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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ummm, huh?

So, I sorta skimmed over The Bachelor this morning just to see who "won", and I was really disappointed. That Sarah chick is so blind. He doesn't even like her. They are clearly just friends, and she's just one of those girls who is dying to get married to just anyone because that's what all her girlfriends are doing right now. It was kinda sad to even watch them embrace, like they didn't even know eachother. Where with the Mulano, or Mareno, or whatever the fuck her name is, might not have been the perfect girl and man was she deep (barf), but at least when she left it actually looked like he was deeply saddened by this. Like he really wanted her for some reason, but he went with the safe route. Ugh. I could go on and on, but no one really cares. Except for maybe the loser who had to watch all of this on tv. Sucks for you, I guess.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Clean Sweep

Ever since the break in, I've been pretty tired. I sleep, but I wake up thinking I've woken up about 20 times in the middle of the night- thinking someone will come in and steal my ipod or jewelry or that photo album my grandma gave me or my budda. I know none of this will really happen again, but it's a thought you can't really escape until it fades away after another week or so.

But we haven't cleaned the house since it happened. And when I say we, I mean me. Because since I've lived in Steve's house, the only thing he's cleaned is his room. And I think he's only done that once. I usually do a basic cleaning every two weeks. Vacuum, dust, windex, sweep and mop. I'm basically like a maid who doesn't get paid and usually I do this when Steve's at work cause I rather do it alone, preferably with loud music and no commentary from anyone. But since I decided to do this on a Saturday, Steve was there. And he uttered words I thought I'd never hear come out of his mouth. "Yeah, I think we should clean the house today." I thought I was dreaming.

I should've known better though. I sorta left him with the living room, and I heard him vacuuming something. Not the carpet, but some vent. And then, he mumbled something about something and left the cleaning supplies in the middle of the room. I knew this was it. I'd be doing the rest. And I don't mind at all. Cause it's what I'm used to doing. I just thought it was funny how quickly he went from "hey, let's clean" to "shit I've got this and that and oh my god there's not enough time in the day because I have so many things to do and think and ahhh". But that's my roommate. Everyone has something. And he has that.

I give him shit, but really, he's been the best roommate ever (sorry, Mark). He's helped me out a lot, with money and with this recent break in fiasco. So, really I don't mind picking up after him. Doing the dishes. And cleaning house every two weeks without a hint of help. Because really, it's the least I can do.

Friday, February 24, 2006

House Broken.

I was supposed to get my ipod delivered to the house yesterday. But I had forgotten to leave the signed door tag, that permitted the fedex guy to just drop it off in which it would have been left alone on the doorstep for a few hours. I actually came home around 11 to see if I could beat the fedex guy, but I was too late. Another doortag was left there, reminding me that this was their second attempt. I cursed myself for forgetting such a simple thing and decided I wouldn't let it happen again. So, I called fedex and found where it would be and decided to pick up my beautiful music machine after I worked out. While driving to Livonia (about 30 minutes away), I get a call from Steve. Thinking it would be a, "what do you want for dinner call", I picked it up thinking I'd say, "something with tofu is fine". But instead Steve said, "Can you come home? The house was broken into. The cops are here now and they want to talk to you." I immediately forgot that I where I was, where I was driving to and if I actually was indeed driving. All things just stopped for a second. I was already half way to Livonia, so I decided to just keep going to pick up my ipod and then head home to where I only imagined everything of mine was destroyed.

Luckily, nothing was. Nothing was even stolen. Not my jewelry. Not my guitar. Not even the Omega watch my dad gave me that must be 30 years old, just sitting in plain view for anyone to take. The house was just a mess. Underwear and clothes everywhere. Bed flipped. It was nuts.

So, I'm at work now. But I'm going home. Didn't really sleep well, thinking every noise was these people coming back. I even brought my jewelry (and ipod of course) to work today.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm kinda like him.

I always thought I was adopted as a kid. Even some of my friends would ask if I was adopted. I looked nothing like anyone in my family. I towered over all of them by the time I was 14, even my dad. I have small boobs, compared to the behometh breasts the rest of my family has/had. I was the freaky, skinny, tall girl, with good teeth and a nose that didn't need to be fixed. I didn't belong in this family, that's for sure. And then, out of nowhere, as each year passed I saw it. I was looking more and more like him. I have a video of my grandma at the age of 12, and it's actually really creepy to watch, because she's me, but a much smaller version.

