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Thursday, December 08, 2005

10 times in a MONTH!

*Name has been changed, because he/she might kill me if I reveal true identity.

So, I was having yet another conversation about farting with Steve and *Maxine, when Maxine said that she only does it 10 times a month.

You heard me right, 10 times a month!

Shit, I just farted 10 times writing that first paragraph.

So, here's the question. Who's normal here? Someone that only farts 10 times a month, or someone who farts 10 times an hour. Oprah says the norm is 14 times a day (not saying that Oprah is fucking god, well she could be having sex with god, but that's none of my business), and sure I exaggerate but I definitely for a fact do it way more than 14 times a day. I'd say on a good day, it's about 25 depending on what I've had for dinner. I couldn't even imagine holding my farts in so that only 10 would squeak out per month. I'd explode! My belly would literally burst open, and you'd probably find a bowl of chili, still hot, waiting for you inside.

And with that, I bid adieu. Another 4 day weekend awaits.


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