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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Where will we gamble now?

Sails away.
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When I realized I had negative 130 dollars in my account yesterday and a bunch of other weird/bad things happening all at once, it really didn't compare to the pictures I saw in the South. With that said, here's my last memory of Biloxi, which is now practically destroyed.

Carl, Emily and I were at one of Carl's friends house during a Portfolio Center one week break. I think I stopped going home during breaks, but was still itching to go somewhere. Someone mentioned gambling in Biloxi at around 9 pm. We discussed it, and agreed that we should do this- that night! So, Emily gave her dog to Kelly in exchange for a garbage sized bag of free muffins Kelly would steal from her job. And we were off to Biloxi at around midnight. We get there at around 5ish and Carl immediately spots The Treasure Bay Casino (pictured over there). Thinking he was a pirate (for real guys, a pirate) he demanded that that's where we go. So we did. Without any sleep (Okay, I slept the entire car ride, but that's what I'm best known for during road trips- which is probably why I like them so much. I wake up and I'm there. It's most awesome!) We gambled till who knows when. I lost about 150 bucks because that's when I was playing roulette and didn't know any better. We ate crappy food, found some crappy hotel, went swimming, fell asleep for a few hours and drove home. It was awesome! This was also a time when Carl didn't have Anja, so he was allowed to do whatever he wanted and he didn't have someone to call or text message every 2 seconds. And yes, he knows he completely whipped. But I think he likes it.

Okay, I started rambling. But that was the last time I was there. It was fun. It was memorable. There are actual pictures to go along with these memories. And now, that pirate ship is probably under the gulf, completely ruined. Buisnesses have to start all over, tourists won't come for months, maybe years. Caitlin's friends that live nearby have trees in the middle of their homes and no power and are flooded and some are missing. It's just insane.

So, yeah, being in the hole doesn't compare to this. Nothing does.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Whatever you do.

Whatever you do today, don't talk to me. I'm in a mood. Yesterday was one of the crappiest day I've had in awhile and I have a feeling it will continue until next week. This blog can turn ugly real fucking fast. I'll either tell it like it is or just start crying uncontrollably. I've already cried and told Jessie off, practically in the same breath, so I'm warning you. I know this feeling will pass soon enough, but right now I hate you all.

Monday, August 29, 2005


Too much work to blog today. But I had to get a little in.

Thus my schedule:

Just finished some radio scripts. One more to go.
Must write kick ass headlines or its my job.
Just found out tv assignment was cancelled. One less thing to do today. Whew!

Good thing I actually like doing this work (compared to last job that's for damn sure).

Now, what are you doing? Stop reading. Work, damn it. It's Monday for pete's sake!



Lost Rules

Friday, August 26, 2005

And other things to be happy about.

Top 10 things that are making me happy these days:

1. I'm wearing my favorite skirt right now. It has little dogs on it. It's too big for me (when last year it was too tight! horray for the gym!!)) and it's all wrinkled, but I'm wearing it because it makes me smile. And I don't even like dogs.

2. Even if the traffic was slow this morning, I was still happy because I was listening to Architecture in Helinski.

3. Even if I burned my finger on a pan 2 days ago, and it hurt a little my reward is a wicked awesome bubble that I've been obsessively looking at in awe. Don't you just love skin!

4. My parents house wasn't blown away in the hurricane yesterday. Even though it was suppose to hit right for them, it of course diverted elsewhere.

5. Oh, and my parents decided not to kill my cat. Horray Angel, you get to live a few more years! Just don't pee on my bed.

6. Mark and Vicki have been happily married for 4 whole days, which makes their running total of time actually knowing eachother about a month and a half. Congratulations (see, I put you in here. are you happy now?)!

7. That Jessie might move back to Spain. And you know what that means, don't you? ROAD TRIP! (or plane trip. whatever!)

8. I successfully talked to a cute boy for more than an hour without getting bored or looking at my watch or wondering what's going on in Degrassi: The Next Generation. (Fuck, I think I just opened the flood gates here. No questions please.)

9. I think I'll be getting a free lunch today (possibly sushi). I'm not sure. I never am. But even if I don't, it's cool cause I get to gossip with my rep friend about boys and what not.