The last time I went home, even my friend's mother noticed it. "Oh my god, your hair. You look just like your dad, it's crazy."

This only slighty drives me crazy. But what really drives me nuts is that I act like him. I don't notice it until the bad traits come out. Because honestly, I think I'm nice to people and have become more and more friendly as I've grown up and started to find out who I am and be comfortable with that. And all that niceness, and warmth I have, I believe comes from my mother. Always wanting to hug me, when I pushed her away. Always wanting to hold my hand, when I was too embarrased. Always wanting to talk, when I didn't have the time. Now, of course I do these things. I'm older, wiser maybe, but more importantly I don't care as much if people see me loving my mom.

So, where am I going with this? Right, the bad parts. Well, I do these things and sometimes it almost scares me, because I feel like he put this in me. I can get very mean for no reason. I pace around the house and get frustrated at my roommate for talking too much (but let's be honest here, Steve talks a lot- hehe).

Take yesterday for example. I got angry at my mom because she wants me to name her cat. Now, in all honestly, I think it's strange that she wants me to name her cat. It's her cat. She should name it. I'll probably only see the thing maybe twice a year. I won't love it the way she will. But she wanted me to help her with names regardless, and since we just had a conversation about lawyers and other unmentionables I already felt my head getting hot. I wanted to burst. I wanted to tell her to name her own fucking cat. I don't think I said that exactly, but I know I got angry for no apparent reason. And no, I'm not getting my period. Sometimes this just happens to me. Like the time I threw water in my exes face for no reason. I've been really good about controlling that kind of stuff. To try to think on the bright side, or at least be realistic about things. But every now and then, he creeps in and I get all manic. And I hate it.

I just hate it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dream a Little Dream

So, I'm not sure if there's so much going on in the life of me that I can't reveal to you, my sweet-loving Internet that's causing all these weird dreams, but normally I don't dream. I say, I have a dream once every few months. And this week, I've already dreamt twice. Very vivid dreams. Dreams that I honestly considered to be real, even though I knew I was sleeping.

Dream 1:
I was at my friends house, and he was downloading music onto his ipod. But I noticed the ipod had my name on it. I saw the package, and that had my name on it too. I told him it was mine and he said, "Well, no. It came to me and I already put music on it, so it's mine." It seemed like we were having this argument for quite some time, until I started crying and then I woke up.

Dream 2:
Okay, I'm pretty sure this wasn't a long dream. But all I remember of it now is that I found chapstick everywhere. It was like I hit the chapstick lottery. I was consumed with it. I would look in a purse, and I'd find one there. I'd look under my bed, in my jackets, in my jeans and hello! Surprise! Little chapstick inside! (By the way, I'm kinda addicted to chapstick)

So, yeah. 2 dreams in 2 days. Kinda weird. But if you knew what was going on with me, then I guess it's not all that weird.

In other news, it's my roommates birthday today. I know he'll never read this, but Happy Birthday Steve! I think you're old or something. Maybe 29?!

And in even other news, 2 of my best friends are buying houses. I can't wait to visit them in their respective homes, where they will be all grown up and at least one of them maybe, just maybe MARRIED! Eek! (Scary, as I'm 27 and as of yet have finangled my way out of every wedding I've been invited too. But with Caitlin, I'd want to be there. Actually, I think the only reason she's gonna get married is so she can see me in a dress. Or at least that's why she had a pinning ceremony when we were "sisters" in the "sorority". Hehe.)

And finally, in other news... DID I MENTION I BOUGHT A FRICKIN" IPOD!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

My mom and ipod rule!

So, I looked at this rumored new ipod, and am pleased with my older 60g version. Sure it only plays movies, episodes of Lost and 15,000 songs, but still it will do I guess. The newer one looks like you'd smudge it constantly, hence destroying your viewing pleasure. No thanks. I like my screen clean and tidy- just like my room.

In other news, my sister has been nervous for quite some time that my mom would decide it's too much of a hassle to get a divorce and just try to reconcile. But when I talked to my mom this weekend, she sounded happier than I think I've ever in my life heard. She bought candles! Sorta a big deal, since I guess my dad hated candles, and the things you give up when you're stuck with someone inevitably ends up changing you. Now, she has candles everywhere and we're all happy for her. I just hope she doesn't burn the place down.

Time for free lunch!

