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Saturday, April 30, 2005

My legs are so damn sore I can't do shit.

Things I haven't done today:

1. Knit.
2. Hike.
3. Watch any commercials.
4. Step outside (yet).
5. Water the plants (shit! hold on, i have to do that.)
6. Planned anything for my mini trip.
7. Work. And I don't need to. Yay!
8. Saved the world from anything major.
9. Shit. Literally.

Yesterday marked the day where new roomie almost made me piss myself. The scene plays out like this:

We were watching one of the best episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 ever (the one where kelly and dylan tell brenda that dylan cheated and that he chooses kelly- classic clothing choices make this particular scene memorable) and as the scene ends, the camera pans out and we see a bunch of buildings, where as new roomie says:

Where is that, Chicago?

Keep in mind folks, he went to Cornell. Hehe.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Where ya'll from?

I was 52% Dixie. What the hell is Devil's Night you Michigander freaks! hehe.


Someone hates me again- or, at least hates my hair.

Not you again.
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I got another mean comment yesterday, this time about my hair. Not sure if this person knows me or what, but it was funny nonetheless. You might have seen 3 pictures of me on this site and to take the time out to comment on my hair was just weird. I even wrote a comment back saying what a loser this person was. Don't feel like repeating myself, you can check it out. It's somewhere around here. Anyway, Mr. Anonymous should have better things to do. Like looking at porn, or waiting on line to see the next Star Wars crapfest.

As for other news, it's grey outside today. I wish it wasn't. But since it is, I wish I had money to see a movie tonight. I wish I didn't have to fix my car and forfeit not going to the gym for a week. I'm gonna hold off on being scammed by some mechanic after I get back from Denver. Hopefully, Lew will stick to his promise and come with me so I won't look like a vunerable girl who doesn't know a dipstick from a rotary belt (is that even a thing on a car?).

As for my legs, oh you poor things. They're so sore from working out TWO hours yesterday. I felt like I had to work off the mexican food and 3 sangria margaritas (yummy) I had at lunch. Thus I went to Pilates, and since my instructor was temping for the Step class right after, she invited us and I accepted. I won't be doing that again for sure. Too upbeat and confusing for me to follow. Too much J. Lo music in the background. But I definitely sweated the shit out of shit so that was a plus.

As for deleting stuff. I just wrote this whole thing on something too personal for the internet world to know. And I know I'd hear shit from Leo immediately after him reading it, so I deleted it. Ho hum.

I'm tired, but I'm at the studio so no comlaints from me. I see free sushi coming my way!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

The perks of Advertising.

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1. Getting drunk in the middle of the day FOR FREE! (take that Mark Tripp!)

2. If you work in LA, you also get free massages (not sure if happy endings are included- god, i hope not)

3. Wearing whatever you want, even flip flops.

4. Knitting at work (okay, only at lunch).

5. Making sure that Leo's cube is properly destroyed so when he comes back from squeezing nipples in LA, he has to reclean everything in his cube, especially since it took him all of a Sunday to make every picture on his 3 walled cube perfectly aligned. (sorry, if that didn't make sense- refer to number 1 again)

6. Being totally confused most of the time, (for instance, why are there a handful of preteen girls running around the office today?) and no one even noticing.

7. Being called to a meeting right now (that's not a perk, that's what's happening right now).


Where'd you go?

I found you!
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1. I was very impressed with the Lost recap. It totally caught me all up, and I also realized I probably wasn't paying attention on episodes I even watched. Either way, I was happy. And even happier that I got to watch it later than when it actually aired (thanks skippy!).

2. Maya and I had to yell at Steve yesterday for taping too many Howard Sterns and not watching them. I'm sure that's the last thing he wanted- a girlfriend and a roommate yelling at him- but it was needed, especially when the Howard Stern we were watching was totally repulsive and really almost made me vomit all over the place. And I'm no prude, (okay I guess I am a little) but when I have to hear a woman having an orgasm while being spanked- gross.

