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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Bar by LA

I've done all these things, events, hikes, what have yous. But haven't been to a bar yet.

And what better time to get a glass of Pinot Gris than for a friend's birthday. Luckily this bar was in walking distance, and it was typically nice outside so no car was needed for this taste test.

But when Dominic and I walked into Beechwood, I immediately felt underdressed in our matching hoodie outfits. This was obviously a hipster type of place, complete with people talking in their little cliques and drinking their expensive drinks.

They were all making connections and talking about fucking advertising, and you can't help but get wrapped up in it. Luckily, we avoided business talk by listening to a guy who wanted to give Dominic and I advice on how to grow old together.

As for the actual place, the furniture was "cool" and "modern". The fireplace was most impressive and just made me long for smores. The only thing missing was some hipster video displayed on the walls, while a DJ spins his records.

But I bet that happens on Fridays.

I'm not saying Seattle is much better. Everyone thinks Cha Cha's is the coolest, when I just can't stand how hard it tries to be cool. But I also never felt more out of my element than at a stereotypical *bar in lala land.

Seattle 6 LA 3

*I'm sure not all bars are like this in LA. Or at least, I hope they're not all like this. Because if I see one more girl with skinny jeans and high heeled boots over them while sipping a martini, I might just scream.



Blogger imran said...

try the temple bar on wilshire. i've been there twice and both times its been pretty chilled out. live tunes, small floorspace, red walls with bad ass jazz paintings.

8:56 PM  

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