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Monday, December 12, 2005

Boys will always be boys.

Open on two 70-year old men. One is using the machine that makes you squeeze your legs in and out, and in and out. The other old man male approaches him.

Guy on machine: You know, I heard this builds muscle on your testicles.

Cut to me, on the machine next to it, thanking God that I don't have my headphones, because this is really weird.

Cut to old man's friend (equally old, if not older): Well, I don't have those anymore, so I guess this machine is useless for me.

Both men erupt in laughter. Fade to black.

*I shit you not, this just happened. And they weren't being quiet about it either. The guy continued to say how he doesn't have anything anymore, and I honestly didn't want to know what "anything" meant so I went to the next machine, satisfied with my eavesdropping for the day.


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