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Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I'm pretty pissed off at Turbo Tax. The only reason I'm using them instead of Tax Cut, whom I normally use is because they supposedly work with Quicken, the program I use to keep my deductions in check.

But of course, I don't see an import button. Then I did see an import button but it wouldn't work. Then I called the Turbo Tax customer service and he couldn't figure out the problem either.

Actually I'm on hold (for the 20th time in an hour) right fucking now.

It's a good thing I'm at a coffee shop, cause I would most likely be screaming and crying at this point. Dominic left an hour ago, I think. I honestly just get in a fog when I'm on the phone with these people. I'm just happy the guy I'm talking to is human and speaks perfect English.

I know this is the price I pay for not spending $300 (or more) on an actual tax guy. To me, that's fine. I'm wicked cheap. And I kinda like having control of these things. Sure, they know everything about deductions, but supposedly so does Turbo Tax.

It's gotten to the point where he is giving me everything for free. I'm currently getting the downloaded version of TurboTax and the online version for nothing (a $50 value I think).

Which is great, because that's probably how much extra my phone bill will be.

UPDATE: You can not import Quicken into Turbo Tax if you have a Mac.



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