3. I called my sister (props!) last night to tell her I thought I was dying. I'm probably not (at least not today- knock on wood, oh, no where's the wood- fuck!), but sometimes I need to be reminded. She laughed and said how I'm usually so grounded, and then out of nowhere I get all crazy. That's the Arliss (the father's side) gene screaming through a Ty Pennington blowhorn loud and clear. So, I obviously get the bits of crazy, and the curly baby hair. I guess both give me a little character.

4. I am glad I'm taking a few days off. The blinding light that shines above me in my teeny cube is giving me this terrifying fear that I'll have seizures when I'm 50 while I'm walking peacefully on a beach. So a few days away from the computer and blinding light will hopefully do me some good.

5. peace.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

All of a sudden I have shit to do!

Garbage is cool I think?
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I just realized I need to buy a calendar of sorts. I have too much shit to do, which is great! All these concerts to go to! Yay!!!

My normal week goes like such:

Monday- workout in the morning, work (sometimes late, sometimes not.)

Tuesday- workout in the morning, work, guitar lessons

Wednesday- workout in the morning, work (always work late)

Thursday- work, literally run to make it to my pilates class at 6:30, usually find a place where some rep is having a free drink thingy

Friday- workout in the morning, work, then usually crash (a.k.a. watch lots of skippy)


Sunday- wakeup expecting someone from work to call me in. if i haven't received a call by 2, i'm in the clear. watch all the Radio Free Roscos i've missed during the week.

Now, with my new concert schedule and a few days off, things get a little fuzzy.

Tonight- free concert thanks to Leo giving me a ticket because he had to go to LA to hang out with TY PENNINGTON (HEHEHAHAHAHAHEHEHE). So, Nicole and I are going to see Garbage, who I haven't heard of since high school. Should be interesting. I probably owe her a beer for chopping my hair up in little bits.

May 5th and 6th- trip to Denver. Never been and BONUS- I get to add a new state to my list!

May 7th- Electric Six. Heard great things about this band, and have seen one video. Besides that I know nothing about them, and sometimes that's better.

May 20th- The Decemberists. Again, heard good things about this band. BUT, I'm a little weary. I just got a CD and they sound a little like the weapy, sway back and forth with a lighter in the air and your boyfriend by your side kinda band. We'll see.

May 30th- Free concert thanks to the studio to see Hot Hot Heat and the Killers! Super fabulous that it's free!


So, basically May is booked. Kelly even just asked to hang out, and I gave her this list saying she needs to give me a few days notice these days. Yay for being busy with fun things to do!

i'm out. peace.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Beware of the Scissors!

Eee! Eee! Eee!
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So, to make up for buying TWO pairs of gaucho pants (one of which I'm wearing right now, and boy, is it com-fy!) I wanted to skim down on other luxuries. Like haircuts. I figure my hair is short anyway, and Nicole has cut it before, why not have her do it again. So I'm straddling the toilet and all I see is huge chunks of hair (which I don't really have) fall to my jeans and little chuckles and one OOPS! Luckily, I'm not bald, and actually she did a decent job. Plus, I save 14 bucks! SCORE!! I might not get a boyfriend for a few months, but who are we kidding, that wasn't gonna happen anyway.

On other news, Kelly just told me that someone found a layer of SKIN in a sandwich at Arby's? What is wrong with you fucking people? Fake fingers and now skin. I give up. Even if this isn't real, Arby's is just plain nasty and if you're eating there you probably deserve to eat a little skin.

Oh, and I just found out that my friend Carl just made a blog! Yay! Now, not only will he spend his time figuring out new positions for him and Anja to experiment with, while looking for a job, while text messaging, while listening to his ipod, but he'll now also blog and give me more things to read when I'm bored. You rock Carl! Oh, and thanks for the link.

It better be nice this weekend (right now, all I see is this stinkin' rain) because I made the wizard doctor give me the z-pak again without me coming in (score! that just saved me 20 bucks!). So, I'm feeling better and I want to hike damn it!


Monday, April 25, 2005

Damn you Weatherman!

