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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yeah, yeah yeah....

I know. It's been awhile.

I'm sorry.

I was busy.

First, I shacked up with this great guy. Then my mom came to visit! Then I worked a lot. And now here I am, 4:10pm waiting to be called into a meeting.

I really have nothing new to report. I saw Knocked Up (last night: thanks pirated version!) and Sicko (thanks mom!). I'd give both a firm B- I'm pretty sure I'm picky when it comes to movies. I'd say most people loved both of these. They probably recommended these movies to friends. They probably said things like, "I laughed my ass off." or "It really opened my eyes." To which I say, "I laughed, but it was way too long." and "It opened my eyes to stuff I already knew, and what happened to the Michael Moore I loved in the Awful Truth and Bowling for Columbine. You know the asshole who gets in people's faces demanding change in the world. Besides that, sure it was good."

I think I'm gonna have to stop listening to what other people say about movies, because I'm 99% of the time greatly disappointed.

I also saw that Eagle vs. Shark (or is it Shark vs. Eagle?) and it was just a crappy version of Napeleon Dynamite (which I wasn't thrilled with either).

What happened to movies like Rushmore? Me and You and Everyone We Know? Triplets of Bellevue? Amelie?

And please don't tell me to see that Rataboulleleajljalfdj. It doesn't look like something I'd like.

In other news, I'm going camping again this weekend! I'm going to see Girl Talk next week! I'm going to a Lavender Festival! I'm going to Boston twice in September (once for fucking free! and the other for Maya + Steve's wedding!)

(An hour later)

So, I just got out of two meetings. There goes my life these days. I have to concept a little, so I'm out.

Glad to be back. Even for a short while. Hope everyone who still checks this is doing well. I miss you!