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Monday, November 19, 2007

Dogs by LA

I'm not the biggest animal lover. I appreciate them from afar. Very, very afar. Basically, I'm not a huge fan of anything that shits in public.

I thought Seattle was bad, what with their decision to let people keep goats as pets and how every day at the last job I had to endure slimy tennis balls being thrown into my cube so that their stupid beasts could have something to do WHILE I WORK.

But LA is quite a different breed, so to speak.

Yesterday I went to Runyan Canyon for a hike and man did that park smell like shit. I'm not being figurative. It literally smelled like dog shit. Everywhere you went. Big dogs. Small, annoying dogs. Cute dogs. Ugly dogs. And one 3-legged dog. It was complete madness. I might've been the only person there sans dog. And while it was a good hike, I couldn't escape the fact that there were probably more dogs than people. I couldn't escape the "Ohhh, how cute's" and the "What is he's?"

I felt like I was at some outdoor kennel hell, but I was the only one trapped in those sad little cages.

I'm not sure what my distaste is for animals. I probably have no soul? I think cats are okay, but ever since I was little I hated when Angel or Rocky (our two cats, both dead now) would sneak into my room.

Even though, I have to live with a cat right now. And sure it's fucking cute, but I still I don't want it near my bed or leaving hair on my things. And I sure as shit don't want that tongue, that you used to lick your anus, anywhere near my face.

So obviously I won't be returning to this particular trail. I was thinking to myself, "But Barrie, the view is kinda nice and it's kinda near JuJu Cereal." Then I almost stepped in a pile of steaming dog feces and gave this trail a definite ax.

Seattle 7 LA 5



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