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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Event by LA

I've been looking everywhere for things to do and see whilst here. To the point, that I almost considered changing my job to Web Researcher of Events and Cool Things. I'm pretty sure that job exists. Just means I'd have to start another blog.

On Friday, I went to this Paper magazine 24 hour shopping store, where I saw a lot of young kids dancing it up next to cool clothes, trying to be cool and well, it was just cool... I guess. I can't even tell you the overpriced stuff they were selling, because once I saw a pack of gum cigarettes nothing else mattered to me anymore. The best part was that since they couldn't break my change, I got the pack for free. That plus a free Paper magazine made this event a success. Even if I felt slightly old (and stoned) and not nearly as cool as some of these hipsters.

Why is it that all these kind of clothing bonanza events have to have loud, kinda irritating music throughout? They do the same thing at the Crocodile Cafe once a month and the music + same crafty shit I see everywhere sometimes keeps me away.

I also end up finding things in Seattle, like Unzipped and Miranda July's reading party and concerts galore and art parties at Motels that are about to get torn down and hopefully one day, One Pot.

I think the only difference amongst the 2 cities is that in Seattle, these events are taken over by art types, bum types, weird types and me.

In LA, these events are filled with bright lights, cameras and the hope that someone famous will show up so they get more publicity.

Seattle 5 LA 3



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