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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stars by LA

I don't think I've seen any stars yet. I thought that I might have seen The Edge from U2 at my gym, but the only reason I thought this was because this dude wore the same beanie that The Edge always wears. And I heard he lived in Venice.

So yesterday, Dominic and I went to the Mann's Chinese Theatre to look at all the stars names and do something truly touristy.

We succeeded.

We took pictures of Steve McQueen's star and yes, Mom, I have a picture of Frank Sinatra's hands which I'm sad to report are the same size as mine. I'll give it to you when I have a moment.

Did you know that Cuba Gooding Jr. got a star? And that Judy Garland is right next to Arsenio Hall? And that you won't even know who most of these "stars" are. And that lots of them are repeated more than once. And I didn't see Barbara Streisand or Lucille Ball, but I did see Daffy Duck and the band Journey.

The whole walk is something to see, take pictures of and only do when tourists are in town. Just like The Space Needle. The only difference is that you don't have to wait in a long line to ride an elevator, and you actually get a little thrill finding Tom Cruise's star right next to some bums getting ready to shoot heroin.

Seattle 6 LA 4



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