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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Last Weekend by LA

ON FRIDAY I GO HOME!!! Not that LA hasn't been good to me, but I'm really ready to sleep in my own bed. Even if it is just for 2 days because then I go to Florida/Bogota for 2 weeks. Nonetheless, Dominic and I tried to do as much LA shit that we didn't get to do in the last 2 months, all in one weekend. And here's what we did:

1) Saw a silent movie at The Old Town Music Hall! This was clearly the highlight of the weekend. It was so much fun, what with Christmas sing-a-longs and watching Scrooge as an old guy plays the organ to accomodate the silence. It was seriously a hoot. And if I lived here, I'd make this a monthly ritual.

2) Did my normal 2 hikes. Well, they weren't my regular hikes but they were nice and sunny and filled with lots of deer. I will miss the variety and abundance of hiking the most.

3) Ate dinner at Real Food Daily. I've heard a lot about this vegetarian place and was happy with the results. Both our dishes were vegexcellent.

4) Went to West 3rd Street to see the cutesy little boutiques. I never end up buying anything, because who really needs $20 luggage tags? Still, Dominic and I always end up having fun just petting and being silly in these ridiculously trendy stores.

5) Rodeo Drive. It's pretty much exactly what you think. We didn't even bother getting out of the car for this one.

6) Taco truck. Not sure if we just happened to go to a bad one, but the ones we frequent in Seattle is hands-down way better. When I asked the girl if they had Horchata she pointed to the soft drinks and said if it's not down there, then no. This makes me believe, a)she's hard of hearing or b)she doesn't know what Horchata is, which is totally frightening if you own a Taco Truck - especially in LA.

And when I asked for my tacos, she asked, "with everything". Usually tacos should only come with 2 things: Your Choice of Meat and Radishes. But apparently they put hot sauce, navy beans and onions. ONIONS! Barf, I asked for radishes instead and they were happy to oblige, but still.

We weren't too thrilled with our TT experience and didn't feel bad that I forgot my camera for this one.

7) Took Dominic to the Venice Canals. I had seen them once, but was dragged along them by two people who were clearly in a rush and it was at night. Dom + I went during the day, on a very peaceful Sunday. That is, until a neighborhood feud broke out over some very loud elevator music coming from one of the fancy little houses. I think we talked the upset neighbor down, agreeing that the loud, elevator music was definitely an earsore. He seemed happy to know someone was on his side, as anyone who hates John Tesh would be.

8) Walked along the Venice boardwalk to look for shitty gifts. I wanted to get the family something from Venice that was borderline cheesy, borderline useful. But man, do these no talent artists make it hard. Do I really want to waste $15 on someone's crayon drawing? Or $20 on beads connected by dental floss that I know I could get for $5? The answer came up NO every time, and I ended up with nothing.

9) Saw fancy houses in Hancock Park. They were fancy and ugly, in my not so rich opinion. Usually I can find one house on the street that I'm like Ooh I want that one. But nope, these huge columns and bland styles weren't doing it for me.

And that's it. I've pretty much have done everything except In-And-Out Burger. And I'm doing that tonight.

Now get me the fuck out of here so I can breathe again.



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