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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Stop yelling at me already.

I'm moving in 10 days. To another part of Seattle. I'm also freelancing. And doing my taxes. And talking on the phone with taxes people. And I have to call the cable/insurance/utilities people, but I keep forgetting. And then I'm talking to people about internet ideas. And dealing with headhunters. And not sleeping well because the boyfriend still snores, no matter what he drinks or puts up his nose.

I'm stressed.

And everyone is yelling at me today.

My mom yelled at me, because I tried to send her a tax form for a loan that's under her name. But I pay for it. I figured I was doing something nice by sending it to her. The fact that I even remembered, when I'm up to my ear with boxes actually surprises me. And since I can't deduct it, might as well have her get something out of it.

But instead I got 20 emails this morning yelling at me because SOMEONE can't figure out this thing called the Internet.

This morning, the boyfriend got all silent because I was paying too much attention to the internet and not him. We didn't really fight, per se. But I definitely had to hold back tears at my freelance job.

This morning I thanked my sister for the belated birthday card she sent. And 10 minutes ago, I get this weird email from her saying she doesn't get my humor and why am I being sarcastic and then over explaining why the birthday card she sent was a month late.

And now I have to rip apart a knitting project I just started because it's gonna be too tight if I keep going.

That last bit is the least of my problems, but I thought I should state everything that's been going wrong today.

Don't you ever just want to tell everyone to leave you the fuck alone?



Blogger Tactless Wonder said...

I have yet to reply to my older brother's similar comment/response to my greetings in his xmas card to me...

Sometimes, no matter what you do, people will take it in the wrong context because they're stressin' too...unfortunately I have no magic words (though I like shut the fuck up...) and it really does get hard to be like water off a duck's feathers all the time.

7:44 AM  
Blogger Barrie said...

tactless wonder,

funny that you said shut the fuck up, as that was originally the last sentence of my blog.

who knows why i changed it. compassion maybe...

8:26 AM  

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