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Monday, November 05, 2007

Hiking and Cops by LA

Hiking in LA is interesting. I went on 2 this weekend. One of which I think doesn't have a name. The other was Temescal Canyon Loop. I wasn't sure about the loop aspect of the latter, as I couldn't really find an end in sight and after an hour and a half I just decided to walk back. The paths weren't very clear and boy oh boy were there a lot of Arabs. Again, not sure why there were more Arabs here than in all of Israel, but they were chatting it up in every available rest stop having deep discussions and laughing their asses off. They didn't actually seem like they were hiking. More like gathering in the middle of the woods to conduct business. It was funny to say the least. The waterfall I was expecting to see was all dried up and all in all, a kind of confusing trail.

The first hike, the nameless one, I went with Mark and his friend Dawn. It's their weekly hike and I was just tagging along. This one is also kinda boring, but hard inclines so it makes for a great workout. The only excitement was that we were above the fog and clouds so it looked as if we were in heaven. If there is a heaven. Which there is not. So really, it just looked like we were hovering above some cloud like sea. That and the fact that we saw 2 deer was pretty cool.

I love deer. Doesn't everyone?

But nothing in the world will beat Wallace Falls, or Mount Rainier and let's not forget the Olympic National Park.

Seattle 3 LA 1

After those hikes I did lots and loads. I saw some international chick flick at the AFI movie festival, where according to the very exciting gay guy in front of me, Nicole Kidman was in the theater next door.

After that, I hopped in my car to hit the Giant Robot exhibit/party. I had to make a U-turn from my parking spot and right as I did this I see a motorcycle cop. He pulls me over immediately and whips out his dick face. He says things like, "I'm a huge dick. Give me your ID." Then I say things like, "I'm so sorry officer. I didn't see any No U-turn signs." And he's all like, "Well, you look smart enough to drive and you should know you can't make u-turns in business areas." And I'm all like, "Oh no. Actually I didn't know this. I just moved here a week ago and I'm all new to this driving in LA thing." And he's all like, "I'm a huge fat dick and I'm gonna keep reprimanding you until you cry." And then I'm like, "Wah wah girly cry."

He then checks out that I'm a normal law abiding citizen, who hasn't driven in 2 years. Hands me my license sans ticket and continues on with his dick life, where I'm sure he'll be beating his wife thereafter. Whew!

Why do cops have to be like that? Why am I forced to drive? Why do I hate it so?

Seattle 4 LA 1

The exhibit was cool, but I was so sad about this asshole cop that I was shaken up for the rest of the night. I drove home like a grandma and wished I was on a bus somewhere in the rain.



Blogger maurene said...

what a dick.

and yes, so many cops and driving rules in LA. you can't do anything unless a stupid sign allows it.

10:41 AM  

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