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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Goodbye bums, hello strollers!

I moved from the ever popular Capitol Hill a few weeks. I took pictures to remember what was once the good ol' days in my hood. There was a rocky end my last month there, because apparently the bums from the University District have been pushed out, making them ALL congregate to Capitol Hill. It was getting to the point where I just didn't feel right. Or just annoyed by 30 people asking me for change, in a one block radius. 30 people, I should add, who aren't even bums, but rather 20 year olds with meth problems.

I wonder where there parents are? I wish I knew so I could slap them for not paying enough attention, or having them in the first place.

Speaking of rotten kids, I now live in a place called Queen Anne. It's a very nice community. Which to me, kinda means boring. It's pretty and right next to one of the best views in Seattle and all the restaurants are definitely of a higher quality. The clothing stores are meant for 30 year old moms who don't go to work. And no one around here can join a knitting group, because who has the time at night what with diapers and being retired?

It's safer and I don't have to deal with crazies yelling at me because they think I'm a dragon. But instead I get a lot of stay at home moms sipping their lattes while running with their stroller kids. And they all look exactly alike.

Which would I rather be in right now? It's a toss up really.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cable a No Go

Since I don't plan on staying in my new hood for too long (3-6 months) I'm wondering if I should even bother getting cable, since it was never installed in my new apartment. That probably means extra fees, and waiting 3 hours for a cable guy and geez, I only watch like 5 shows these days. All of which I can and do see on the internet.

So why waste $50-$100 a month? For Degrassi? For Project Runway? For Lost?

I rather not.

And you'd think, but wait Barrie aren't you in advertising? Don't you need the television for inspiration? Can't you even deduct it from your taxes? And the answers for all those questions are yes, yes and yes.

But again, that's what the internet is for. I see all the good commercials, thanks to Adcritic, leaving you people without Tivo to suffer through all the Carpet Cleaners spots, all the crap that's now on 500 channels and whatever else is corrupting our brains, telling us to buy, buy, buy.

So I think I'm making the right choice. Except when I saw Project Runway yesterday at Dominic's and realized how much I missed infomercials. Because who doesn't want Kinoki Detox Foot Pads. I know I sure as fuck do!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I've been meaning to write about this movie since I saw it, on opening night. I wanted to see this movie in LA when it premiered at some film festival, but spending $25 wasn't worth it to me. I mean, it's a movie. Not a concert. I don't need to be in the know that much.

So I waited 2 months very impatiently. I talked Dominic into seeing it with me, and all I really needed to do is tell him it was in French and he was sold. I forgot to tell him that he might cry.

The movie was, how do I put this, AMAZING. I'm always skeptical about books turned into movies, but this was just right. Her graphic novels made me want to write more. And her movie made me want to watch more good movies.

Her story telling is amazing. For a cartoon, it just hits you in all the right spots. It's not overly funny, or overly sentimental. It's the right amount of both. It's not cheesy. It's not even cartoony. It's just a simple movie about a girl growing up and finding herself, whomever that may be.

If you haven't read her books (under the same title) or seen her movie, please do so. Like right now.

Last week, I got a call from the nephew asking me why I walked out on Across the Universe. My boy, if you saw Persepolis, you'd understand.

You'd understand.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Stop yelling at me already.

I'm moving in 10 days. To another part of Seattle. I'm also freelancing. And doing my taxes. And talking on the phone with taxes people. And I have to call the cable/insurance/utilities people, but I keep forgetting. And then I'm talking to people about internet ideas. And dealing with headhunters. And not sleeping well because the boyfriend still snores, no matter what he drinks or puts up his nose.

I'm stressed.

And everyone is yelling at me today.

My mom yelled at me, because I tried to send her a tax form for a loan that's under her name. But I pay for it. I figured I was doing something nice by sending it to her. The fact that I even remembered, when I'm up to my ear with boxes actually surprises me. And since I can't deduct it, might as well have her get something out of it.

But instead I got 20 emails this morning yelling at me because SOMEONE can't figure out this thing called the Internet.

This morning, the boyfriend got all silent because I was paying too much attention to the internet and not him. We didn't really fight, per se. But I definitely had to hold back tears at my freelance job.

This morning I thanked my sister for the belated birthday card she sent. And 10 minutes ago, I get this weird email from her saying she doesn't get my humor and why am I being sarcastic and then over explaining why the birthday card she sent was a month late.

And now I have to rip apart a knitting project I just started because it's gonna be too tight if I keep going.

That last bit is the least of my problems, but I thought I should state everything that's been going wrong today.

Don't you ever just want to tell everyone to leave you the fuck alone?


Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I'm pretty pissed off at Turbo Tax. The only reason I'm using them instead of Tax Cut, whom I normally use is because they supposedly work with Quicken, the program I use to keep my deductions in check.

But of course, I don't see an import button. Then I did see an import button but it wouldn't work. Then I called the Turbo Tax customer service and he couldn't figure out the problem either.

Actually I'm on hold (for the 20th time in an hour) right fucking now.

It's a good thing I'm at a coffee shop, cause I would most likely be screaming and crying at this point. Dominic left an hour ago, I think. I honestly just get in a fog when I'm on the phone with these people. I'm just happy the guy I'm talking to is human and speaks perfect English.

I know this is the price I pay for not spending $300 (or more) on an actual tax guy. To me, that's fine. I'm wicked cheap. And I kinda like having control of these things. Sure, they know everything about deductions, but supposedly so does Turbo Tax.

It's gotten to the point where he is giving me everything for free. I'm currently getting the downloaded version of TurboTax and the online version for nothing (a $50 value I think).

Which is great, because that's probably how much extra my phone bill will be.

UPDATE: You can not import Quicken into Turbo Tax if you have a Mac.