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Friday, November 09, 2007

Whole Foods in LA

I'm not really a Whole Foods gal. If I want something organic I go to the Sunday Farmer's Market right across from my apartment. There's a Whole Foods in Seattle but it's a little further away from the QFC, so I don't usually go. And I'm not quite sure what all the hoopla is about. They have restaurants inside. Ohhhh, said sarcastically. I actually heard most of them aren't very good, and more importantly not at all organic.

But I guess this Wednesday a new Whole Foods arrived in Pasadena. Everyone was talking about it.

While I most likely won't go there on a weekly basis, I am curious about this butter bar and this fresh jelly aisle and the TORTILLA MAKING MACHINE! But I could care less that someone could do my shopping while I get a massage. What is this - the future?

For me, it's all a bit too much. When I go grocery shopping, I get my shit and go. I like looking at new things, but I don't want to be there for hours. I understand Whole Foods and that they want to make their grocery store more like an experience, rather than just shopping for food. But I don't like where this is all heading. It's making us all more spoiled. It's turning everyone into foodies and snobs, when in reality it's just a fucking grocery store with a food court. And a massage table. And a wine and tapas lounge area. And fair trade flowers from Ecuador.

But of course, as I mock, I'm looking at Google Maps right now to find the quickest way to get there.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually found a old band-aid in a salad I bought for lunch in Whole Foods

3:52 PM  

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