10. Oh, and it's Friday bitches. The weekend is officially here. Enjoy it. I know I will.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Coffee makes me poo.

Ugh, I only drink the shit if completely necessary. Maybe I was a Mormon in my former life or something, because I can't even drink pop, I mean soda, I mean coke (damn it!). Anything with caffeine just makes me way too fucking jittery. And coke just gives me the hiccups or makes me burp abnormaly loud. But when you go out until 2, drink too many beers and sneak the occasional cigarette and then you feel like shit in the morning, you (or at least me) have to give in to the free coffee at the office. And then I have to dump a lot of that clumpy sugar and then for no other reason then to make my coffee look like a lighter shade of brown, I apply that gross creamer powdery shit in to the mix. But now I have some kind of fuzzy feeling. The lights are looking blurry. I want to get up and do jumping jacks, but then again I don't at all. It's like I'm in fucking purgatory (if I believed in purgatory, which I don't because when you die you're just dead. that's right, dead!). Oh geez. Here I go rambling again. Good thing it's Thursday. Good thing I can almost touch the weekend. And with that, enjoy the day after hump day. Must. Drink. More. Coffee.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

All lies.

Always Eating Phat
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So, I was in a sorority. I know, shocking! I get that all the time. YOU? IN A SORORITY? But, you don't talk like a valley girl or wear cool clothes or date guys in frats? Yes, I know. And yes, I bought my friends. But they were worth every penny. All 3 of them!

Anyhoo, I randomly get these emails from fellow "sisters" saying they are putting together some lame magazine about what's been going on with us AEPhis. Who's getting married, who's having babies or who's dead or something. The chick asked if I had any news, to which I replied:


I married a fabulous Jewish tall doctor. And we've
settled down with our gorgeous twin girls in Oahu,
Hawaii where we surf the weekends away and eat cavier until we puke.

Oh wait, those are all lies. No news here.

Hope all is well.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Partly my ass!

Fuck you weatherman!
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So, it begins. The downward spiral of Michigan's crappy weather. It's already in the 60's and it's fucking August people! And everyday the stupid weatherman says, "It's partly cloudy for the week, until the weekend blah blah barf go kill yourself. Now back to The Today Show."

Except when I look outside all I see are grey looming death clouds. No "partly" anything. I don't see no damn sun! So, why don't you take your weather stick and shove it up your ass. OR instead of reporting weather inside while looking at some blue screened monitor, why don't you actually step your ass OUTSIDE WHERE WEATHER ACTUALLY HAPPENS YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT! Argh. Weather. My nemesis! I'll get you one of these days.

Oh, no. I"m not making sense. Watching Yacht Rock made me a little coo-coo this morning. Doesn't everyone just love those Hall and Oates? I know I do!

Not sure what Yacht Rock is? Oh, well, you are surely missing out.

Yacht Rock ROCKS!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Fibers and fevers.

Whatcha lookin' at?
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The fiber festival was a success. Maya found the perfect yarn for my kick ass tank top thingy I'll be making. It will be a huge step in my knitting progress, as I've never knit in the round, I've never made something that could actually fit me and I've never made something as awesome as this:

Awesome Tank

We'll see if it actually looks like this once I get my hands on it. But the Fiber Festival was fun. Touched pretty yarn, petted pretty animals, looked at sheeps balls (which were huge by the way) and then camped where we (or was it just me?) got drunk on 3 dollar Trader Joe wine. It was great.

The next day, we ate our celebratory morning smores and went for a hike. Maya and I could've kept going and going, but because Becky and Kelly kept hinting "Oh, I think that's where we go to leave." and then randomly disappeared Maya and I had to force ourselves to stop looking at pretty geese and admire glorious things like life and grapes to find their asses. It was sorta funny how split down the middle us 4 girls were. I had to get the wood, Maya started fires, I asked random people for fire sticks, Maya set things up- while Becky and Kelly stood there and admired it all, not really knowing what to do but to stand and admire. So it goes. They'll learn one day. Hopefully.

As for the fever bit in the title of today's blog, it's about this whole marriage thing. This week I have found out that 3 people I know just got engaged. Today, was the 3rd. My "sister" and "roommate" in "college". No, mom, not Caitlin.

