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Monday, December 10, 2007

Holidays by LA

This really has nothing to do with LA and everything to do with what I'd like if I got lots of presents for Hanukkah. Usually, we all get each other something small and/or handmade. And since I've been knitting for the last few years I can pretty much predict that for the rest of my life I'll be getting something yarn related. This is fine of course, because I love these things. But I have many hobbies, and knitting is just one of them.

And then it's my birthday in January, so usually I go home and get the holiday/birthday gift wrapped up in one. Or I get a card with money. Both very much appreciated and more than I could even ask for.

But now that I have this blog, I give my mom and sister not so subtle hints as to what I want and this has proven to be the best way to go. There's no guessing involved, and best of all, no gift cards (although one or two at Anthropologie wouldn't hurt every now and then).

I've been scouring the world for the perfect wallet. This one is close and could work while I find the one that's meant for me.

Back when I lived in Atlanta and I was going to grad school and racking up $65,000 in loans I realized I no longer lived in 80 degree weather. I actually needed some winter gear for the first time in my adult life. So I went to Burlington Coat Factory and bought the cheapest, ugliest down coat I could find. It's perfect for cold morning in Seattle, when I'm going to the gym and no one can see me, but as far as walking around past 6am I'd love to wear this.

Did I hear you say you wanted to give me expensive jewelry that I would never buy for myself? If so, I'd love this or that. But then again, I haven't tried those on so it's probably best not to waste $200 on little old me.

Besides Anthropologie, I love shirts that say things about tacos and blood, tank tops that talk about blowjobs and tops that speaks to motherfuckers everywhere. Small please.

I can't really see this going with the decor of my apartment, but it's still awesome.

But if you did want to get me things for the home, I wouldn't mind this arrow.

I'm not really a smelly lotion kinda girl. I'm more of a "it better have SPF cause that's the only thing I'm putting on my skin" person. But every now and then, I like to smell like almonds and aloe. And then cover my eyes with paper cucumbers.

I haven't quite decided if I love these yet, but I like how they look half way fashionable and I can splash around in the rain if I ever make it back to Seattle.

For 90210 DVDS, things about hiking in Seattle, lotion with olive oil, a CD that has one of my favorite cover song and of course knitting books you can always check out my amazon wish list by typing in my full name and/or email address under FIND SOMEONE'S WISH LIST. And if you're my mom or sister you should know that what I really, really want is to see you guys healthy, happy and safe.



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