Not again.
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Fuck this weather shit. Sorry, I started off on such a bad note. But I thought it was suppose to be spring. Then this weekend we get a shit ton of snow. What's up with that? I guess it really wasn't all that bad considering on my last day on the Z-pak I got sick again. My head is throbbing. I think it may be allergies, but I'm too cheap to spend another 20 bucks to see my wizard doctor again. I just want to call him and have him give me a prescription without having to sit in the sick room and wait an hour for him to look up my nose for 2 seconds and leave.

On a happier note, I finally got my gaucho pants. Sorta pathetic that a pair of really comfortable pants would make me happy, but it's been a crap few months (actually a crap year!)and if 35 dollar pants make me happy than so be it.

I just rewatched Groundhog Day (for the hundredth time I think) and it got me thinking. I wish I could relive a day over and over again until I got it right. Not sure which day, but definitely a bright, hot sunny day preferably near a beach.

Don't feel like writing anymore, because I'm crabby when I'm sick and I especially don't want to work today.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Stupid Flickr, but Smart Mouse.

Flickr is at it again. So now you won't be able to see the best picture in the whole entire universe that I downloaded. That's right, folks, you missed out. Blame flickr, not me.

As for Modest Mouse, I got the tickets, but damn the man for charging me almost 15 bucks (more than half the price of the actual ticket) for convenience charges. I'm sorta thinking it's convenient for them, not me. Anyway, excellent seats and I'm super excited. I'm just praying that that particular work day will run smoothly, otherwise I'll be one mad Barrie.

As for the dvr, we've run into a problem. Our limit has successfully exceeded. I panicked. I started deleting everything, like Hellboy that Steve only taped 30 minutes of. He seems to do this a lot. He'll tape 1 minute of something and then never watch it. Mayarn, get him on the program. I say if it's a regular show, and you haven't watched it in a week then it's outta here. There's just too many shows that we like that aren't going to be taped because Steve wants to save the last 6 minutes of Smallville.

As for last night. Good band, free drinks. What more can you ask for? How about not working today, and just going back to sleep? No? Damn it. It was worth a shot.


Thursday, April 21, 2005

What the hell?

Did someone puke on your face?
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I was writing an email, when I noticed this weird ad from Loreal. I assume they were trying to do some cool makeup shit to her face, but to me it looks like old cruddy milk coming out of her pores. Is that what I'll look like if I use your crap product? The ad geniuses behind this one must have had a lot of fun at the photo shoot. What morons. Did they spend hours applying vomit on her face? I'm totally confused. She looks like the dude from Mask (not the Jim Carrey movie, the Cher movie).

P.S. Gaucho pants are in! Maya, you want to pick some up for me on the way over here? If not, I might have to make a trip over there this weekend. That's probably what I'll end up doing, since I don't know my size anymore, and I know Mayarn is gonna try to beat traffic to see the Dap Kings.

P.P.S. Mayarn, I forgot how to make the thumb for fingerless gloves. I always get stuck on that part. Help!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Music update: Modest Mouse at Masonic Temple in Detroit, MI on Tuesday, June 7th at 7:30 pm. Tickets on sale this Friday!!!!!!

Sick update: V-pak is a miracle worker. I'm already feeling better. I'm still groggy, but I can swallow my own saliva so that's a plus (i guess).

Personal update: My mother has officially been banned from my blog. Just kidding. Just stop driving me crazy!!!!


Mmmm... tv.
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Steve and I decided to make a list of all the shows we desperately need to record on Skippy/Flim Flam (dvr). Once we started the list, we realized how much tv we haven't been watching, but now we won't be complete without. Steve's already mad that we can't fast forward during live tv, and I'm mad that I can't find He-Man anywhere! It's funny that he only had rabbit ears for awhile, and then once technology hit the home, we've become way too greedy. It's fun nonetheless, and because I have work to do, I'll just make a list of all the shows we'll be taping:

Shows we need taped so that we can get Skippy to reach 90 percent filled:

Guilty Pleasures:
Radio Free Roscoe (I'm still very addicted to this show- I've even given up watching The Today Show for it- see ya later Katie Couric)

Smallville (roommate's guilty pleasure, but I may watch because young superman is cute. hehe)

Friends (we've actually had to limit the recordings on this, because i accidently selected "record all", which means in one given day we'll have about 50 friends episodes saved. this might cause roommate to vomit.)

