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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jews by LA

I never really felt connected to the Jewish faith until I lived in two states where no Jews exist: Michigan and Washington. So coming to LA is kinda nice in that not even a block away is some Jewy place with a big star painted on its wall. And the fact that I see Hebrew practically everywhere makes me smile slightly. And that there's actual Jewish deli's and restaurants with words like Nosh or Kosher in them gives me the urge to eat something really bad, but oh so much better than any so-called "deli" in Seattle.

Coming from the land of Jews (South Florida), I thought I would love Seattle for its non-religious point of views. But deep down, I'd like to see some Orthodox kids running around on a Saturday morning, because it's Shabbat. I'd like to say, "Schamta" or "Canineahera" and have people actually understand me. When I say I'm Jewish, I rather someone not respond with, "REALLY?". And I'd like to have the choice of attending a service, even though I probably won't go.

In Seattle, there are 2 places to go that are affiliated with Jews and one of those places was gunned down a year ago.

But in LA, I feel comfortable. When I talk to people at work and mentioned how my mom makes her Spaghetti with KETCHUP, 2 people actually asked me if I was Jewish because that's what there mom's (who couldn't cook) did too.

And this makes me weirdly happy.

Seattle 7 LA 6



Blogger Heidiblossom said...

Montana is the ultimate no-Jews land. Since I moved to Seattle in 1999 I've been very excited to have three Jewish friends, now four counting you. Also friends from New Hampshire. Two of them. SWEET.

5:52 PM  

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