It's all romantic or whatever. It's all fine and dandy I suppose. And I'm pretty sure it's not gonna happen for me.

But we'll see.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Um... congratulations.

Ready, set.. GET MARRIED!
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Mark (my old roommate) is getting married. BUT, let me take two steps forward and then a few steps back here. Here's the timeline:

Last month: Mark meets pretty Jewish girl at his new job while doing a shoot.

Three weeks ago: Mark tells me he's in love.

Two weeks ago: Mark tells me that the Jew and her are looking for a house together.

One week, 6 days and 55 minutes ago: I give Mark the number to some fabulous psychratrist in LA.

Last week: Mark says they've had there first fight. How cute.

Yesterday: Mark proposes to girl.

Tomorrow: Mark will most likely get hitched.

10 minutes after that: They'll be expecting their first born.

15 minutes after that: They'll die.

Congratulations Mark (I think- hehe).

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Carl told me to do it.

The Real Boss.
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Yesterday I was talking to a very sleep deprived Carl who told me that the word BOSS should make a comeback. And then requested that I mention BOSS in my blog in the hopes that it will spread amongst the 5 people that read this. Carl, your wish has been granted.

Now, for something less BOSS, I've realized I haven't really been annoyed lately. Maybe it's the summer. Maybe it's the new job (IT"S DEFINITELY THE NEW JOB!). But I sorta missed all the little things that pissed me off, so without further ado here's a list (for the squeamish, I will warn you there's some personal girly things in this list)

1. At my gym, the old guy that spends about 30 minutes on one machine not because he's slow or taking his time, but because he's reading a fucking magazine in between sets. YOU SHOULD DIE OLD MAN!

2. Anyone going 45 miles per hour on I75 should be taken out back and shot. I'm not kidding. Really, I'm not.

3. When I don't get my period for 6 months, and then get it TWICE IN 3 WEEKS! WTF ovaries?! Are you playing dirty tricks on me?

4. That there's something in Michigan known as the Dream Cruise and even though the main event doesn't start until Saturday, yesterday there were at least a hundred fools on lounge chairs admiring crappy old cars. Go jerk off someplace else, like your garage you fucking greasy bastards.

5. Whenever I mention the idea of going to The Renaissance Festival to anyone all I get are snickers and gross, as if! I didn't ask for your fucking comments, I asked if you wanted to go!!

6. When I try to reach my friends via phone I can never get ahold of them. BUT if I email them, they will instantly email me back.

7. Text messaging gives me the creeps and anyone that can type a message too fast is a fucking loser.

8. And Blackberry's are even scarier. And will one day take over the world. You've been warned world.

9. The two times I go to Trader Joe's in a month and they don't have the two things I want. Who runs out of Trader O's and Cottage Cheese? Who damn it!

10. My back and neck hurt so fucking bad that I'm afraid I will soon turn into my mother's body and just give up altogether.

Okay, so I know that none of that was BOSS. But now that I got all of that off my size B chest (on a good day) I feel as though I can successfully write some kick ass radio that probably won't be sold.

Good day.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Maya + Boston = Bye

Scoot over, Norm.
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First off, a message to Mark. Thanks for the comment, but I meant HOT, not 70 degrees! I want 90 degree weather. I want a reason to eat a popsicle, damn it!

Oh, and at least I'm not paying $3.09 for a gallon of gas. Mwhahaha.

Okay, now back to our reguarly scheduled program.

Maya is leaving us. She's moving far, far away to a town with beans. She'll park her car in Harvard yard, eat clam chowder and talk like someone just punched her in the jaw. And she'll have fun damn it! And she'll be doing all of this without me. Boo hoo!

Now, I know I haven't been friends with her long. Not nearly as long as Amber, Kiera, Cecila or even Nicole, but I felt like right when we met we hit it off. Knitting and blogging helped.

So, here's a list of things I'll remember about Maya (man, do I sound gay or what? don't answer that...)