Desperate Housewives (I'm actually getting sorta sick of this show. The only thing I care about is the dead chick and why body in the chest was the plumber's wife, or something like that. too confusing. Oh, and the hottie in high school is worth watching. But, besides that, those woman are getting on my nerves.)

Robot Chicken
Aqua Teen Hungerforce
South Park

The Chappelle Show
The Daily Show

The Amazing Race (so sad that the gay couple lost yesterday. they were fun.)

The Bachelor (he's a complete moron, and it's funny to still watch these woman get in cat fights over this loser. and if i hear him mention his brother and stand by me one more time, i'm gonna flip!)

Inferno 2 (i'm just a sucker)

Survivor (still a sucker)

Actual shows that are pretty good:

The Office
Austin City Limits

I know I'm missing about 20 more shows, but I keep getting interrupted, thus hiding this page and then forgetting about it.

P.S. Just heard that Modest Mouse is coming to Michigan (and they were added to Bonnaroo- oh, how I wish I could go again. It was a blast!). Anyway, I have to get tickets right now, except I couldn't find it on their website. I've only seen them once (for free!) and it was great, because they played in a parking lot before their actual show. It was a surprise that I randomly found out about and it was awesome! Just chilling in Little 5 Points, next to Junkman's Daughter listening to them before they were huge. Awesome! Anyway, who's up for this? I know Nicole and Leo are. Anyone else?? Mayarn? Kelly? Anyone??

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I can't swallow and it's all my new roomies fault.

I blame Steve for this sick shit I have right now. I thought he was doing really well with the whole cough away from me, and extra heat on the dishwasher rinse, but somehow I caught his horrible throat thing and now if I can't swallow shit. Luckily, I'm going to my holistic doctor so I'm sure he'll wave some wizardy wand and do a spirtual dance and I'll feel better. But what I really want is my grandma's matzo ball soup. Nothing compared to it. She always made shit from scratch, and no matter what crap jewish overpriced restaurant I go to, the soup and laktes just aren't the same. Actually, they're crap. Imposters. Like a cheap prada bag knock off, but worse because the soup doesn't even try to be like my grandma's. There's no celery and carrot goodness. No parsley chunks floating around. No grandma telling me to get a second helping and to eat more chopped liver. No telling grandma to sit down already and eat with us before her food gets cold. No more playing gin afterwards. Tear tear. (mom- don't cry) Because of this sick shit, I've decided it's time for me to take a few days off of work. Not sure when it's going to happen, but it's too nice to sit in a cube. Who's coming with me (think half-baked, NOT jerry fucking maguire)? ROAD TRIP BITCHES!


Monday, April 18, 2005

I might have to move to Ann Arbor.

The aftermath.
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I love it there. Minus the fact that everything there is crazy expensive, it's my kind of town. This picture was taken at around noonish where maya, steve and I had a very delicious breakfast at FlimFlam. We almost named Skippy (dvr) flimflam, but decided skippy takes it. The night before consisted of lots of drinks, and talking to lots of single boys. I realized going out twice in one week, getting drunk and staying up until 4 in the morning at the old age of 26 isn't what it used to be. My body ached the next day, but we still had a blast and got to walk around Ann Arbor, where I was on the hunt for those damned Gaucho pants at Urban Outfitters that they never have in stock. Might have to do the online thing. But determining my size is always risky, especially when UO clothes are made for 12 year olds. Anyway, here's a few things that were said:

1. I dare you to wear this mask.

2. They propositioned you to have a threesome?

3. Those guys cut in front of us!

4. Is it time for pizza yet?

5. I think I want to marry you.

peace out,
you know who

Friday, April 15, 2005


If you don't understand what my title means, I'll translate:

Thank God it's fucking Friday because I really need a weekend after the last two days I've had.

I don't even have time to move my shit from one cube to my new (and might I add, smaller) cube (that's right, bitches- i'm moving again!). I have this weird feeling that I'm becoming the dude from Office Space who gets sent to the basement. Where's my stapler!

Ann Arbor and cute single boys, here I come!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Still D-runk!

