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Friday, January 30, 2009

Question #4

I keep finding things at the gym. Once I found a bus pass (which is worth $70 and it was the beginning of the month). I surprised myself and actually took it downstairs to the front desk. But today I found an earring in the shower. My entire shower time consisted of thinking what I should do about this earring. It didn't look fancy or diamondy. It was your typical Claire's kinda shit. But still. Should I have brought that downstairs to the "lost and found"? Because sometimes I think, well if it were me, and I lost my earring I'd immediately search the last place I had it. And it would such a nice surprise to actually see it there. My second instinct would be to go to the front desk, but my hopes wouldn't be as high. There is no clear "lost and found" so I would just assume that I should cut my losses and buy new, shitty earrings.

What would you have done? My brain is in total crazy mode lately and I haven't really slept this week so me thinks I'm going nuts. I would love to hear what a rational brain would have to say about this pressing topic.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Question #3



Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Question #2

What the fuck is up with bacon and cupcakes and pirates and ninjas? Either I've gone old or I just don't get it. Sure I love all those things. Do I need them on my band-aids or need to make recipes that have bacon covered cupcakes covered in lard? No. Seriously. Explain this to me. Are we all just so depressed by all the lay offs and the need of change that we want things like food and super beings to take the load off?

Yesterday the local news talked about lay offs for 10 straight minutes. I asked Dominic to turn it to something stupid and mindless. It seems like lay offs have also become a stupid trend, like bacon. And cupcakes.

We watched an episode of Friends instead.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh yeah, I forgot I turned 30.

So that happened. I had a great day, followed by a few days in friggin' Belize, followed by a day at an Asian spa. Here are all the highlights:

-I actually went to work on my big day and then quickly left.
-The maid came! And she was good! And fast! And not at all annoying like the last one!
-Dominic came home with pretty flowers and a pop-up card he made himself. The card said the nicest, personal things inside and concluded with my present.
-He gave me a day at the Asian spa, Olympus in Tacoma. More of that in a later bullet point.
-We went to Tilth for dinner, had the most amazing (organic and locally grown foods) dinner. It was romantic and sweet and plentiful.
-Then we ate our cupcakes we previously picked out at Trophy, for dessert. Equally awesome, especially when you've had 2 glasses of great wine.
-A few hours later we left for Belize!
-We arrived tired, excited and hungry.
-We entered this little hut village, complete with hot water, no tv (!), breakfast/lunch/5-course dinner (fresh juices every day that were so mouth-watering delicious i think i drank 20 mangos in 2 days) and toucans that greeted us each morning.
-Walked over a bridge held together by 500 year old, rotted wood and rope that was more like yarn.
-Canoed through caves where we saw bats, baby skulls and pottery from a time lost. Our guide was named Lion.
-We then bumped into Lion the next day at a Prison Arts and Crafts store, about 2 hours away. Weird, right?
-Took a taxi boat to the most charming island ever.
-Rode bikes, picked our meals out of a bin of lobster and fish, swam with sting rays, snorkeled around the most beautiful fish and even squeezed in a Yoga class at someone's house.
-Made friends with the guest house dog, Paco. He just loved Dominic.
-Discussed living on this island one day, how we could do that and how we could support ourselves. If we don't do this, we'll most likely go back for a Yoga retreat with the yoga lady I met (me) or for a canoe trip that lasts 4 days (dominic).
-Flew home :-(
-Went to Olympus Spa in Tacoma. Inside the spa there are all these rooms for relaxing. There are these dark, hot room where you lay on a blanket that covers salt or sand. Then there's your standard sauna, steam room, hot tubs. Everyone is naked, except for a little pink cap we all wear and showering is a must constantly. I was disappointed at how crowded it was, but relaxed once I got my hour massage and then a body scrub and moisturizer.
-The body scrub is intense. This little Asian women basically wore this loofa gloves and scrubbed the shit out of me. When she asked me how I felt, I said it feels like the most glamorous car wash ever. And it was. You'd think the scrubbing would be harsh, but it was more like someone scratching a bad itch. Complete that with warm water thrown on you every few minutes and there's a body scrub.
-The moisturizing was even better. She first lathered me with olive oil, then warm milk, then honey, then covered my face with honey and aloe vera. It was so sensational. I left feeling like a brand new person - like a 30 year old baby.

And there you have it. My week of birth, belize and feeling like a baby.

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Monday, January 12, 2009


Well, it's finally happened. I knew one day it would. It was inevitable. And after years of trying and trying and still getting nowhere, like a plate of pasta, I finally saw an end in sight.

I finished my chapstick.

It seems like a lot of girls have a chapstick problem. I don't buy chapstick anymore because I keep getting them for free. Seriously. I have about 50 chapsticks around the house. There are two in every jacket I own. And I can never get rid of them. Sometimes I even leave them places and then I seem to replace it with another free chapstick. The insanity doesn't want to stop. The cycle just keeps going.

Until this weekend. I had a Burt's Bees chapstick that I loved but it was time to let go. I purposely used it every morning before working out. Since it's cold outside I didn't find a problem doing this. And slowly but surely, I noticed it diminishing to its core. Then there was no more.

And I was at peace.


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Question #1

Do you enjoy putting a Q-tip in your ear as much as I do? I really try to limit doing this, but every now and then I take one and wind away. I find it totally interesting to see the yellow shit that falls on that once clean cotton. And the weirdest part of all is that I almost always feel like I have to sneeze while doing it. Does that happen to you? Am I shoving the swab in so deep that it's hitting a part of my brain that triggers a sneeze?


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

An age question?

I turn THIRTY next week. It's too fucking weird. I don't feel THIRTY. I can hardly say THIRTY without wondering how I got to THIRTY.

So, with just a week left of being in my twenties, what the fuck should I do? Something crazy? Something dumb? Should I try to go to jail? Or bunjee jump? Or just do what I normally do and then go to Belize the day after I turn THIRTY?