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Thursday, July 31, 2008


I saw Stephanie Meyer* on GMA this morning (don't freak out Mom, I still watch Today) and was a little bit confused. Sure, Twilight was a good book, but I didn't think it had such a huge Harry Potter kind of following. Was it that good? Not for me. I mean, the characters and story were nice and the fact that I even remember the storyline itself says something. But how many times did she have to slam it in my face that the boy and girl were SOOOO in love. I get it. They loved each other. A lot. Now move on.

I'm not saying I hated this book. I'm looking forward to her new one when the library gives it to me. But I'm not desperate to read it or anything. Basically I liked it as much as I liked Stori Telling, which I'm even embarrassed to admit to the world that I actually read (and enjoyed).

I get to thinking that almost everything in my world is too hyped up. This happens a lot for me with movies and restaurants. Everyone will tell me HOW AMAZING IT WAS and then I go, and I'm like really? Well, I guess I won't take your advice on anything ever again.

Actually, there is one dude at my last job who thought everything was AMAZING. I almost want to live in his head for a few minutes. Because anyone who thinks dog poop on a plate is amazing must have a really happy, unobservant life. I just want that kind of dumbness every now and then.

*An interesting aspect of the book is that all of it takes place around Forks, WA, kinda near where we camped last weekend. I could relate a lot to the weather she described in the book, and she got it spot on.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Now what?

The guests have all packed up and left. The thank you cards, gift cards (thanks jen!) and even congratulation cards all came in. The camping and rafting and hiking happened. And the freelance gig is almost up.

Now what?

I know.


Thursday, July 17, 2008


You know when you have a secret and you can't tell anyone because you just can't? And actually, you've been holding in this secret from everyone you know except for Dominic for quite some time now, but today you can finally say something. Today is the day, but just not right now. And these last few hours are just the worst cause you really want to tell everyone you kept this from and maybe even some strangers too. You want to run down the street and shake people. You want to tell the bus driver. Tell the mailman. Tell the 2 spiders that happily live in your (my) bathroom. But you have to wait, because you just have to. And time is just ticking by so slowly. 2:26. Ooh, 2:27!

(And no, I'm not preggers. That wouldn't be a secret I would be so excited to share with you people on the internet. That's for damn sure.)


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm a big girl now!

I just inserted my very first Diva Cup. It was a little wonky at first and definitely different than any tampon I shoved up me, but right now, as we speak, there's some weird funnel thing inside me collecting blood and not wasting the environment. I hope it does what it says and will stay in there until I go to sleep, not giving me TSS. I hope when I lay out in a few minutes that a little kid doesn't point and laugh at me, saying "Mommy, why is that lady bleeding." or "Mommy, why does that lady have a little plastic stem peering out of her vagina instead of a white string?" or "Mommy, why am I talking to you about vaginas and menstrual cycles when I should be eating sand?"


Monday, July 07, 2008


My queues are running low these days. So, how about you tell me what you're into these days so I can copy you and judge if I should really be your friend based on if I liked what you liked. Here we go!

Books: I just finished The Gathering and hated it. I'm currently reading The Glass Castle and even 40 pages in, I can tell it's gonna be a good book. What else though? What are your top 3 faves? What are you reading now or just read that was a book you'd recommend? Tell me for fuck's sake!

Music: I'm not sure how old The Raincoats are but I can't stop listening to this chick group. Also, I just bought tix for the Ratatat show and am so damn pumped to dance my booty this way and that. What are you into? Whatever it is, I can most likely get it from the library, so let me know.

Movie rentals: I keep going to Blockbuster cause I have this stupid free movie pass, and yet I can't seem to find anything new that looks half way decent. I got Atonement from the library and that was good (not great). I almost got Persepolis, but I've seen that already and I know it's good (and great). I also almost got An Affair to Remember, and now I'm thinking I should've, but I was drunk yesterday and knew I'd immediately pass out once I got home. Which I did, so tonight's the night. Give me a movie rental suggestion fast!

