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Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm a big girl now.

I used to borrow a drill from a friend and then I would thank him with cookies. But I could sense my friend didn't want any more cookies. Sure my baked goods are yummy, but with all my moving around Seattle I was starting to make him cookies on a monthly basis and he was starting to ask me if his butt looked big in those jeans.

So I did what anyone else who's bored at work does. I went on amazon, looked at reviews, picked the cheapest drill with the best rating and now I'm the proud owner of a Black and Decker, swivel 12-volt thing that hangs up my heavy shelving and pot racks.

For some reason, I never really feel adult. Even though I sometimes wear an apron when I cook, I have a maid and I save my bills for tax purposes none of this is quite like buying your very first drill. I've officially entered the big girl phase. Dare I even say I've become an adult thanks to this very normal, things you need in life, purchase.

And yet, it seems like yesterday that I was skipping class to do bong hits. I can't believe it either.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I've had this zit on the right side of my mouth. At first I was all, fuck you zit, how the hell did you get there anyway? But then a a day or two passed and oddly enough I kinda liked this zit. I imagined it to be my Cindy Crawford mole - without the weird long hair that will eventually grow through it when she gets old. This puss-filled red dot on my face somehow made my face look cool. And if I'm not being conceded enough for you, it's starting to fade away and I actually got scared. So I'm doing my best to eat too much chocolate. I've even applied for a gig at McDonalds. And tonight I'm eating greasy plantains. All because I want to keep my zit alive, so I can keep feeling like Cindy Crawford for just a few more days.

The end.


Monday, June 22, 2009


The past few weeks I've been setting our yard up for a victory garden (do they still call it that)! I enlisted a friend who also wanted a garden but didn't have a backyard, so we can split the costs and tending to. Considering I don't know the first thing about tillers or dirt, having a garden buddy is perfect!

And after 2 weeks of weeding, picking out starters (it's too late to seed) and buying compost and things to get rid of pesky birds we finally have a garden growing things!! It's all very domesticated and grown up. It's all also great learning for my long term goal of living on a farm (fastly approaching by the way - a 18 months and counting).

We planted cherry tomatoes, strawberries, thai basil (i have regular basil growing inside thanks to my mom's gift), rainbow chard, broccoli and cucumbers! The strawberries are already sprouting and we immediately had one a piece. THEY WERE SO AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS. I can not wait to start picking at the garden when I need something for a salad or stir fry.

Plus, it just feels good to get dirty. After 90 minutes of hot yoga, I was so sticky that I thought I should take a shower before planting but instead I headed straight for the garden, like it was whispering sweet nothings in my ear, "tend to me barrie. you know you want to." I kept getting sweatier and grosser when I dug my hands in compost made of chicken manure. Thankfully, Dominic wasn't here to smell me. It was bad. But good. I really like digging and mixing dirt together. It was sunny and cool outside. I was with a friend. She freaked out from a few spiders, to which i just brushed them away. We kept digging and talking and she pictures. Then we stood back and marveled at what we've done.

I haven't done that in awhile. And it felt awesome!

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Can you tell I've had a 6am meeting and then nothing to do all day thereafter?

I've rediscovered some of my favorite comic bloggers and this one in particular about Scrabble really speaks to me.

You see, Dominic is an interesting player. I'm of the I don't care if I win or lose variety. It's always just a good game for me. But, Dominic, being the guy that he is gets competitive. Not like throw the board across the room competitive, but he just really wants to win competitive. I believe I'm ahead of him in most games except for Skeeball. When he played Scrabble against my family and won on using a Yiddish word (oi, i believe) I knew he really wanted to throw fists in the air, moondance on the tile and say, "In your face suckas". Since he was on his best behavior he held that in.

But at our local coffee shop when it's just him and I playing, he will dance and fist the air all he wants because complete strangers won't dare judge him :-)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The girls.

This morning, while getting ready at the gym, which is close to work and not to home, my bra broke. I had a shirt that clearly showed my nips. Luckily I had a jean jacket to put over nippy shirt, but today it was 87 degrees, which isn't normal for Seattle. Nothing was open as I left the gym, so I had to wait until lunch to run (gently) to the Gap with my jean jacket and my shirt soaking wet from sweat to buy a bra. I asked the lady if I can just put it on when I bought it and had to explain why so she wouldn't think I was a weirdo. Luckily, she totally understand.

The end.


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

And away we goooooooo

Trying to remember everything is so hard. Especially when there were so many highlights. Here’s what my brain is retaining after a week-long vacation with the one and only, Dominic.

-After driving a few hours, we were both starving and the town Dominic turned into was my personal Hell. Every single “restaurant” was a fast food chain. I picked Subway, had my shitty sandwich and restarted my no fast food calendar (I had gone 6 years until this day).

-I wore jeans with a jean jacket.

-We bumped into someone after a hike, while waiting for the bathroom, who happens to live 2 blocks away from us. The t-shirt she was wearing tipped Dominic off and we realized how small this world really is.

-After a freak thunderstorm that derailed our original dinner plans (all of Moab was out of power) we drove 30 minutes along the Colorado River during sunset. This ride was unbelievable and ended with a family of deer grazing near the restaurant.

-Running every morning with just me, my ipod and the canyons as my view.

-Making my own cairn (little rock formations that act as trail guides).

-Driving to Arizona was pretty spectacular, except I got sick and drank so much tea that our pit stops nearly doubled. One of the stops included an Indian jeweler on the side of the highway who told us that where we were marked where Forrest Gump stopped running. We looked again, nodded in agreement, took pictures and truly felt like we on some great American road trip.

-Our Native American tour guide led us through Antelope Canyon, took our cameras straight from our hands, took a picture and would show us all, saying, “This is a beautiful picture. See. It’s beautiful. Isn’t that beautiful?” He was pretty awesome.

-Horseshoe Bend. Go. Now.

-Grilled the ranger at Glen Canyon Dam to find out what Dams are. I’m still not quite sure.

-Then, grilled burgers we bought in Moab. Elk burgers to be exact.

-Saw rocks that looked like Toadstools and plants that looked edible, but Dominic wouldn’t let me eat them.

-Drove by the Neon Graveyard. Forgot my camera and kept on driving.

-Played lots of pinball machines at the Pinball Hall of Fame. Dominic and I tied for best pinballer.

-Got massages together in Vegas and the ladies just couldn’t get enough of Dominic. Grrr!

-Sat in a Jacuzzi, sweated in a steam room and sauna and covered my eyes with cucumbers for 3 whole hours!

-Saw Ka (or what I kept calling, Ka Kaw). Glad I finally got a Circus O’Lay out of my system. Now I never have to do that again.

-Had some fine dining sushi where the wasabi cost $10! This was okay by me, since we had been eating our breakfast and lunch from our groceries for 5 days straight. We were allowed to splurge on green glob at this point.

-Gambled for a total of an hour and only lost $20 at Paigow. I’m so not a risk taker.

So there you have it. I could actually write a book about this trip. We did so damn much and saw even more! This year is already booked up, but I’m hoping next year we’ll go to New Mexico or Alaska with the same road trip mentality. We already have a Pacific Coast Highway roadtrip in the works and I’m already itching to plan it, even if it is a year away.

Here’s to happy adventures and a beautiful summer!

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