Last night was too much fun. When you know you're going to drink and eat and see Team America all for free, you're going to take advantage. And boy, did I! Too many beers, a shot of jager and some cranberry vodkas. Luckily I ate free pizza and then later had free popcorn, otherwise I would have definitely puked all over the place. I was out way too late, and woke up this morning with just a few hours of sleep and still completely drunk. This has only happened to me a few times in my life, and it was never a big deal before because I didn't have to come into a job at 9am and think about writing long copy and actually make said copy interesting. God, I wish I could just take a damn nap, but I know if I hid somewhere someone that shouldn't find me would, and I'd be put in time out. I mean it's taken me about 2 hours just to write this blog because I can't concentrate at all. But I had fun last night, and that's all that matters. Being a client rules sometimes! I think I'll be going to a free concert next!!

On the DVR front- WHY WAS LOST A RERUN!! Did I miss something? I swear I've been seeing previews for the new Lost like 10,000 times this week and instead I experienced deja vu with the freaky kid thing (do you think he's controlling the island??). Anyway, Steve (mayarn's boyfriend/new roomie) and I have decided to actually name the DVR since it's become our new best friend. I suggested actual names, like Sally or Fred or maybe even something like HAL since the whole thing seems very robotic/outer spacey. He was thinking more of things like DIV or deevee. But I just don't know. I'm thinking the name will just come to us, like naming your car. You can't really think too hard about it, and then one day, boom, you'll have it! I've never really named anything, except for my bong (just kidding mom!). Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions (I just realized I had 4 any's in this sentence, including the one in the parenthesis, but I'm not about to delete and think up a new line because I just want to finish this blog already)? So, suggestions- please.

peace out. wish me luck for surviving the rest of the day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

All work and no play makes me fucking crazy!

So, I can't really blog today because work is kicking my ass, but my mom said the sweetest thing about my blog and I felt as though she might need something to read tomorrow morning before work (even if she orginally wrote it). This blog's for you mommy.

Mommy says, "I read your blog every day & am very disappointed when you don't write on it every day. I miss reading it. So I go into past ones that you've written. I
love it. It's like knowing what your doing & like I'm still apart of
your life in a small way. Starting to get mushy here so will stop. All
my love- mommy"

Yo ma, you're always apart of my life even if I don't talk to you every single day. You da bomb mom!


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

2 thumbs, and 8 other fingers down!

So, I've been bored the last few lunches because everyone is so swamped at work that none of us have time to eat together. And then there's Nicole always looking for apartments, and Matt is always walking his dog. Ho hum. That leaves me watching Time Belt and Movie Trailers. Here's a list of movies I can't wait to see. I usually get real excited about the trailers, and never end up seeing the actual movie because I'm too damn poor to pay even the matinee prices. If only a boy would take me to see all of them, then I'd be on a date and get to see the movies I want for free. Bonus!

Movies I want someone to take me to:
It's All Gone Pete Tong
Death of a Dynasty
Palindrome (hopefully this one is as disturbing as all of Soldonz's movies)
Mad Hot Ballroom
Lords of Dogtown (this probably won't be good, but whatever, that blonde Aussie is hot)
Stephen Tobolwsky's Birthday Party (check out this trailer- it's pretty funny)
Rock School
Sin City
Melinda and Melinda (yes, nicole, you told me you loved it. i know.)
Assisted Living
Batman Begins
The Weatherman (did this movie come and go already- I don't even like Nicholas Cage, but this movie seemed nice)
Fever Pitch (actually heard it was decent)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (almost done with the book)

Movies I suggest you poop on:
Because of Winn-Dixie (the supermarket is pure crap, wouldn't want to watch a movie about it)

Herbie: Fully Loaded (3 words- WHAT THE FUCK!)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (looked interesting at first, and then realized I was only looking at Pitt's pretty face. nothing else in this movie looks good at all. stay far away from it. in fact any movie with Angelina Jolie I suggest you stay far away from. I just saw the one with her and Ethan Hawke and the scene I came in on (no pun intended, okay, well it's a little intended) was where they were having sex and I really almost vomitted on myself. you've been warned.)

