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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Third Time's A Charm?

A few weeks ago I was laid off. Yep, second time since moving to Seattle. Apparently both times had nothing to do with me, which is a good thing as I was very clear that if it was me I would want to know so I can fix whatever it was I was doing wrong. Whew!

I've got to say though, that the second time around is great. Sure there are like no jobs at all right now, but I'm not nearly as freaked out. I always keep myself busy (maybe even busier). I have done all the necessary steps like unemployment, Cobra, headhunters, Linkedin, blah blah blah without all the legwork I had to endure the first time I was laid off over a year ago.

In fact, this time around feels more like a paid vacation. For instance, today I went to my first winery! We got the royal V.I.P. private tour thanks to Dominic's brother-in-law and I even got an uber expensive bottle from him because he's the sweetest brother-in-law ever.

And to think, with a silly little job, I wouldn't have been able to go. I wouldn't be able to go to the spa tomorrow or to do a podcast this weekend or to teach at an ad school in April or to finish a site Dominic and I have been trying to complete for over a year now or learn how to sew! I wouldn't be able to go to Deception Pass with a friend next Friday or just walk around the city when it's beautiful and sunny outside or get a friend's husband a little good luck on passing the bar gift or see a 9pm movie with Dominic ON A SUNDAY.

I'm sure one of these days my life will have to go back to normal. But for now I'm living in the moment. I'm happy and most of all, I will survive.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Question #6

Why does it seem like people with peanut allergies are the most uptight people in the world? Dominic just said, "Tell the blog that I'm allergic to bees and I don't demand bee-free rooms." Heck, he even camps and has gone into the wild, Epi-Pen and all. I totally get that this allergy is an issue and that to be in contact with a peanut could mean instant death, but why has this become such a thing lately?

I just read that Northwest Airlines passengers are protesting because the airline serves peanuts. Does this mean these passengers never go to Thai restaurants or football gatherings or any other airline, for that matter? I really just don't get why these peanutphobes are so much more allergic than other allergies. You never hear people who are allergic to strawberries making a big fuss.

Plus, have you noticed that allergic is just a weird word. I don't like saying it out loud. And I really want to put a k at the end, damn it.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Question #5

Do your boobs ever itch and yet you don't know how to scratch them? Not like in a public place because right now I'm sitting in my kitchen, by myself. I mean I can't seem to scratch them and my right one really itches.

I have an update on life but I'm off to walk around a lake with Aubrey so I'll have to tell you things another time.