1. Watching Anne of Green Gables whilst knitting.
2. Talking those walks every weekend. (Who's gonna do that with me now!)
4. Electric 6 concerts.
5. Introducing me to Ann Arbor!
6. The chicken foot.
7. Reflecting in Stoney Creek.
8. How Mark always assumed we'd knit and pillow fight, when really we were watching Will and Grace and probably talking about sex. (hehe)
9. Our common bond towards the boss.
10. Secrets that I'd just have to tell you, only cause I knew you wouldn't tell anyone.
11. No matter how much I used to talk about Nik, you never told me to shut the fuck up (even though you probably should have)
12. My mother thinking your actual name was Mayarn!
13. You and Steve, otherwise known as mom and dad.
14. Blinging and birthdays and getting drunk at the WAB!

Mayarn, you'll be missed. Not just by me, but by everyone you know. Don't forget the Michiganders and the little ol' Floridan.

Peace. (tear tear)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tell Fall to go somewhere else.

Argh, it's been in the 60's the last two days! It's August. I don't want Fall to happen just yet. I'm not ready. I'm not tan. I didn't even have a chance to get my J. Crew flip flops repaired by the shoe guy. Please, weather, give me at least one more really hot weekend. I'll do anything, I swear. Please?

Now, on to something way more important than the weather. As you might know, (okay, normal people outside the Great Lakes States probably don't know. so goes my life.) this weekend/week is the Dream Cruise. Not sure why it's called this, as for me, this is more like a fucking nightmare. American crappy cars take over the streets whilst people gawk and point and eat greasy food and get fat and die right there on the streets. Although, I'd love to stick around and get myself caught up in traffic and marvel at metal on wheels, instead I'm going someplace else. Someplace much much better. Here, I'll let Maya explain the Michigan Fiber Festival (I modified a little here):

Do you love yarn? Do you understand this is not so much a "festival" as it is a "county fair?" Do you
understand that petting alpacas is AWESOME? If so, then yay!

Okay, so obviously the Fiber Festival isn't a bunch of people shitting while eating bran cereal. It's about yarn. EVERYWHERE. Sheep? Check! Old ladies wearing hats? Check! Pretty, expensive, inexpensive, ooh, I must have yarn? CHECK!! Maya, Becky (my new knitting friend!) and I will be attending. AND CAMPING! Which to me just adds to the wonderfulness of this experience. Combine that with 3 silly girls, one who is leaving oh too soon, and smores- basically, it should be da bomb!

All right, that's all for today. Go look outside. It's so pretty (even if it's fucking cold!).

Monday, August 15, 2005

There's the bling picture, now stop advertising on my blog!

Blingin' is bitchin!
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Three things to discuss:

1. That's just one of many bling pictures. Mother, don't bother me about the smoking thing. They were Capri Ultra Light Slims or something. They went with the outfit, as did the goblets and the Cristalina so suck it!

If you want to see more pictures, go here:

See some Bling

2. Saw The Aristocrats (NO, NOT THE ARISTOCATS!) and laughed my ass off. Everyone should see this movie. Hil-ar-i-ous!

3. What the fuck is with the weird comment on my last blog? I think I just experienced the downfall of blogging. Now, this is going to happen everywhere. Fucking bastards. Leave me alone. Or at least give a real comment, not some ad proproganda that I don't give a shit about.

Fuck, must eat early lunch. Peace.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Why take the stairs?

Ups and downs.
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When you have/hear conversations like this on the
elevator, it's worth taking it.

1. Random sorta cute guy says to me, "I'm not sure if you've ever had long hair before, but you look really good with short hair. You should keep it that way."

Me, being stunned- all I could get out was, "Thanks."

D'oh! Speak Barrie Speak!!

2. Conversation between 2 girls (and thank god I wasn't included): "God, I'm so sore. I just started using my breast pump. Blah blah girly talk blah!"

I mean, really, is that appropriate elevator conversation? I sure as shit didn't want to hear about your breasts, especially since I was still sorta happy about my first elevator experience 30 minutes prior. Thanks swollen breast girl and friend! You really know how to make fellow passengers uncomfortable. I'll be puking now.

And with that, I introduce you to the weekend.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Photoshop gone wild.

This ad has haunted me before. No, not because I've secretly wanted to be a mystery shopper and that dream will never happen. The reason is because the chick in this ad has one gigantic boob. I can just imagine the casting people for this job.

Client: "Yes, we need someone with big boobs for this mystery shopper ad."

