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Friday, December 23, 2005

As Will Smith would say, I'm going to Miami.

Seeing that it's the Friday before Jesus Eve, it's basically a ghost town around the office. And you know what that means! We all get to leave early! And that basically means.... going to the gym at 1, packing earlier then expected, knitting hats and stick shift cozies while watching the shows I missed yesterday, and getting drunk before I spend a week with the folks.

My art director is too nice. She got me saki shot glasses. They are pretty much awesome and I love them! Don't you love those kind of gifts, where you weren't expecting anything but a card and then low and behold you get saki glasses!! She rocks! The holidays rule! I haven't been depressed once about it! Horray for everything!!!

Let's all pray for warm, sunny weather in Florida. I'm bringing one teeny tiny bathing suit in the hopes that I come back to this frigid state with a tan to mock all the hunters up in Michigan. I'm not even gonna use suntan lotion cause I'm hardcore as you know. And really, if it rains everyday I won't mind one bit because it will still be at least 50 degrees warmer, so take that you fucking state of Michigan! With that said, here are the other things I can't wait to do/see in my good ol' hometown.

1. Apparently my nephew has turned into a badass teenager, and I just want to see the new do. He dyed his hair black and got an earring. Ahh, to be 13 again.
2. Long conversations with the sister. And hopefully it won't be about family nonsense drama. That's so 5 years ago.
3. My mother's glowing face the first time we see eachother.
4. My dad's constant picture taking. It's a little much, but it's a staple in the Arliss family. And it wouldn't be a trip home with at least 9 million photo opportunities.
5. I always like to go to the beach alone and just sit. It's this thing I started doing in college and it's pretty relaxing. I don't know if I reflect or whatever, but I just like to take it all in. Like, I'm not gonna see you for awhile so let's sit and admire this shit.
6. I'm sure I'll see some random friends and probably go to places that I don't really like, but whatever it's part of the process of going home.
7. Honestly, I think I could spend the whole time with my sister and mom and be happy as can be. If only they actually got along.

Okay, that's it. It's 12ish and I'm out folks! I may blog, I may not. But have a Happy Holiday and a safe New Year!!!!!! Love and kisses and all that crap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm drunk and in love with you.

3:25 PM  
Blogger Barrie said...

dude, if you're in love with me can i at least know who you are? i mean, it's the least you can do considering i haven't had someone in love with me in quite some time. consider it a early birthday present to me!!

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...sigh. have a happy birthday.

3:32 PM  

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