The Honeymooners (see Herbie comments)

The Skeleton Key (I can't believe Kate Hudson was nominated for an Oscar. And if I see another trailer for a Ring knockoff I'm gonna start killing people.)

Okay, I think I'm done blogging today. I make no guarantees bitches! But, I probably shouldn't, seeing as I have a pile of work to do and none of it seems to be going away.

Yuck, my breath smells like onions and raspberry vingarette. Gum, please.

Told you so.

Ugh. Do I have to?
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Ever have one of those conversations where you know you're suppose to be friends with this person, you've been friends with this person longer than any other friend you have, you even have a great time when you hang out with said person, but the distance and the conversations you have over the phone leads you to constantly write about it on your blog? This is one such friend. I never mean to write things about this person, but sometimes she drives me completely nutty.

Take yesterday for example. We were talking about her going to a girl's wedding (who she hasn't been friends with for over 7 years now) and how expensive the whole thing was (close to 100 grand!!). And I was saying, fuck it, I'm eloping (obviously, I need a fiance first, well actually I need a boy to just look at me). Why spend all that money on one damn day, when I can just eat a Hostess cupcake and wear something Maya will make me (puhlease?)and invite ONLY the people I give a shit about. No aunts or cousins thank you. Then she tells me, well, I don't like to say those things because what if I decide to have a big wedding. (Keep in mind, she was saying this in a way like I shouldn't be saying this) I'm like, who the fuck cares what you say. God won't strike you down if you change your mind! If I say I want to elope today, and 5 years from now I have a wedding, are you gonna judge me! Puhlease! Get over it. No one is paying attention to anyone. I'm so sick of the I told you so's and didn't you say you liked this last year. Who cares! I can do whatever I want, when I want and I don't need people like you to remind me that I like to change my mind. It's my mind, damn it! Then I realized how mad I was getting about this, and thus realized why am I getting this mad when I have DVR and I don't have to watch Robot Chicken right now. I can watch it later, and then everything was okay. Hehe.

Back to work. Why is it cold today Ororo Munroe (Storm)?

Monday, April 11, 2005

The gloriousness of tv and the sun!

The weekend went a little something like this:

1. Hung pictures on wall, bought the cutest jean jacket for 50 bucks and 2 records. Probably the most money I've spent on an article of clothing in a really really really long time. But it's super cute and I think I have the money for it.

2. Woke up on a sunny Saturday morning to find the cable guy installing the DVR and the internet. Cable guy becomes Steve's new best friend, following him throughout the house talking about manly things as Maya and I laugh.

3. Went on a fun hike with Steve, Maya and Nicole. Discovered that reflecting is totally awesome!

4. A trip to Home Depot and taping too many things on new DVR was very exhausting. Fell asleep before news segment on SNL. But did laugh a little during the bee gees bit.

5. Sunday morning, watched Radio Free Rosco and Inferno 2, thanks to my new best friend, the DVR.

6. Laid out and actually got some sun. Didn't want to go back inside, so decided to paint over a painting ex had painted for me. I like how it turned out, thus hung it up over bed. Drank 2 smoothies Maya made. Yummylicious! Read almost half of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Realized I can't wait to see the movie. Then realized I forgot that I wanted to see Sin City. Must see soon. Proceeded to finish putting room together. Made dinner, half watched Desperate Housewives, but didn't worry about missing much because DVR is so fucking awesome that I doubt I'll ever watch live tv again.

7. Floss, brush, pillow meet head. ZZZ

Friday, April 08, 2005

Several things to discuss.

Why I hate elevators....
Originally uploaded by barliss2.
1. Thanks Seth for keeping me informed with Lost. I also realized I could go on lost.com and get a literal play by play of what happened. It even includes sarcasm. Genius!

2. My sister gets to hang out with famous people! She's been working at the same restaurant for like 10 years now, and one of her perks is meeting cool bands and randomly seeing the famous. One such famous person has been there every day this week because he's on location doing Miami Vice, sitting in the corner smoking cigarettes as waitresses oogle, and proceed to yank their skirts up to grab his attention. Sister says he's actually super cool and actually gave my nephew a very nice autograph that wasn't just a scribble scratch of his name, but an actual little letter telling him to stay in school and he'll be cool (or something to that effect). Anyway, I almost immediately bought a plane ticket just so I could get a glimpse. Then I realized I don't care that much, but I would like a picture of my sister grabbing his butt or something fun like that.