Monday, February 20, 2006



Friday, February 17, 2006


Things are happening in the 9 to 5 world right now that I can't obviously get into. But if you read Adweek, you might know what's going on.

Okay, must think happy thoughts. Must think about drinking tonight. Oh, and this:


That's right. Roller Derby bitches! It's so on.

I'd write more, but man this is too depressing...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

You talkin' to me?

I work in advertising, if you didn't already know that about me. In my job, my one requirement is to think up good ideas and write. But sometimes I don't want to think. Sometimes I have other things on my mind. Sometimes I just want to chew on a lollipop, and then chew on the straw and then stare at the computer in a daze for 2 hours. Sometimes I do that. Sometimes I don't. Today, I can't really afford to do that but I wish I could. I am chewing on a straw, but I can't daze. I have phone calls to make. Things to write. Ideas to think up.

Now I know what one of my Portfolio Center teachers meant when he said sometimes he wished he just had a simple job, like tarring roofs. Because at least he wouldn't have to think every single day for the rest of his life.

Today I don't want to think or write or come up with a big idea. I want to sleep and dream and not do anything at all.

It's almost Friday....

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Red Castle

I had 15 minutes to shower and look glamourous. Steve and I practically leaped into the car. Him with a fancy suit, me in this gorgeous black silky dress that I've been meaning to wear for years but never had an occasion to wear it to.

We walked in and White Castle is packed! The lights dimmed. Red balloons everywhere. Barry White tunes in the air. And the waiters.... The waiters wore nice white shirts (not tucked in. They had to represent as you know.) with a gaudy pimp inspired red top hat. The table was preset, with a reserved sign and prepared menus were handed to us. With our wine glasses filled with tap water and the sweethearts special (10 slyders, not sliders-2 fries-2 cokes) in our bellies, I'd say the White Castle Valentines Experience was a complete success.

When Steve tipped the waiter, he was so confused as to why Steve was just giving him his money. He stood there for about 30 seconds completely dumbfounded. He even came back with change after the tip, and Steve had to reexplain that "No, this is money for you. For being our waiter. This is what happens when people serve you. They get tips." But Steve, of course, said it a lot nicer and with many more words involved.

We took pictures. Wore fancy clothes. And ate the crappiest food I think I've ever put into my mouth.

I totally recommend all of you to do this next year. Mark your calendars folks! It's only 364 days away.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I guess we can talk about it.

Alright, it's Valentines Day. There! You happy CVS! You happy Hallmark! You make single and non-single people on edge every year.

Some people get so depressed about today, like they are doomed and will be alone forever! Ugh, get over yourselves. Someone out there loves you (unless you're just a really mean, horrible person). Even if it's your Mommy (HI MOMMY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!).

I remember my first real Valentine with my ex-boyfriend. It was actually real sweet. I made PBJ sandwiches and we drove to this spot (in a sorta sketchy neighborhood) that overlooked all of Atlanta. We went to the spot and ate our sandwiches and just talked and listened to the radio. It was all I could ask for. It was totally perfect, and I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Except, before he picked me up, I was using a mirror to put on makeup (yes, Mom I wear the stuff sometimes!) and I accidently dropped the mirror and watched it break right down the middle. Now, I'm not all that superstituous but that kinda freaked me out. I mean I broke a mirror on Valentines day. My first real Valentines Day with someone I had truly cared about. And now I had this broken mirror giving me a minor heart attack because some stupid ass said I'd have bad luck if something like that happened.

Well, of course nothing happened. I mean, yeah we broke up a few years after that day. But really doesn't everyone? At some point??

Anyway, I'm not even sure where I'm going with this. But this morning I overhead some chick practically scream out that she got flowers, a card and some lame present from this guy she is seeing. She was estactic. And I swear, when she walked away I had a gag reflex.

I'm eating White Castle sliders tonight. Wish me luck!

Monday, February 13, 2006

It's not that dirty.


I went here on Saturday, and to the few people that didn't want to come with me because they feared it might be too risque. I say pooey on you! It was just a different thing to do on a Saturday night, and it was definitely interesting to see. If this pops up in your neighborhood, go see it! I love art, and smut is right up my alley- so going to see the combination of the two was pretty cool and entertaining and not at all too sleazy.

I really have nothing else to blog about. Oh wait, yes I do!!!