Casting: "Well, we couldn't find anyone with 2 big boobs, but we did find this girl with one really huge boob. It's almost like 2, but it's just 1 and believe me it looks fake!"

Client (shaking casting guy's hand): "You've got yourself an ad my friend."

El fin.

Beautiful/Fucked Up People

This morning whilst listening to my favorite morning talk show (Drew and Mike 101.1 FM), they were discussing this website:

Beautiful People are lonely too.

I mean, really. Really? These people are worse then those lame fucks that go on HotorNot. Because I really think these people are trying to find equally beautiful people to spend their beautiful lives together. So, I had to go on it and investigate. And of course, these people weren't that beautiful. And one guy, I think, was naked. Sure, some of them were pretty, but most of them were average. When I think beautiful, I think Smith Jared or Heidi Klum, not John "I won a beauty contest when I was 5" Doe.

I have exactly 3 minutes now to write the rest of this, so I will now introduce you to a pretty funny site. A site that I'm sure Debbie Disney will enjoy if she's still reading my blog (which she might not, because I think she hates me for some reason. oh well. another one bites the dust.) Either way, enjoy and have a great Wednesday. I'll try to hump something. I suggest you do the same.

I hate you too!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Revisions on the Perfect Guy.

Version 2.0
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Okay, this will probably be a very picky list, but it needs to be revised. Because if one more friend asks me, "So, any boys yet?" I could just refer them to this. And as I told one of my friends today, "They are either cute, and snobby. Or they're ugly and hunt. It's a lose lose situation."

Hence, the requirements to be my perfect guy that I don't think exists:

1. You say thank you and please.
2. You can keep a conversation going. Basically you talk more than I do, so I don't have to all the time.
3. You ask me questions about me.
4. You make me laugh at least once a day.
5. We can be silly together.
6. We feel comfortable enough to fart and pick our noses in front of each other. We probably even make a game out of it.
7. You don't take yourself seriously.
8. At a party, people gravitate toward you. Thus, I don't have to say much if I don't feel like it.
10. And witty.
11. But not so smart, that you make me feel like a dumbass for not being as smart as you.
12. You're into most of the things I'm into.
13. And you're also into your own shit. Stuff that I don't have to be apart of if I don't want to be.
14. You're not too cuddly. I might be the only girl, who doesn't need to cuddle for hours on end. After awhile, I'd like my space damn it.
15. You really can make up your own mind. If I give you choices and ask you what you want to do, I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR YOU SAY, "Whatever you want." If I wanted to do whatever I wanted we'd be doing it imperfect guy. I'm asking you because I want your opinion.
16. Don't ask me what I'm thinking about. Again, I'm not your normal girl. I'm not always thinking about you. Sometimes I'm thinking about smoothies, Big Brother 6 or how excited I am about going to see Bloc Party (I am. I'm really excited!)
17. Your friends are just as cool as you are. And we get along fabulously.
18. You don't go to church/temple or anything too often. And you don't wear a cross. And if you have a mazuzuh, and you don't kiss it, then you're just trying to be trendy and that's almost equally annoying. And if you do have one, and really kiss it everyday before entering your house, then sorry you're probably too religious and most likely keep kosher. And I like me some pig!
19. YOU ARE OVER 5'10!!!!!
21. You don't need to be around me all the damn time. This is my dance space. This is your dance space. Gotcha!
22. Your family can't be too normal. There should be one crazy in the bunch. Otherwise, our in-laws might not get along too well.
23. My one girly requirement! At least one time, when I come off a plane, you surprise me with flowers. I don't know why, but I've always liked this. I know it's probably a bit shocking, but it's true. I'm a sucker for daisies.
24. You can tolerate all my shit.
25. If we fight, we immediately make up.
26. You like taking mini vacations. Even if it's just a drive for the day, you're ready!
27. You don't hunt.
28. You're not bald.
29. You don't have long hair.
30. You don't collect anything. Because you realize it's completely pointless and will never, ever amount to anything. Unless, you plan on selling your collection on ebay. Then, I'm game for the hunt for all those garbage pail kids.
31. You don't have to have kids. And you realize that if we have kids, I might not be so motherly because I'm starting to think that kids scare me a little. (sorry mom- I think that gene skipped a generation)
32. That one day that I want to go dancing, you'll come with and look just as stupid as I do and thus, we'll have fun. Because really, whatever I do I always try to have fun. (this is true. what's the point otherwise)
33. I don't have to go to any sporting games with you. I've realized finding a guy who doesn't like sports is almost nearly impossible (ESPECIALLY IN MICHIGAN!). So, I've extended this rule so that I only have to watch it on tv and that the only thing I'll watch is basketball. Sorry, everything else sucks. Even UF football.
34. You shouldn't wear your collar up.
35. Or put too much gel in your hair.
36. Or own too many striped shirts.
37. Actually, no striped shirts please.
38. And if you think the only water bottle out there to own is a Nalgene, then you're just a poser.
39. You're a hippie at heart, but not so much that you don't wash your feet/hair.
40. You don't smoke cigarettes, or you're at least trying to quit. Because if you smoke, I'll smoke. We'll smell. And all hell will break loose!
41. You don't lie or cheat. I rather you just break up with me. Spare me the heartache please.
42. You'll play games with me. Especially backgammon and gin.
43. You love to camp and hike.
44. And if I talked about you on this blog you'd be happy.
45. And I'd meet you the normal way.
46. And we'd be friends first.
47. And then realize, wow, we make it as friends, why not just do this all ready.
48. And you don't want a big wedding.
49. In fact, you just want to elope.
50. And you want to live happy and healthy with me.

