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Monday, June 27, 2005


You silly little star.
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I can only imagine that Kelly has 3rd degree burns today (because she's Irish and really fucking white). Yesterday she actually agreed to go to Stoney Creek with me to walk! I go all the time and invite her, and she always declines, so I sorta stopped asking. Plus, I like to walk fast and she just doesn't have it in her- yet. Anyway, silly me forgot to put sunscreen on, and I didn't realize how burned I got until about 9 at night, after a few beers and a few Simpsons. I have the silliest razorback burn just on my shoulders and back. My stomach is pale as a ghost, which means this 4 and 1/2 day weekend will have to consist of getting that tummy to match my lower and upper halves.

In the world of music, I borrowed Architecture in Helsinki from Maya (Luke no need to burn for me) and then she left to go back to Ann Arbor. So, now that I conveintly forgot to give it back (hehe), I'm gonna burn the shit out of this kick ass cd. The band is just great! The only way I can possibly describe it is if you imagined Fraggle Rock had a band and then mixed their sounds with The Labyrinth soundtrack. After lots o' margaritas on Friday, Steve, Maya and I walked home and sang Do the Whirlwind all the way there. When I played it for Kelly though, she said, "What is this clicky klackity buggeldy boggeldy music?" Okay, she really didn't say that, but I know that's what she thought. And I said, "It's pure genius!"

Let's all try and have a most excellent week.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked it there, but I told you I'd slow you down. I'd like to go again sometime.


11:05 AM  

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