A friend of mine asked me to help him write these cartoons:


He didn't think they were funny enough, so he asked me to help. He wants to make 12 shorts and send them to Adult Swim, where hopefully we can all become famous. It's seriously the coolest thing someone has asked me to do. And I've already emailed him with like 20 ideas. Even if it went nowhere, I'd at least have something to add to my collection of hats or pies, or whatever the expression is when you can do lots of things.

Okay, sorry for the lame blog today. I have all these other things on my mind and I just can't be witty or come up with a story just to entertain you, you internet! Okay!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Oy veyishmere!

I have a beef to pick with Hollywood. You people, trying to make the Jewish culture cool with your knowledge of random Yiddish words, make me sick!

a) You say every word WRONG!! When you say something like chotcke (which I've never even heard before, because in my grandma's house a little knick knack was always referred to as a chotchical) you say it like a tourist pretending to speak with an French dialect when in Paris. It's completly nauseating. And I can spot you fakers from a mile away!!

b) When did it become cool to say swevzting (i have no idea how to spell the Yiddish word for sweating), oy vey and swatza (which to me is the same as saying n-gg-r)? If your grandma didn't say these things while making haroset and matza ball soup, then you're not allowed to!

I never really realized until moving to Atlanta that other people didn't say schmatta (something old and dingy you'd wear around the house) or chitza (catholic girl). And I've almost taught myself not to say them now, because as I get older I meet less and less Jews (compared to Coral Springs, where Jews were literally everywhere). And if I say something by accident, people just look at me like, what language you talkin' girl. We don't speak your crazy talk in da Detrois!

Well, guess what! It's not crazy talk! And it's not for Hollywood either! You people butcher everything my grandma ever taught me and I want you to stop!!

Okay, it's Friday and you have no idea how excited I am about that. See you people on Monday! Ugh, Monday.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I must prepare myself for this.


Steve suggested we do this for a good laugh. And I agreed, not even realizing that this will be the first time in about 2 years that I will actually ingest fast food. EEK!!!

Actually, I remember my last fast food meal. It was when I first moved here and I went out with Kelly and her brother. We got drunk and because of this we had to eat Taco Bell. I probably had a bean burrito with sour cream and a Dr. Pepper. Ahh, those were the days...

Since then, I've been so good. Almost to the point of being borderline weird about it. But, I've never felt better healthwise and can honestly say that after eating some sliders (which I have to admit I've never had before) on Tuesday I won't relapse. If anything, I might feel completely nauseous and have to take off a day of work so I can roll around in pain trying my hardest to get that shit out of me. Pun or no pun, fast food blows huge chunks.

But really, you can't pass up being seated and having a waitress at White Castle. You just can't.

Maybe I'll watch Harold and Kumar go to White Castle for the upteenth time to prepare myself. Oh yeah..

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I found a Cure!

Recipe for Drying those Girly Tears:

-3 cranberry vodkas
-a bunch of friends
-She Wants Revenge and a darn good opening act that I can't remember the name of, but will find out later as I want their CD as well
-8 cigarettes
-and dancing!

Funny, that Maya left a comment about She Wants Revenge being plastered over MTV, thus causing an Electric 6 sold out concert. Because that's how I heard about them. Watching the Gauntlet II, every other commercial had She Wants Revenge as a buzz clip (whatever that means) and I immediately perked up. Sure they sound like a mix between Depeche Mode and Interpol, but they pull it off without completely copying them. And last night, the concert was short but very, very good.

So good in fact, that I'm in a much better mood today. Yesterday was a fucking train wreck for me. It was bad. Especially, when Steve asked me, "So, is today better than yesterday?" And of course I immediately started crying and started explaining the things I can't tell you. Today, no tears. Just a stamp on my hand from last night's festivities, reminding me of good times and great music.

I heart music. I wish I could marry it.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

And it's only Tuesday.

Things are not getting any better in the life of Barrie. And it sucks, because I can't explain any of these things to you, my dearest internet. But things are sorta hectic. In every aspect. In every way.

But at least I get to see She Wants Revenge tonight. And at least it's only $8. And if I want to cry, I can blame it on the music being oh so good. Although, I doubt I'd really cry because I think I did that enough at the studio, in the car, at the locker room in the gym and at home that I'm all cried out for today.

Fucking shit for fuck. I hate being a girl sometimes.

The good news is no one died. Shit, where's wood! Must. Knock. On. Wood!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Here's a less bitchy post.

