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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

3 day weeks.

I have 4 day weekends for the rest of this month. So, for anyone that's complaining about my lack of blogging (Mark), well, now you know why. I can't sit at my computer all day long when I'm not at work. I have to do things, like drink and go to the gym when no one is there. I have to watch lots of cartoons. And I have to go shopping for see-through tops so boys can see my boobies. I have to see Jesus is Magic, and then hear a whole fucking commentary from the retards behind me when they don't understand every single Sarah Silverman joke (wait for this movie when it comes on DVD). Then I have to knit and hang out with some friends. And I have to eat Thai on Main for free. And then after that, I have to eat apples, take out the garbage and figure out what's wrong with the high speed internet at home. I then have to watch more cartoons, try not to smoke cigarettes, put on my fingerless gloves, buy really pretty yarn and double pointed needles and sleep. So, if I'm not blogging, I'm probably doing one of those things, okay? Okay?!


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