3. I had another awkward experience in the elevator yesterday. One of those weird moments when someone asked me something and I wasn't paying attention, so I asked "what" and then the person repeated the comment/question and then this time I couldn't hear him because I was eating potato chips and the crunch was louder than his voice. So, then I proceeded to just smile and sort of look around hoping we would get to our floor already. Then, he commented again, this time I heard him and because of his remark I then realized what he had originally asked and by then the doors open and I looked like a moron. Oh well. We don't really talk much anyway.

4. John, the engineer at the studio, gave me this to look at. I suggest you do the same. Hi-lar-ious!


Start from the first episode!

5. That's all I got. It's too pretty outside today. Lots of hiking and drinking will be in order!

Thursday, April 07, 2005


There's nothing to blog about, I just wanted to share a picture Mark sent me on his endeavor to LA (lucky fucking bastard).

I'll spring if you spring.

Humidity is a bitch.
Originally uploaded by barliss2.
I've never loved spring as much as I do now. Since Monday it's been so amazing here. I've worn skirts and open toed shoes! The only downside is the humidity. You'd think I'd be use to this shit living in Florida for most of my life, but nope. It's even worse with really short hair. I get these little curly bits on the sides that make me look about 2 years old and my hair just doesn't know what to do. No joke, I sort of look like the chick in that picture. It's bad. And I use product and nothing works. I should actually learn how to make my hair look pretty with a blow dryer or something, but I know I won't so what's the use. Hopefully it won't rain here too much otherwise I'll look like one of those bad stock images of a guy getting electrocuted all the time, which won't be good for attracting the boys.

Now for changing the subject- I am so mad I missed the first half of Lost. Can anyone give me a play by play? I totally got weepy when the brother dude died and the baby was born and Matty Fox had to tell the dead dude's sister. Ooh, I'm getting a little misty. But I have no idea what happened prior to all that. Why does Fox's character think the old dude murdered the brother? Did the sister and the arab get it on? Why couldn't the dead dude tell anyone how he got hurt? How did we find out that the brother and sister were actually step siblings (just because you're step doesn't make it okay to hook up)? Shit, I should have fucking taped it. I need Tivo. Good thing the cable dude is coming on Saturday and I think the cable person over on the phone convinced the new roomie to spring for it! YAY!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I blame everything on Matt.

So, because we had so much to do today Matt couldn't take us out to lunch, and since I didn't bring my lunch, today marked the first I actually had to buy lunch for myself since I started working. Gasp! I hated doing it. I was actually contemplating not eating it all, but then the stomach started talking to me and it said that it needed Subway. Ugh. So, today also marked the day that I had fast food in over 4 months (yes, I consider Subway fast food, because it's gross, but still good, but doesn't try to claim that they are great like that horrible Panera everyone jizzes over) . I can tell I'll be sick in about 10 minutes because the Lay's Classic chips and Cherry Coke are just stirring around. My stomach is like, "WTF, bitch, where's my turkey on wheat and apple!" God, I hope I don't get fat doing this advertising crap. It's cool if I'm getting some sushi for free, but eating Subway in a mad rush is not cool. I think I'll just not eat next time. Yep, my stomach is so mad at me right now. Ugh.

Did anyone get any work done yesterday?

Word, indeed.
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I know Leo didn't. I think he was gizoogling all day long. You can even type in a phrase and it will translate it for you. Genius!

Anyway, I won't talk about gizoogle two days in a row. Even though sometimes I think my mind is like a hamster wheel. I think I focus on the same 5 things over and over again.

I just got the Bright Eyes cd, and if you haven't heard the newest album yet leave work right now and buy it. It's crazy cheap (well, free for me), and I've been obsessively listening to First Day of My Life over and over again. I don't usually pay attention to lyrics all that much, but that song got to me. I get this distinct gut-wrenching Elliot Smith vibe from Conor Oberst, it's a little scary. I almost want to write him to say, dude, don't kill yourself- your songs are sad and happy and they rock.

