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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ain't he the cutest?

The boyfriend told me yesterday that he was going to make me dinner that night, at my place. I had this weird premonition that he was going to make me potato laktes because Passover started this weekend and during the holidays I usually think about my grandma and talk about her endlessly. She would make what seemed like 10,000 laktes every time I would visit and then "made" me eat them all, which I gladly took on. I tried recreating her recipe once, years ago and they didn't turn out the way she made them. I thought this would always be the case, as it's hard to copy someone's vague recipe, but then I realized I just didn't add enough oil.

Note to lakte makers: Add too much oil. The laktes should be swimming in the shit.

When I got home last night, I walked into my building and smelled something amazing. Potatoes. Onions. Love. I ran downstairs, flung open the door, and half-expected to find my Grandma standing by the stove, with her makeup all done up and her hair stuck together perfectly.

Instead I found my boyfriend, sitting on the couch looking very pleased with himself. And I was pleased too. Because:

a)he made me something very special
b)he knew to get the good honeycrisp applesauce (NOT SOUR CREAM) at metropolitan market
c)the kitchen was spotless

He did make the same mistake I had made with the oil, but that's okay. I figure the next time I'll show him how it's done. Or at least buy them from a place that knows how it's done.

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