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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cross your fingers.

I'm about to leave the office. It's only 10:30 pm, which is actually much earlier than I expected to be leaving.

Tomorrow will be my second big presentationn at the newish job.

Cross your fingers, eyes, toes, legs, arms, t's, crucifixes and knitting needles. Cross them super duper tight.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


There's been a lot of things I should've blogged about:

-My mom turned 60 on Sunday!
-Lost finally came out with action figure dolls. Imran, it's true!
-Thanksgiving was delicious, thanks to my other ophran friends in Seattle.
-Cristina and I had a delusional cab driver the other day.

But really, all this stuff is minor compared to the:


That's right folks. God is playing some evil trick on me. While it's 50-60 degrees in Michigan and New York, Seattle is in the 20s and the news people are just eating this up. Especially since we had LESS THAN AN INCH OF SNOW! And THE HIGHWAYS WERE AT A STAND STILL! And ICE IS FORMING! HIDE THE CHILDREN! THE END IS NEAR!!!!!!

The people here obviously aren't accumstomed to snow or ice or decaf. I remember it snowing one time in Atlanta, and we were outside playing on the thinnest sheet of snow (probably an inch more than has hit Seattle, which means we were playing in about 2 inches of dust), and people would look at us like, You should be inside. It's SNOWING for christ sake.

Not that I'm some expert in snow. I've maybe had a total of 5 years experiencing the stuff. But still. I've been in the shit. It's hysterical to see the weatherman in Seattle telling me to put my snow tires on for an hours' worth of snow, when I've been through actual snow storms that never seem to end. That last days. Where every single car and truck REALLY can't move or they spin out. Where I had to have 3 men push my car to Nicole's house when it got stuck in about 2 feet of snow.

And I know everyone else is thinking how ridiculous this is. Yet, when it did snow there were many, many accidents. In an inch of snow, people still need to realize that you have to drive slower. Everywhere I looked someone was slamming on their gas or break, like it's a normal summer day. I have no sympathy for you people. You know to drive slower in the rain and the snow. It's just what you do. Don't tailgate. Don't try to go 60 in 5 seconds. If possible, just don't drive. So when I'm walking around I don't have to worry that you're gonna slide into the sidewalk and kill me.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm officially getting old.

I had to go to a foot doctor today. My left foot has been bothering me ever since I moved here, and felt I should get it checked out since I have insurance and all.

And even though the doctor chick didn't find anything too weird, she still wants me to get physical therapy cause it looks like my calf muscle on my left side is all weirded out. It's tight or something, which is causing me to form really awesome calluses on my foot, which makes it hard to walk, run or be on the ellipitical machine. And she also wants me to wear these really annoying bumps in my shoes.

This very little problem reminded me of this childhood friend I have (who never would waste her time reading blogs, let alone even know what one is) who has all sorts of problems. She has a foot thing, a sneezing thing, an allergy thing, a jealously thing, a thing thing. And I was always, in my head, thinking gosh, you have so many damn problems. Life can't be this rough, especially when you're living in Coral Springs and have pretty hair.

This I guess is my first thing. And even though it's kinda annoying to walk with bumps in my shoes (try it, it really is stupid) I won't let it disrupt my life. No sir!

The good news, is that I come into work today at 11 and I just found out that I can leave for the day at lunchtime! Hooray for working (or blogging, in my case) for an hour. Totally fucking radical.

Give thanks for shit.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Despite what the weather says...

It's weird to watch the Today show say that Seattle is very wet and cold today, which makes my mom believe that's it's wet and cold today. But if you lived here you'd know that it's actually neither wet, nor cold (at least not Michigan cold). Stupid weathermen. Stupid people.

You want more ramblings, you say? Cool!

I never really listened to Sufjan Stevens. I mean I have, and after hearing 2 songs immediately discarded him as another weapy singer/songwriter. But now my itunes has shuffled its way onto one of his songs, and I have to say, just like the movie version of The Notebook, I'm sad to report that I actually like it.

Last weekend I took a silk screening class, and luckily I did, because this weekend I actually had to silk screen for my job. Did I mention that I love my job? I'm not sure if I've told you guys that yet, but I do.

I still haven't seen Borat. Kelly told me I might be offended because of all the Jew jokes. Funny, as I'm hardly practicing (last time I was in temple was a few years ago, the last time I ate bacon was a few weeks ago) and Sasha Barton (Borat) is a jew. So really I doubt I'll be offended. I know what he's all about. I understand there are ignorant people in our world. Fuck, I'm probably one of them.

A guy told me about this knitting group that goes on today at some coffee shop near by. When I told my mom this, she's like, "Ooh, a guy." To which I said, "Mom, if a guy is 30 something, working at a fabric store and is telling me about a knitting group he's in, I'm about 110% sure he's gay. And even if he wasn't, you'd still have to wonder."

My trip to Spain/Portugal is so close (5 months away) I can almost smell the sangria!

And my mom will officially be 30 on Sunday. Now, I know what you're thinking. What, Barrie, that's crazy talk?! You're 27, how can your mom be 3 years older. Well, she is okay! She's 30. She's just hiding the other 30 years in a closet somewhere. Probably under all that baggage.

Friday, November 17, 2006


That's right folks. It nearly took me all fucking day because Iberia's website was down, but I finally booked myself a ticket out of here. Portugal (and Spain) here I come!

Thanks Mom, for loaning me the money until I sell the car.

And thanks Jessie, for living there and having a free place to stay. Let's do this!!!

adios amigos

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Music by People Who Make Music

This weekend: I spent almost $20 for Lady Sovereign and then another $15 (at least) on alcohol. I really enjoyed her at Bumbershoot, so I was willing to spend the almost $20 to see her again. But man, was it ever so disappointing. I had fun. I saw friends and talk and drank and blah blah, but Lady S just seemed very full of herself, and when you start a show at 11 pm and then end before 12:30, you're really just ripping me off. Nonetheless, it was still a good night. I just know now that I shouldn't waste my money on her ever again.