I bought something for my "one day I'll be living on my own" place. It's actually really sweet, and if I owned any type of camera besides a Holga I'd show it all to you. But I went to the Flea Market with Kelly, thinking I'd just look around. Maybe find an old cheap broach, but and then I saw it. The cutest fucking table and chairs ever! It looks like something out of a 1950's farm house kitchen. And it's small, but it opens up to be twice the size. The chairs match and are all too damn cute. And it all only cost $150!!! It was $175, but I brought that bitch down. Steve commented that it looked like something out of a dollhouse, but brought to life. And I just couldn't stop smiling. I've never been that excited over furniture before. It's so my taste. As I'm pretty sure I'll end up living in a hodge podge type of place. Which is perfect for all my mismatched items! I'll look like a thrift store and smell like my grandma. I'll get a boyfriend in no time, that's fo' sure!! So, yeah... I just spent 150 bucks which I probably shouldn't have done since I need an ipod (yes, NEED!) and a trip to Cali, but fuck it. I've got money coming from the IRS! And I deserve it! Thank god for 0 exemptions!!

Sorry for the ramblings. I'm at the studio and can't concentrate on writing better posts.

Everyone basically blows.

So, it looks like Caitlin is the only one willing to go with me to Coachella. And that's not even definite. As she has to find out when her finals are and won't know until the end of February, maybe March.

And here's what the plan is. We're flying. And then renting a car there so we can travel around California/Canada/Mexico/wherever. Beth is gonna meet us after the festival (she doesn't like festivals anymore apparently), and if all goes well we can stay with friends along the way (Mark?).

I can't believe I asked like 50 people and no one wants to go. All I know is that I'm going, whether it be by myself or with a friend. I'M FUCKING GOING! And if anyone tells me, "Man, I should've gone." I'll punch them in the nuts and spit in their face.

Sorry, it's Monday.

Friday, February 03, 2006

A Coachella Update: Most likely maybe.

So far 4 of my friends are giving me either a "most likely" or a "maybe" on the whole Coachella thing. I wish they could all fast forward 30 years from now and realize you don't get opportunitites to see all these great bands in one place at one time, PLUS take a road trip across the West. Because years from now they'll have babies and have more excuses. It only gets worse from here folks. It only gets worse from here.

Steve- Maybe. He's about 75% down!
Maya- No. She has finals that week. Damn Grad School!
Devin- Maybe. He's iffy on the whole road trip thing, but really wants to go.
Carl- No. He never does anything without Anja's approval. But he's cool, so I give him some slack.
Beth- Maybe. It would be a YES if I knew I had the free tickets already. Cause she's cheap like me. Us Jews must stick together!!!
Caitlin- Maybe. She has to look at her school schedule. I'm crossing my fingers.
Oconnell- No. It's just not his thing. He's pretty much only into TV.
Jessie- The only one who hasn't replied, cause she doesn't have access to a computer all the time. Yo Bender, move back to El Unitedo Stateseo!

Sometimes I wish my friends were more spontaneous like me. Cause I know if any of them asked me to go, I wouldn't even have to think about it.

It's on.

So, I didn't talk to gym crush, but he did totally turn around when I walked past him and gave me a smile. By next week, we should pretty much be married with 3 kids and 2.5 dogs. Shit, I mean cats.

But, I was too distracted by all the fucking phones at the gym to rejoice in my crush's smile. I was ellipiticalizing when the stupid fucking whore next to me kept answeriing her cell phone. Now, at the Y it says somewhere that cell phones are prohibited inside the gym. Also, you can't have sex or wear shoes that are wet cause they ruin the machines.

But the cell phone rule makes sense as it's really super annoying. Especially when the stupid whore wasn't even talking on it. She answered the phone 3 different times and each time said, "Hey, I'm at the gym. Can I call you back?" WHY BRING THE PHONE IN THE GYM IF YOU AREN'T EVEN GONNA TALK ON IT!!!!! YOU ARE A LOSER, YOU STUPID FAT ASS HO FUCK!

So, if that wasn't annoying enough, I then headed over to the treadmill and man oh man, Nextel, I have a bone to pick with you. As your "walkie fucking talkie" phones drive me absolutely nuts. Someone over by the weights was using that gay ass feature for about 10 minutes. Every 3 seconds that annoying BING sound echoed throughout the gym, and we were all overhearing some 40 year olds conversation through a feature that's meant for 10 year old boys who play with GI Joes.