Beyond that, a friend from Atlanta who I completely forgot lived here just contacted me. I love when that happens. It's like a little surprise. Yay for friends!

And Yay for Matt taking Nicole and I out to lunch today (for free). I think he feels bad that we're stuck here for lunch most days, and now that it's beautiful outside, we deserve to be out there enjoying it.

Speaking of that, the last few days I've been playing whiffle ball and lacrosse during work. I totally recommend this. I only do it for an hour, but it's such a great stress release and it gets me out of this blinding light that shines from above.

Holy shit. I totally forgot to tell you the most annoying thing ever happened this morning. I'm in the elevator and no joke this little old lady pressed every single fucking button! I'm on the eight floor, so by the fourth it stopped being cute. The reason for this annoyance -- she was trying to find the coffee guy! WHAT THE FUCK! So, because you need your shit caffeine you have to start my day off by annoying the fuck out of me. Take the stairs, you old hag.

Alright, it's back to work I go.

Word. (hehe)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Holy shit, this is funny.

Thanks to Leo being bored yet again, I come to find a)a pile of really heavy books on my desk and a picture of a girl covering her private parts (way to get me back- hehe) and b)he spends way too much time finding funny shit for me to read on the internet.

Take this for example. Go to this new fandango google and you won't be sorry.


Type in anything for a search and let the laughter ensue. I almost pissed myself numerous times as I'm sure you will too. Enjoy!

Monday, April 04, 2005

I thought we were done with sports.

I'll knock you out of the park.
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Man, traffic sucked this morning. Now that I officially live with my new roommate, in my new place, in a new town in the same state my new drive was suppose to be closer to the studio. Instead it took twice as long, and I'm blaming it on opening day at the Comerica Stadium (can we stop naming arenas after banks or car rental places for the love of god). Steve (new roommate- sorry Mark) tried to explain the glory and strategy of America's favortite pasttime, but I explained to him pretty quickly that I just don't care. I'll watch, I might even cheer every now and then, but I won't care. If the Marlins win this year, big woop. If the Tigers lose, ooh, I think I'll live. But I am a little jealous of these baseball fans. Actually, I'm only jealous of the ones that get to take off work right now and head off in the hummer limo I see outside, on one of the most perfect Michigan days. Damn you!

Alright, so much work to do that I can't even think, let alone look outside in wonderment of the maginificent weather we are having. A walk in the park might be mandatory today.

Friday, April 01, 2005


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How cute is that skirt! I just love it. I should wear it tonight to attract Maya's cute, smart friends, but of course things are in boxes and blah blah.

Anyway, I've officially fooled 2 people, and teepeed (sp?) leo's cube. And I ain't cleaning that shit up. Hehe.

That's all for today. I swear.

Yet another disappointment.

Look, he's old!
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I show up to my Pilates class, and immediately smell old lady efferdent stench. I was confused, and no one else seemed to be. Half the class was there, and they were pulling up chairs instead of medicine balls. Then I see the old lady with a butterfly tattoo on her back and she takes the instructor's spot of the room. So, I'm thinking, okay it's been one crazy week so maybe I mixed up the days and I'm in the wrong class.

"Is this still Pilates?"

Old Lady Instructor, "No, it's streching. Your pilates instructor quit this week."

"Oh. So, she's not coming back?"

OLI, "No. Geez. Let's start stretching."

"Sorry. My bad. I thought I was in the wrong class or something."

OLI, "Uh huh. Okay, let's start."

And then everyone gave eachother weird looks, like what the fuck is going on here. Who is this old lady, and why is she weird and why are we doing old lady stretches?

And that's what we all did for an hour. Really. We would stretch one arm for 5 minutes, and then the other. And then when you thought you were done doing that, she made us do it 4 more times. I actually came out of the class more tired than when I came in, which is usually impossible when I work out. But this old hag successfully made me all droppy and shit for Mark's going away party. Ho hum. Now I must look for a different class that's as cheap (free) as my old pilates class.