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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Stupid Flickr.

I've been trying to download a stupid picture of someone's stupid baby for like 45 minutes now. So, I gave up. I'll be pictureless I guess.

I had this discussion with Nicole yesterday about babies. And the way I see it, I'm in no rush AT ALL. That seems to be way too much responisibity. And people here pop them out when they're 20, which I just think is n-uts!. I'm still so selffish. And I like going out and doing things. I don't want the next 18 years of my life consumed with changing diapers, and smelling like shit all day long. I think some people just have babies so that they can feel better about their lives. I think that some of these people are selffish, by that they just want something else to love them. That's what I think at least.

Don't get me wrong, maybe one day, like 10 years from now I'll consider it. But I think I have some weird not wanting baby gene that makes me not want any of that. I see a baby, I think it's cute, I keep walking. I don't goo goo ga ga at it. I actually think right after I see said cute baby, that ugh- thank god I don't have to take care of that thing all day long.

And another thing. All these parents change. You say you won't, but you do. You're tired all the time. You start worrying about more shit. Basically, you become really fucking lame.

Maybe I'll work at a day care center. I used to do that, and I acutually loved it. I got to have my 15 babies for a few hours. I'd get them all dirty in the sandbox, and have them do ridiculous art projects. And just around the time they start getting cranky from not having a long enough nap, their parents would show up and have to take them home and deal with their bratty, not wanting to eat broccoli shit. It was perfect.

I'm sure I'll get shit from this blog, cause all you vags will have a fit about how amazing babies are. Blah blah.

On a non baby note: Tonight is go get drunk because it's Nicole's birthday. And I'm wearing a super cute skirt with fishnet tights!! If I don't get a kiss I might as well become some kind of rabbi.



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