The end. Where are you damn it!

Monday, August 08, 2005

It's been a good 17 years.

RIP Angel.
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I remember the day we got Angel, my very first cat. My parents and I went to the store and picked her out. She was just a little bitty thing and she was all mine. For the first few weeks, she didn't do much but sleep and look cute and fuzzy. Then the switch went off. She became crazy cat. It probably didn't help that she grew up in a crazy household where once a week my dad would say things like, "We'll just eat Angel for dinner." or fly her into the oven just for laughs. And oh, how we laughed. I hadn't help matters by spinning her around in the air and then accidentally let her go to see her fly and fall with a thud. So it goes.

17 years later, she still hates us. She would run away at least once a year, and would actually growl at the new/cuter/gentler cat that joined the household about a year ago. She didn't like people, and would spend most of her time running away from me or hiding underneath my parents bed. But I liked torturing her. Catching her was hard, so when I actually had her in my arms I'd make her dance and boy did she hate it. But I enjoyed it too much to care. I still can't believe I was only 11 when we got her, and now this week my mom is putting her to sleep. She was a little bitch for sure, but she was my little bitch and she was a good edition and she'll be missed.

RIP Angel (oh and Peter Jennings).

Friday, August 05, 2005


To err is inhuman.
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Im not sure why this comment made me so mad but it did.

Anonymous said...
"your's"?!?!? honestly

Im in no way perfect. Yes Im a righter and yes i should know better but i never ever said i was a well righter or a righter that doesnt make misteakes. You people with your comments on my grammer. do you have anything better to do with your lifes. You should see the things i read with grammatical errors everyday and i dont say a word to you or you. Its ridiculous. The one time i mentioned anything on this blog about someone stupid with a grammatical question was only because she still couldnt figure shit out after 5 minutes of an explanation. argh! you silly fucks.

okay i think im a little calmer now. but ill leave you with one more little pet peeve that actually maya and i have both noticed lately. ever since blogging became the thing to do and talk about on tv everyone i know has warned me about it. oooh, they say, dont blog about work your going to get fired. oooh, they say, dont blog at work, they track that stuff. oooh, mom saies, i sent you a article from people magazine talking about how you can get fired from both blogging at work and blogging about work. argh! obviously im not talking about work. i talk about video games and getting drunk and not meeting any normal guys. if that kinda shit gets me fired than maybe being a copyrighter isnt the life for me. everyone needs to just shut the fuck up. okay i think i just got mad again.


Thursday, August 04, 2005

A hidden treasure.

Ooh poppy.
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Holy shit, Mark you have to find out if this is true. First, put down the girlfriend. Tell her to look for a house or something. Then, take Thom and hide in your place for a few days. I just read in EW that there's a secret sex scene in San Andreas. Some hacker dude (not Mike or TJ, although you never know) found it, and the GTA people confirmed that it was true. I guess they originally had it in there, and instead of taking it out completely they just hid it deep inside (pun totally intended) . The newest ones that are out now don't have them, but your's should. What a gold mine!

