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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sick again by LA

This is the 3rd time I've been sick here. I keep telling people that I think LA is trying to tell me to leave. And believe me, I'm trying.

So now I'm in bed, bored out of my mind. A few years ago I would've reveled in watching TV all day, doing nothing. But now, my brain has switched into go, go, go mode and I'm totally losing it. If I have to watch The Hills one more time or look at this fucking internet for one more minute I might freak. And of course the book I'm reading is all about rape. Not a curl-up-in-bed-while-your-ears-pop-and-your-nose-drools kinda book. In fact, I think it's making me sicker.

That said, I've been trying to accomplish things I haven't gotten around to. Like downloading my LA pictures. So here they are. The good, the bad and the Richard Simmons!

This is how I see Los Angeles.

This is me and that famous theater.

This is Frank Sinatra's hands and feet.

This is The Dresden, also known as where Swingers was filmed:

This is Dominic and The Hollywood sign:

This is El Rey, where we saw Ask A Ninja and the hilarious? Patton Oswalt:

This is one of the best tacos Dominic has ever had, and what seems to be a common trend in my now sickly life, soup:

This is the San Diego Zoo:

This needs no words:




Blogger Maya said...

I am totally going to LA just to dance with Richard Simmons. Unless i'm going to get sick, like you.

Feel better soon!

12:23 PM  
Blogger brit! said...

awww...so sorry you're sick again :(

but you look great with richard simmons!

fireflies and polka dots to you dear.

7:59 AM  

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