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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Did I mention that I lived in Florida?

I'm sorta sick and tired of people being so damn shocked that I'm from Florida. I know, I know. No one ever leaves here. I'm like an alien to you fuckers. And I also realize how polar opposite Florida vs. Michigan is. I always get the same question too. "So why the hell would you move up here?" Everyone from a cold state must think Florida is like heaven, or something. But you'd complain just the same down there. It's too hot all the time. It rains all summer. AND THE OLD PEOPLE ARE EVERYWHERE! Not to mention all those boys with gel in their hair and florescent lights under their cars.

BUT I just walked outside to grab a few cds out of my car, and the snow was up to here and there and everywhere and well, I couldn't help but really, truly miss my "hometown".

I'll be home in 8 days folks. The beach awaits my pale ass.


Blogger marcia said...

And Coral Springs awaits you with open arms!!! 80 degrees today!! Can't beat that in December. It's paradise!!

10:03 AM  

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