In other news, Martha Stewart gets in trouble for doing yoga! Hahahahhaha. I mean really? Can't you do yoga anywhere? Like in your milllion dollar mansion? Oh, you silly rich people.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sleeping in sucks.

Let's get physical. Later.
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What have I turned into!

In college, I'd sleep till noon and wake up refreshed, ready to start the day.

Now, if I don't go work out at 6:30 I'm tired for the rest of the day.

Take today for example. I woke up at 6:30 and just decided that I didn't want to work out today. That maybe I'll just run or something after work, so I treated myself to an extra hour and a half of sleep. And what do I get? A groggy, bitchy, tired Barrie!

I use to be normal. I use to be young and sleep all day and love it. Now, I need exercise and eat sprouts! And I don't even live in LA!!

This is a good thing, I know- being healthy and shit. I'll live a long life or whatever. But, right now I'm still a cranky mofo and have a billion headlines to write and me don't wanna. ARGH!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Does anyone know the truth?

Did they get a divorce or not? The agony! What will become of all our lives if we don't know what's going on!! Some people are telling me, YES, they got a divorce. It's over. It's the new Jen and Brad. She cheated. Then, other sources (E!) are saying, oops, we take it all back. Our bad. GIVE ME THE TRUTH PEOPLE! That's all I want in life.

Thank you for your time.

Just another day on 9 mile.

Look ma, crack heads!
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So, I live in Ferndale. Which is actually a pretty nice city. It's charming, and when you walk down the streets, the lamps play music. The stores are cool, vintagey types and the restaurants have live bands and veggies to serve. It's all very pretty and it's working on becoming even better, with more stores opening up every month, without losing it's charm.

BUT, there's a little snag. Being one mile from 8 mile (yo, Em, where you at dawg?) you do get some eye sores every now and then. For instance, the grocery stores. There's one that's great, but closes slightly early then the ghetto one just across the street. Hence, yesterday the scene I had to witness at Ferndale Foods.

Me: Waiting in line to buy my bread.

Crackhead wife: Skinny, jittery thing looking around nervously, with a silly grin on her face.

Crackhead husband: Wearing dark sunglasses inside, with no expression at all.

Their purchase: A 12 pack of some America's Choice brand ice cream sandwiches- mint, I believe.

It looked like they had already eaten about half of the package in the store. And crackhead wife seemed a little too interested in the ice cream. Licking it like she had never had the shit before. And with excitement was shoving it in crackhead husband's face. But because crackhead husband was the silent, mysterious type, he just sniffed the ice cream and then paid.

No one else seemed to notice how fucked up this sitution was except for me. Oh, Ferndale Foods and your wacky customers. No wonder it smells like garbage when you walk in. You want to make the regulars feel like they're home.

Oh, how I wish a Publix would take over with their good subs and clean floors. Or at least make the Western Market, or Trader Joes a 24 hour joint.

Maya, pictures please? hehe. Have fun in Banff!

Monday, August 01, 2005

This has gone too far!

My one true love.
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Okay, the bling party was blinging. I'll show pictures later (once Maya posts them on her blog, I'll have to pick the best one. ooh, Maya are you gonna post that little video of me saying yo yo a lot. that was funny)

BUT, I totally forgot to tell you what I did last week. It's really not that big of a deal, but it's sorta weird. I bought a 4 lb container of peanut butter. And no, I wasn't at Cosco. I was at the regular supermarket and realized, I really do love peanut butter. I eat it all the time (fuck that reduced fat shit- that's for pussy's- or is that pussies?). I particularly like it on apples, but I'll just eat it out of a spoon if need be. I honestly think that is the reason I'm not a stick. But fuck it, I never wanted to be a waif. Anyway, Steve said there's no way I could finish that in a year. And already I'm 1/3 done. Sure, my belly hurts now and then but it's worth it. That gooey, cruncy goodness just makes my mouth water. YUMMY!

Okay, that blog was completely pointless. Good thing I have a shit ton of radio spots to keep me busy.