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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Movies by LA

I saw another screening last night. This time at my house, thanks to my writer/director roommate for a week. I wasn't really expecting to catch the screening (and kinda hoping I'd miss it) because I was at work late and really just wanted to curl up in bed whilst knitting the Prairie Tunic. But I got home to "Sit down, we're watching a movie and here's a bong and some tea and tell us what you think."

I definitely noticed this little trend in LA. Everyone is writing or directing or acting in something. My other roommate is supposedly writing a book, although the only thing I've seen him do on his laptop is scour myspace for hot young "things" and watch whatever basketball game is on the telly. And I don't think he has a job.

It's kinda like Microsoft and starving artist/bums in Seattle. You're either one of the two and no matter which one you are, you're definitely drinking coffee in the rain without an umbrella.

Not sure which one is better though. The people in LA all think they're the greatest. That they just made something that will definitely go to Sundance. That if they keep meeting people, making connections and pass out business cards that one day, even if their shit does stink, they'll make it.

It's kinda cute how optimistic they are. Also equally irritating to hear everyone's story and how it's just oh so unique.

On the flip side, Seattle has musicians and artists and geeks. All are kinda modest. Most are passive aggressive.

I know the latter might sound worse, but for me it sounds less fake. While the optimism is fine and dandy, the pessimists always seems more real,right?

Either way, this one is clearly a tie.

Seattle 4 LA 3



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