Last night: I went to a free event sponsored by Zune. Blonde Redhead was playing, and I haven't listened to them in years so I was excited. Free concert + Free anything I wanted to drink all night long + Free t-shirt I snagged at some point of the night = A very good evening that didn't end until around 1am (and I still made it to the gym at 6- I have no idea how I do this sometimes). Seriously, the drinks were overflowing. I was literally juggling cranberry vodkas. And Blonde Redhead was amazing! And everyone there just seemed a whole lot friendlier. Overall the experience was well worth the money I didn't have to pay.

Just goes to show you that sometimes cheaper (of freeer?) is sometimes better.

Monday, November 13, 2006


I went to the gyno today, after not going for like 2 years maybe. And I definitely should be going, cause I have that feeling that I might not be able to reproduce thanks to my imperfect genes and the fact that I skip periods like aneroxics skip meals. So, today I finally went. And I had some blood work done. And first off, before I even go there, I should say that I like it when the doctors talk to you while she shoves a metal brush inside you. It distracts me. Especially when I mentioned that I lived in Ferndale, to which she said, "Oh, my ex-husband works at Young and Rubicam. Small world. Now this shouldn't hurt a bit." To which I kinda got scared, cause who the fuck knows what kind of memories I just brought back as she's now in between my legs. Luckily, everything went fine and dandy until the nurse took my blood.

I never have problems with taking blood. I'm not great with needles, but I don't cry or anything. I just don't like the initial prick so I usually talk or distract myself. The nurse said, "Ooh, that vein is perfect." She stuck me and then said the words you never want to hear when someone is sticking you with a pointy object.


Ugh, she missed the vein and decided to use the other arm instead. To which it worked, except my blood was taking it's sweet little time filling up the tube. My blood was so slow that I saw a bump starting to grow on my arm. I thought for sure I was gonna lose my arm soon, when she decided that was enough torture for today. And that she wouldn't fill up the 3rd tube because that should be enough or whatever.

Now my arm really hurts and I will never let that nurse touch me again. At least not for another year.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Anyone else have this problem?

I used to be really good at keeping up with my emails. I'd get one, immediately read it and respond. Now that I have a job I like and I'm not constantly checking the internet, suddenly my every hour check in is now an every once in awhile kinda check in.

Now I have 108 emails (that aren't spam) and I must start deleting. Of course most of them are from adcritic, which I don't really need to read but like to because I'm a dork and like ads. But still 108 emails is way too overwhelming.

Okay, enough with that topic. Let's move on to much more pressing issues like:


What am I going to do? Last night was the first time I actually watched Lost on TV (instead of on the internet) this season, which could explain why I didn't know about the hiatus, but still. Why the fucking wait? Of course they have so many more things to answer, but I don't know if I can wait. Just tell me what happens you evil ABC.

Oh, and another random thought. I watched America's Top Model for the first time this season and I have to admit I was a little confused. Ususally there's one clear beauty, but I couldn't spot it this season. They all just looked like gawky, too tall 18 year olds. Weird. Ok, not really.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I know, I know....

Right, so today we vote. We listened to commercials about Vote Yes for 313. Vote No for Murder. Vote Maybe for My Thumb up Your Ass. And then it all comes down to today.

Except, don't tell anyone, but I'm not voting. I don't mean I'm not voting because I haven't gotten my Seattle voters card (or driver's license) yet. I mean I'm just not voting. Maybe never again.

Bring it on bitches. I know I should care. I know I'm at that age where things should matter and I should be worried about my taxes and if online predators get the electric chair, but right now I just don't care. And I can't fake it.

I mean the way I feel is if I cared then I wouldn't just let a commercial tell me whether something is right or wrong. I'd actually do lots of research to try to find why I want to vote for or against an issue or person. And since I haven't done any research of any kind, then that means to me, that I just don't give a shit.

Call me a bad American. Or just call me Barrie. But today I will wear a sticker that says, "I didn't vote!"

Friday, November 03, 2006

Why I love Toothpaste for Dinner...

Funny Lost Reference
Originally uploaded by barliss2.
These cartoons, found at www.toothpastefordinner.com have always made me piss myself (which can get a little awkward when I'm at work). This one though especially tugs at my heart because I think only Lost fans will appreciate the humor in it.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

At least I wrote a list.

This morning I decided I needed to make a list of things to do. Because I've been super busy with this new pitch (not referring to baseball, i'm speaking advertising) and today I had a break from it. So I was gonna use this day to do the following:

-Review and print off my Geico forms
-Send my sister some pictures that my mom wants
-Go to my library's website to put some books on hold
-Visit carmax.com and see about selling my car
-Make gyno/foot/dermo appointments
-File expense receipts so I can get my money back for getting coffee while concepting (just another ad perk!)
-Enroll for next year's health shit
-Finish a party invite I started and never really completed

I'm usually very diligent about completing things. Scratching things off one by one, but lately that hasn't been the case. So instead of doing everything on the list I spent about 2 hours looking at the library website, then spent another hour looking at carmax/realizing carmax doesn't exist in Washington/then realizing I actually have to take a picture of my car and do a lot more work because stupid carmax doesn't exist here! and then I watched last night's episode of Lost on abc.com. It wasn't on the list but I figured doing 2 things on the list was enough work for me today, thus I deserved some kind of reward. Now, it's 2pm and I have a meeting in an hour. Maybe I'll look at clothes I can't afford at anthropolgie.com Yes, that's exactly what I'll do.