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Monday, May 01, 2006

Fuck Ikea

So, I've been looking for furniture. I have the couch all set (right mom?) and now all I really need to fit my fabulous new apartment (wood floors, claw foot tub, right in the heart of everything- hopefully I'll know if the place is mine by this week!!) is a dresser and coffee table.

And while talking to some people here, a few didn't just suggest Ikea- they almost demanded it. Well, let me tell you something here folks- I REFUSE TO EVER SET FOOT IN THERE EVER AGAIN!

Only because a year ago, I relunctantly went with my good friend, Caitlin and probably had the worst time in a furniture store, ever. It was so cluttered with college type furniture I almost had a panic attack. Sure, some of the stuff is worthy to buy, but not for me to spend hours piecing together.

Thus, my search has solely been on craigslist. Which is what I like better anyway, because where else can you find old 1920's vanity dresser type thingys for really great prices! Just my style too.

I mean, I guess I could go cheap and just get a fucking Ikea catalog and do it. But no, I'd regret it. Especially when I've been finding vintage, beautiful wood pieces for only 200 bucks. And they'll deliver! All in one piece!!

I'm getting to that stage in life where the pieces I buy shouldn't be plastic, and must actually kinda coordinate (but not match too much) so that one day when I buy my own house (in like 20 years??) everything will go together magically.

Okay, that's all for me. It's 10:30 pacific, which means I have to go to sleep like 10 minutes because I'm going to work early.

Sorry for the lack of blogging (mom). I've actually got shit to do!


Anonymous tripp said...

my little barrie's growing up so fast. now it's adult furniture.

10:07 AM  

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