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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Don't you want someone to do things for you?

Ok, sure, I have a maid. I have someone who delivers organic fruits and vegetables straight from Washington farms to my door. And come next week, I'm having the milkman bring fresh cow's milk and eggs (also from good ol' Washington farms) in a cute little metal bin right to my front porch.

But what I really want. What I really truly want right this very second, is for someone to get me tea.

Is that too hard to ask? IS IT?!


Monday, May 04, 2009

We're like The Beatles...

Dominic and I have this ritual that kinda just happened, where every night I tell him I'm going to bed and he follows me to say goodnight and talk for a bit. There's no tv or internet or music. It's just him and me and talking, like our dinner's but without the food. So the other day, during our week of boxes and traveling, I was pretty antsy and on edge. I just wanted everything done already and instead all I was getting was horrible headaches and too many phone calls and emails and stupid, fucking text messages. Our conversation one bedtime night happened to be about us, and how we felt our relationship was going, now especially since we were basically married to eachother for a one year lease. And here is what Dominic said,

"The way I see it, relationships are like classic bands, like The Beatles or Led Zeppelin. You know how they're good at first, but with each album they seem to get better and outdo themselves. We're only on album 2 so I think we're on our way for greatness."

For some reason I've thought about this conversation a lot, and I'm pretty sure it's the smartest thing Dominic's ever said...about us.