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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What just happened...

So, I decided to eat lunch at home today. The view from my placce is so pretty that I can't escape it. And as I'm leaving to go back and head to a meeting, I hear screams, crying and incoherent french speak. I'm hitting the button for the elevator to go down and it opens. Next thing I know a little kid, maybe 4 years old comes towards me crying hysterically. I'm like, ummmmmmmm kid, what is wrong with you? And the kid just starts pacing back and forth, crying and crying and not saying anything. I scream to the french mommy who I hear a few floors below that I have her stupid kid and she hurries on up, thanking me over and over again.

At first I thought, what the fuck?! How do you lose a person that easily. Get a fucking lease or something for pete's sake! But then I really thought about it. Because I would lose my mom on a daily basis as a kid. Although I don't remember ever crying about it, because I never realized I was technically lost. I'd somehow lose her at the grocery store, finding something fascinating. Or hear my name, "BAAAAAAA" being called at the mall as I hid under the spinning racks. Even when I lost my way at the Dade County Youth Fair (not the safest place to be when you're 10 and alone), I wasn't all that scared. I should've been, but I was so used to wondering off, always figuring I'd just find my way in the end.

And now, I think I FINALLY found my way.


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