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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm quitting...

Before anyone freaks out (Mom), I'm talking about something that doesn't effect me or my IRA.

I'm talking about Orbitz gum. Right before I got laid off, a co-worker gave me a piece of Sweet Mint Orbitz gum and I haven't looked back. I've never been a gum chewer before and suddenly I was really addicted. I get like this with the strangest things. Like apples. Like peanut butter. And I don't know how to stop. There aren't support groups for gum addicts, but maybe there should be. Just for my sake.

I knew this gum addiction was becoming a problem, when more than 3 pieces a day just wouldn't suffice. The flavor and chewing quality wasn't lasting more than a few hours before I needed my next fix. And I was itching man. I started buying the 10-packs at Costco (along with the uberly gigantic peanut butters). I started chewing in the mornings and after every meal. I started chewing everywhere, even in the pool. It was taking over me. And now, I'm saying enough is enough.

I was thinking how funny it would be if someone invented a quit chewing gum, gum.

So instead of waiting around for some quick quitting gimmick to come to the market, I decided I'm just gonna do it cold turkey. I magically gave up cigarettes a few months ago (after almost 10 YEARS of smoking!) to the point where even a drunken drag makes me sick these days. So I'm hoping the same effect will happen when I quit the gum. It's only 10:35 am and I'm already on my second piece. I have 3 more sweet mint Orbitz pieces left. A small stash of Unicorn gum that's really old and I believe Dominic keeps an emergency pack in his glove compartment. I'm gonna hope for the best. I'm gonna need your prayers. And I'm gonna give it my all until I'm not totally dependent on those little, evil chewing sugary pieces of goodness!

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