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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

You probably won't like this movie. That's because you, my friend, are stupid.

So I saw Marie Antoinette this weekend. I missed it on Saturday, which is when I orginally planned on seeing it, due to drinking. Sunday proved to be a better movie night anyhow. Thus, off I went, with my colombian friend and her aunt who didn't speak english.

I should warn you. You, the people of the world who like movies like Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Legally Blonde 2, will not like this movie. I heard many grrrs and a few people left the theater. You should read reviews people. You should notice who made the film. Sophia Coppola. Remember her? She made movies like Virgin Sudicides and Lost in Translation. Remember all the parts of the film that you saw of Tokyo where Scarlett Johandsome just walked around, with pretty music playing? Remember? That's Sophia's thing. That's what she does. Just like Christopher Guest does documentary spoof's and Wes Anderson loves doing montage type scenes, Sophia likes using music and telling a story without telling a story. So be prepared for nothing. Because that's what happens in this movie. Nothing.

I might be the only one who agreed with the critics, because I think the movie deserves an A+++. She is very talented when it comes to picking music for her movies. I own all her soundtracks (by far much better than Zach Braff, who somehow got the crown of a soundtrack maker by adding Coldplay and other whiny emo songs- I'm not saying I didn't like the Garden State soundtrack. I'm just saying he isn't this soundtrack magician. He just listens to KCRW and NPR like everyone else.)

Even though there's a whole lot of nothing (and by nothing I mean, there isn't an actual story in the movie. This isn't a biopic. This isn't a love story. There isn't even a whole lot of talking.) there's just something to it. You follow along, like you would a French movie without the subtitles or the opera (which I really want a boy to take me to. When a boy figures this out about me, I think I will have finally found him.) It's a story of her life, how she partied, how things like, "Let them eat cake" could get misconstrued. It's basically as if Sophia was just standing there with Marie throughout her life and edited it down to the best parts.

Again, I suspect guys will hate this movie. And most girls thinking it will be like The Notebook set in France will be deeply disappointed. But if you like pretty sunsets with the sounds of Gang of Four in the background than you'll love it. Like I did.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Bus Driver

Did I tell you the one about the bus driver? The one where I got on the bus and the driver was talking to no one in particular. You know, like he was crazy. Like how the bums in my neighborhood talk.

So, everyone on the bus did what you would probably do. Run? Scream? Get off the bus in panic? Nope. We just laughed.

"Oh, haha crazy bus driver man. You talk to yourself and that's funny."

"Look at him drive with ease and yet he's clearly mad."

"What is he talking about anyway? Did he just say he wants to flip this bus and kill us all? No, no he didn't."

Then the bummish looking guy sitting a few seats down from me tried to explain to all of us that the driver was actually normal, and that if you drove a bus all day with the light system we have you'd be mad too. No you wouldn't! That's your fucking job! If you're crazy you just shouldn't work. Like my dad....

Just a warning for those who might ride the 8 bus in Seattle at around 6:30ish. The guy driving might try to kill you. Or at least try to talk to you.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Don't read this if you didn't watch TV yesterday.

Okay, so the past week I've been EXTREMELY tired. The past 3 nights I've fallen asleep no later than 9:30. Maybe because I'm sad about Mike and I. Maybe because it's dark by 6 now. Maybe because when I wake up at 6am, it's still very dark outside. Maybe because I have no idea. But I actually had to tape Project Runway knowing that I'd miss it because I wouldn't be able to stay up till 10.

So, I watched it this morning and was so estactic that Jeffrey won.

Sure, everyone loved Michael all season, but Jeffrey's was clearly the best in my eyes. If I could afford his crazy clothes I'd wear them in a heartbeat.

As for Lost, well sorry folks, I've been slacking. Now that I know that ABC reruns it on their website I don't worry about watching or taping it anymore. So, last night when I watched the first 10 minutes I realized my eyes were getting droopy and I was already tucked in bed. So at 9:15 I shut my eyes and the lights and didn't wake up until 6am.

As for everything else, I can't wait for the weekend. I think I will sleep the entire time. Because that's all I really want to do this week. The week of sleep. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

P.S. I know this all sounds very depression like, but I'm not. Believe me. I'm just sad that I had to break up with Mike. If you broke up with a guy you really cared about you'd want to sleep for a week too. I don't want to smoke cigarettes, so sleeping is my next favorite thing. If you know me, you know this is true. Years ago, Carl even wrote a song about this. I remember just the chorus: Barrie is so sleepy because of something something.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I'm back....well, kind of.


Last week was great. It consisted of:

Going to Portland, to which I decided I will not be moving there any time soon. That place is too slow for me right now. Everyone too friendly. Too cool. And yet too empty. No one on the streets. Seemed to me like a lazy city. The hotel was cool, as was the arts fair thingys we went to and the restaurants we dined at. The views were real pretty, especially from the International Rose Test Garden. But the only thing really worth mentioning about the trip was when we had to go under a bridge and found a little sex hideaway, where it smelled of urine and shit and condoms and pages of playboy were sprawled everywhere. Holding your nose and closing your eyes couldn't have helped. We just made sure we walked quickly and didn't touch anything. That was basically the highlight of Portland.

Going to Mount Saint Helens. This was too cool for school. Glad to know I'm just a few short hours away from this place. If I was a more experienced hiker I would actually consider really taking a week and exploring the area. We only hiked for about an hour or so, but it was really awesomely awesome.

