. And like oh my god, what if my hair gets wet.

In Seattle, we deal with it. We don't buy umbrellas or complain (too much). We don't worry about our make-up or hair, because just like Kurt Cobain said, Come as You Are. And so we do.

Which brings me to yesterday.

I was finally feeling so much better after work last night, and because I'm my father's daughter in the manic way, I decided to walk to Santa Monica (only 3 miles) to see my friend's photos in some production house gallery art thingy happening. I walked there feeling great, and then once I stood in line to enter, I suddenly got hit with the LA ugly stick and felt ill again.

Not sure if it was the fact that the bouncer quizzed me on the secret password, or if it was that I was clearly the least hip person there, or if it was that there were just way too many people crammed together, eating their organic gourmet finger foods, smelling of too much perfume, wearing too much make-up and screaming over the too cool for school band playing right in the middle of everyone. So as fast as I got there, I left.

I talked to Dominic on the way home, explaining that I'm sometimes just way more comfortable in a sweatshirt than in fancy clothes. That Seattle understood this about me. I don't have to dress up for a little gathering. Because in Seattle, you can come as you are and no one gives a shit.

One time, I actually wore white pointy shoes after Labor Day to a bar in Seattle, and someone gave me a very nice compliment on them.

But in LA, I get this uncomfortable feeling a lot. It's the same feeling I had going to parties in high school. The, I just don't fit with you people, feeling. I can talk to you and play nice, but we're clearly not of the same league here. No hard feelings. Really.

So I gave a LA kiss, kiss to my friend and walked back the 3 miles, wearing my Seattle Easy Street sweatshirt with blue pants that are too short and wondering when will it ever rain.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It never rains in Southern CA!!!

4:55 PM  
Blogger maurene said...

can i just say that you get the weirdest comments by anonymous people on your blog?

yes, i think LA people do tend to judge you on your clothes/looks a bit more than anywhere else, which stinks. but like richard said, you are a precious ballerina and the people that matter don't give a shyiiiiit. plus u r a QT.

1:30 PM  

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