Movies: I've heard Wall-E is getting great reviews, and I just sent in my SASE for a chance to win The Dark Knight tickets, but what else? Is Hancock any good? Are there any indie movies worth seeing lately? The last real good one I saw was Young @ Heart, but I feel like I've been in a movie slump lately. Tell me there's hope out there. Tell me there's something worth paying for.

Recipes: Ever since I started getting my local produce sent to me, I cook a lot more and love it! Now I just need more recipes. Healthy ones please. I'm already obsessed with www.101cookbooks.com smittenkitchen.com and chocolateandzucchini.com but where do you guys go? To get an idea of what I'm looking for, I'm not a fan of foodnetwork.com. I like the food blogs, rather than just spewing out recipes.

Blogs: I basically have OCD where I constantly look at the same 5 blogs over and over again. What do you like? What do you read? Give me something funny or interesting or educational or awesome or weird. I need something new.

Travel: I'm always going somewhere. So have at it. Have you been somewhere amazing lately? Camping? Hiking? Beach? Somewhere unknown? Tell me.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I tagged myself, so I'm it.

Thanks Maya, for giving me something to do while working.

1) What was I doing 10 years ago?

July, 1998. 2nd summer of college, although I can't even remember if I went to school that summer? No, actually I think I was a camp counselor at home that year. Getting a tan and taking a much easier Statistics class from home, where I got an A, which was pretty rare in college. In high school, I was always an A/B student, then I hit college, smoked too much and lost all sorts of ambition. See kids, if you do drugs you'll get lazy and then become an interactive copywriter who goes camping on the weekends and runs 10ks and then stops smoking because you'll just forget to. You don't want that kind of life do you? Well, do you?!

2) What are 5 things on my to-do list for today?

1. Work on something for work.

2. Figure out where Dominic and I should go for Thanksgiving, because the stupid retreat hippie woman in Hawaii still hasn't gotten back to me. She probably doesn't believe in the internet or something.

3. Make a boot camp plan because tonight I'm kickig some friend's asses at Olympic Sculpture Park. I guess I'm the leader, so I have to come up with some kind of course. They are all scared of me. Mwhahaha.

4. Try to finish The Gathering. It's hard though because I just can't get into it. I only have 60 pages to go so I figure I've come this far, I guess I should make it to the end.

5. I keep telling myself to make doctor's appointments, transfer money, go through the little growing pile on my desk and so on. But it's summer, man. I can't do this boring shit until at least September.

3) Snacks I enjoy:

Apples, peanut butter, smoothies, apples, Trophy cupcakes, gum (is that considered a snack?), free, bananas, greek yogurt, apples, walnuts, the granola that Dominic just bought that tastes like maple syrup and apples.

4) Things I would do if I were a billionaire (in no particular order):

Have a bed and breakfast with my own big fruit garden/apple tree and have another family take over when I want to go on vacations, Go on lots of vacations to everywhere around the world, Buy an RV and road trip the shit out of the US and Europe, have a lavendar farm, buy a bike that has the ability to never get hit or fall, get rid of all the sharks in the ocean so I can snorkel in peace, own something like a house or two or five- maybe one in seattle, one in fiji and another in montana and another in north carolina, have a real library in my home- the old fashion kind, where books are on wooden shelves and there's a ladder and a big leather chair and I would know where everything is without thinking twice, write my graphic novel- pay someone to do the graphic part and get one of those fancy canon cameras, but never learn how to use it.

5) Places I have lived:

Oh geez...

Kendall, Sunrise, Coral Springs, Gainesville (Florida)

Allentown (Pennsylvania)

Manhattan (New York)

Atlanta (Georgia)

Royal Oak, Ferndale (Michigan)

Venice Beach (California)

Seattle (Washington)

6) Jobs I have had:

Babysitter, day camp counselor, sleepaway camp counselor, day care assistant, barista, copywriter, interactive copywriter and freelancer interactive copywriter.

Okay, tag, you're it!