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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Last Wednesday I decided that I wouldn't spend any money until this Wednesday.

This is HARD.

I don't normally spend money really. I make my own lunch at home (and work when I have a job). I rarely ever eat out. I rarely ever shop for clothes. And I rarely ever buy little things like coffee or nail polish.

But still for some reason, not spending anything on anything seemed a little difficult on some days.

Like when we went on a hike and then our friend wanted to go to Georgetown for lunch. Normally, I even bring my lunch on these hikes but I was at Dominic's house where there's nothing but cereal and water. So I was moneyless and hungry.

But Dominic was nice enough to buy my lunch.

And then there was Trivia Night with friends, to which I accidentally had 2 glasses of wine. Once again, I looked at Dominic, like please. Just this once. He gladly did. Because he's nice like that. And we're pretty fair when it comes to who takes who out.

I think I'll take him to see Persepolis this week.

So, if it wasn't for those 2 hiccups I would've been fine. Luckily, the boyfriend came to the rescue and I didn't spend a dime (except for necessary groceries and needed bus rides).

Now, I'm off to buy pictures from my trip to Bogota and beyond!



Blogger maurene said...

man, i am in the same exact situation. except, i HAVE to not spend money because i don't have any anymore. i find so many ways to get around spending money--like finding old gift cards (Starbucks!). but it's kind of nice because you're forced to do non-money spending activities, which are always so much more interesting anyways (at-home ballet with old 80s video, finishing knitting projects, working on my book!).


HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! it sounded great. LA misses you so it's been raining.

5:49 PM  
Blogger Heidiblossom said...

My friend Mason and I used to do money fasts in college. As a matter of fact last time I checked we both still owed a three day fast due to an abandonment when something too cool to miss passed up. I should get on that, I could use one.

It was great seeing you last weekend- and I meant what I said about the 'bus and breakfast'!

9:07 PM  

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