And then to top it off, I freaked out over Lost not being taped. (FYI- It was a repeat. I didn't find this out till the morning.) So, basically I was pretty cheerful when I came home. Steve noticed right away and his excitement for setting up the basement wasn't helping matters.


Have a good weekend. I hope your football team wins. Wait, no I don't. Because it's just a stupid game. But at least the commercials should be good.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Okay, Coachella it is.

The set list came up today on coachella.com and it's even more amazing then Bonnaroo. Check it and go. And if my sister plays her cards right she can get me free tickets. Please sister, you are the most awesome sister in the world of all the worlds you believe in!!!

Which brings me to my topic for today. My sister and I.

I can't remember being that close to her when I was young. Having a 12 year age gap didn't help matters of course. But over the past 7 or so years, we've become as tight as can be. And she always likes to mention that I'm the favorite daughter. I'm not sure if she's keeping score, but let's see why this could be.

1. I'm the baby. And in a sense, that's exactly how I'm still treated. I never asked for this position in life, nor do I like it at times. As I'm 27 and the last time I checked I didn't smell like baby powder or poop all day long.

2. I grew up when my parents had more money and thus, I was just a tad spoiled. Not spoiled in the Super Sweet 16 way, but in the can you help me pay for my car kinda way. They hardly ever said no to me. And I always knew my boundaries. But I think they secretly liked spoiling me. It's that whole, you're getting what we didn't have thing. Who knows. I know I don't.

3. I was the "wanted" child, where my sister was a "mistake". What a horrible word for life. A mistake. But basically, she wasn't planned. And at the age of 20, I'm sure my mom didn't really want to change diapers all day. She was a hippie remember?

So, because of all this tension with our family, my sister sorta cut off ties for awhile with my mom. It was something we all understood. And now that my mom is getting a divorce (FINALLY!) my sister has come back to her with arms opened wide and helped more then I ever could. She's been with her almost every weekend. She calls all the time. She takes my Mom to Target and gets her IT friends to give her spanking new computers for only a hundred dollars. She helped her move. And many other things I probably can't say on this here computer.

Meanwhile, all I can do is send my Mom a measly gift certificate to Bed Bath and Beyond and another secret present I can't mention because I know the Mom reads this and it's on her way shortly.

I may be the favorite daughter, for reasons we'll never understand. But right now, my sister is doing everything she possibly can to be the only daughter she knows how to be.

I love you, Alyse.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm getting an itch.

That's right folks. I need. I repeat NEED to get out of here. It just hit me today. Ever since I've moved up here I haven't been anywhere. And this is very unlike me. Sure, I've taken weekend trips to Chicago and Northern Michigan. Both equally fun. BUT I REALLY NEED TO GO SOMEWHERE! I need to be in a car for many hours and end up places I haven't seen yet. And no Mom, as much as you probably need me right now, I can't go near Florida right now. I just can't. Give it a few months, okay?

So, a little searching on the internet and I found this:




I've only heard great things about Coachella in the past and was very pumped about possibly taking a road trip with some friend to California, especially since I've only been to a handful of places on the West. But upon further research, the tickets go on sale this week and there's still no line-up. That can only mean bad news from a big festival standpoint.

Sooooo, then there's Bonnaroo. I've been to this festival before, when I was at Portfolio Center. It was very kick ass. It was everything you'd expect from a hippy festival. No fights. No throwing mud or burning stages. Just peace, love and music. But like anything that becomes popular, it became mainstream. So I was hesitant to even check the site, as I heard that last years performances consisted of Dave Matthews Band. And as much as I loved them in high school, if I hear Ants Marching one more time I might puke.

But I checked the site, and holy fucking shit yo, Bonnaroo is gonna kick ass this year.

Phil Lesh and Friends
Death Cab
Bright Eyes
Bela Fleck
Ben Folds
G. Love
Cat Power
Seu Jorge
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

and that's just the ones I've heard of and know I like. Hot fucking damn folks, I need to go!

So, the tricky part about this whole thing is getting people to go with me. My friends either don't like music, don't have money or just always make excuses. HOW CAN YOU PASS THIS UP!!!!!! You can't, and if I can't even get one friend to go then I might have to look for new ones, because this is just unfuckingreal.