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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


So, I'm not sure who the perv is that wrote 2 comments on yesterday's blog, but geez man, stop watching porn or finding ways to shove things up you because you're gross.

That's really it. I'm going to the doctor in about 20 minutes. Although, of course, my throat isn't as swollen thanks to these remedies I took yesterday:

10 cups of tea. Dahjeeing (or however it's spelled) and some Lemon variety.
2 glasses of orange juice.
3 shots of Airborne.
1 multi vitamin pill.
1 echinachia pill.
1 viatmin C.
Too much water.
Night time pill formed cold medicine.

I've basically been either drinking something or peeing it out.

Hopefully, whatever I still have in me the witch doctor can find the cure by sticking a feather up my butt and perform the ritual sick dance so I can get a tan without coughing up my insides. Super!


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