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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's like everyday is Saturday

There's definitely been a difference between being on vacation and being in Seattle. Now that I'm all rested and I visited friends all in one night and got my birthday out of the way, I'm like now what?

Well, here's what I do:

-Workout. This isn't anything new, but now I include yoga or pilates to my routine. It's something I always wished I had more time to do, and voila! Now I do.

-Play on the internet. This is something I do a lot of. Especially if it's crappy outside. I'm either looking for apartments or emailing perspective job people.

-Take a bath. I know I'm wasting tons of water, but it's just so damn relaxing. And what else do you do when it's raining all day long?

-Walk around.

-Think up ideas for Dominic to turn into websites.

-Get through the mail that piled up while I was on vacation.

-Start going through the apartment and eliminate some clutter. I really don't have much in the clutter department, but I always seem to find something to get rid of. And since I do have to move doing this is logical.

-See apartments. I'm trying to find the right one, but it's weird to look for a place when I know in my gut I could be moving immediately after that. But I have to. Just in case...

-Knit! I actually haven't done this since the plane ride home, but I'm going to visit some knitters tonight and eat poutine. I'm not quite sure what this cheese/fries/gravy combo is going to do to my stomach. I'm pretty sure bad, bad things. But I'm also a sucker for unusual food items so I'm compelled to try it.

And that's it. Sometimes it's boring, but most of the time it's pretty awesome. Don't get me wrong. I love working. Thinking shit up and laughing with people. My job is fun. But I also love doing whatever I want all day long, not really having a schedule and waking up at 7:30 am instead of 6.



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