We saw Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! and (more importantly) Architecture in Helsinki. What a great show. Actually I think they could have played Shaina Twain songs and I still would've enjoyed it. What fun! Drinks and smoking and more drinks and running into friends. Did I mention how awesome AIH is? Oh yeah, they were great!!! Plus, I got a cool little shirt that fits me great. I haven't bought a concert shirt in years, but felt I owed this band my money since I haven't bought a CD in about 2 years.

Went to many parks... Including Arboretum, Gas Works and Green Lake

Saw The Science of Sleep. Wow, I had such high hopes for this flick and was deeply disappointed. If you think you're smart and like indie movies you might like this. I love indie movies more than any of you, and just thought this one was trying way too hard. I wouldn't even rent this. Instead rent I am a Sex Addict, because that was good and funny and actually made you feel something. As The Science of Sleep did none of those things.

Actually enjoyed baseball. Of course I think I liked it more because Mike's team (Detroit Tigers) was winning (and for the first time in like 20 years or something...) All I needed was a bar, a few drinks and him explaining every now and then what the point of it all was.

Went out to eat, A LOT! I never eat out so this was kinda getting to me at times. But fuck it, we were on vacation and I was still going to the gym. I wanted to take him to places I've heard were good, so we went to:
Salumi. A meatball sandwich that I will forever have dreams about. Supposedly famous and in a best sandwich list on GQ.
Red Mill Burgers. (we actually ate there twice!) Get a peanut butter and vanilla milkshake. Seriously. Do it. Now!
Dilente Chocolates. Eat desert for dinner and feel good about it. Mike and I do this a lot. Either cake for dinner or ice cream sundaes for dinner. This time we did both and a vanilla soda. YUM-MY!

And ummm, that's it. On Saturday we decided the best thing to do is to break up. He couldn't seem to get any interviews, even after emailing and sending books. He even tried where I work, and they did the passive fucking aggressive shit that people I guess do here in Seattle. The chick said, sure come on Tuesday and when he emailed her back saying, ummm Tuesday what time? She never got back to him. This really frustrated the shit out of me. Just be honest. Say you didn't like his book or you're in a hiring freeze. But don't ignore someone or be completely vague. Ugh. Advertising people.

So yeah, I know I've said we broke up before but this time is for real. We both agreed that we really do love eachother, but at the same time I'm not willing to move back to Detroit and he doesn't think he could get a job and sell his house and move his whole life for me right now. We agreed it will be hard, but that it has to be this way. I think this is the only decision. I know others have told me, but if you're in love then don't break up. But I say, I don't have the money to keep this going for years. I can't keep taking time off every month or so. He can't keep spending money to fly over here or fly me over there. It just gets to be too much. And then you feel like you have to do everything in that week you have together. You can't just lie around and watch TV or knit like normal.

He's convinced I'll find someone soon. But if you know me, you know this is definitely not true. Boys don't just like me the way they like my friends. I have this fun personality. But it just takes awhile to come out. So, we'll see. I'm definitely in no rush to meet anyone just yet. He's sure of it though to the point of betting that I'll have a boyfriend by my birthday. If I win, I get a sewing machine. Something tells me I'll be sewing something real perty in a few short months!

And soooo, that's it. Read The Kite Runner (I almost cried at the gym a few times whilst reading it) and enjoy your Monday.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Why am I still here!!!!

It's Friday. Mike's got here a few hours ago, so I should be with him right? WRONG! I'm at work, waiting for a silly meeting. Is it 5 yet? IS IT!!!! I SAID IS IT!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

about me me

Stolen from Maya. Think fast. Write the first thing that comes to mind.

1. my ex is still:
trying to contact me

2. i am listening to:
bob dylan on someone else's computer

3. maybe i should:
be working

4. i love:
discovering a new thing

6. i don't understand:
people who are really cool like paris hilton or that guy in high school

7. i lost:
my disposable camera

8. people say:
i'm shy (but really i'm not)

9. the meaning of my display name is:
i just wrote it on the fly so i really don't know

10. love is:
an emotion you feel

11. somewhere, someone is:
having butt sex

12. i will always:
like camping

13. forever seems:
too long

14. i never ever want to:
eat McDonalds again (it's been 3 years now!)

15. my cell phone is:
newish, yet looks like it's from 1980

16. when i wake up in the morning:
i go directly to the gym

17. i get annoyed when:
people try to talk over me

18. parties are:
usually fun

19. my pet(s) is/are:
somewhere in s. florida, probably dying

20. kisses are the best when:
it's the morning, noon and/or night

21. today i:
will go to a japanese dollar store

22. tomorrow i will:
watch lost! (and project runway!)

23. i really want:
mike to get here already

Monday, October 02, 2006

Sick and Tired....

I was pretty sick this weekend. Actually it started on Thrusday, but I couldn't take off of work. I went to the doctor and paid a rent-a-nurse $15 for her to tell me to buy some sudafed. No shit moron! I even asked for the Z-pak and she said no, not yet. Ugh! Don't you see I'm dying. My old doctor would have given me anything I wanted. I like doctors like that. I tell them that I'm sick and they give me what I want.

Anyway, I'm finally not on anything that ends with Quil and today is the launch of a site I've been working on for about 2 months. 2 Gold Stars for me!

Check it out. It's still being worked on, but they just had to put it up today. In like a month, there will be more bells, whistles and british accents.