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Friday, December 31, 2004

Next year will most likely suck.

My life has been either completely great or completely shitty this year. Reasons why:

1) I was jobless for almost a year. Yes, I could've have taken any crappy job within that year, but I was holding out for something half way decent. The pressure of not having money and then owing money to everyone you see is probably the most frustrating experience I've ever been through. Now I have been employeed for 3 glorious months, and even though the pay isn't that great, the agency isn't my dream and it's Michigan (ugh- this isn't sounding too positive, but I swear it is) at least I'm getting paid doing what I like to do and I can actually pay off my loans for the next 20 years without any worry.

2) I had a boyfriend that I loved. Now, I don't. Actually, I'm reading this book "He's just not that into you." And I'm definitely the last person you'd see reading a book like this (usually I'd laugh at people reading this book), but a friend passed it on to me and I can't say no to free so I read it. I advise anyone who is dating (chick or dick-hehe) to read this. This will free you of any pain and frustration you've been dealing with. It's actually sort of liberating and even if the pain isn't completely gone, at least I know that he was just not that into me (probably never was- bugger).

3) I'm lonely, but more independent than ever. I have a handful of friends in Michigan, which usually is enough for me but for some reason it's not (probably because of number 2- but fuck it, right?). I actually enjoy doing things by myself more than I like doing things with my friends here. Maybe it's because I've never found the kind of friends that got me like the ones I've made in college. I guess I never will, or at least that's what I've heard.

4)Movies sort of sucked/but music got a little better. A lot of disappointments in cinema for me this year. And I just saw The Life Aquatic, which reaked of piss (What happened Wes??), just like these:
Ray- blew chunks
Spiderman 2- ugh. hated it. sorry, but i did. i liked the first one better.
Kinsey- enough with sex already
I Heart Huckabees- was that movie supposed to be smart, or am i just a jackass (don't answer that- i know. i know.)

Music that was good for me this year:
The Postal Service
Felix Da Housecat (not the cartoon, but just as kick ass)
Modest Mouse (all their albums are grrreat, and it's about time they finally got noticed- too bad I'll never be able to see them for free anymore though)
The Shins
Snoop Dogg (for jizzal- yes, i like rap too- suck it)
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists (just got into them and so should you- fun, happy music that everyone would enjoy)

Hmmm.. That's all I got right now. Maybe I'll add more when it comes to me. And now for something completely different....

Happy Frickin' New Year.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The newest year ever. Ah, this sucks.

Ugh. New Years. People keep asking me, "Whatcha gonna do?, Where you gonna go? What party you going to? How you gonna get there? Are you really gonna JUST stay home? Maybe I'll do that? Ahhhhhh" I can't handle the pressure. Do I have to go out and pay way too much money on my cranberry and vodka's while surrounded by annoying couples that will either gross me out or make me wanna cry because I don't have a stupid boyfriend? Ugh. All I really want to do is knit something fun and have it be like any other day. I can just relax and maybe watch a good movie. That way, I don't have to pay for a stupid cab and for stupid drinks. I don't have to go to a stupid party where I have to have stupid conversations with stupid people. And I won't have to feel pressured to kiss a stupid drunk guy who is probably more pathetic than me. But wait. I bet you anything I'll end up doing all those stupid things because I didn't watch any of those after school specials about peer pressure.

Now, I'm done writing this stupid blog. And I'm off to play Literati. What a sad, sad life.

Thank God I ain't dis bitch.

Dis' Bitch is Stressed. Harhar
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So, I love not working. Don't get me wrong. I really like my job, but I really really love not working and still getting paid. It's the best thing in the whole entire world.

Monday, December 27, 2004

More Stupid Shit I've Done.

I think I did something really stupid, and I'm really regretting it now. I spent $163 on my hair! I had it dyed, highlighted, cut, shampooed, the whole damn nine fucking yards. I can't believe other chicks spend this kind of money on their hair every 3-4 months. Are these biotches smokin' crack or what? I felt like someone literally stole my purse and had a nice little shopping spree while I had to sit under some hot air balloony thing. Ugh. It was so boring I almost fell asleep as the dude was cutting what little hair I already have. Yeah, my hair looks good and shit, but still, ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY THREE DOLLARS on hair that will grow out in like a week. Every day when I wash my hair and see a few strands fall out and start floating toward the drain I'll probably shed a tear. Maybe I'll save them and put them in a jar to see how much each strand is worth now. Why do girls do this all the time? I mean I know we all want to feel pretty and crap, but I much rather spend my money on books, music, a freakin' ipod or maybe even a nice villa in Italy. The worst part is I completely stiffed the dude on the tip. I didn't realize it until I was already driving home and I didn't want to drive back, so then I felt bad about only spending $163 (that was including tip by the way- just not the kind of tip I wanted to give him) when I really should have spend more like $175, but then I thought, ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS ON A FREAKIN' HAIRCUT- and I kept right on driving. The next time I spend that kind of money on hair is.... never, cause it's a frickin' crime to spend that much money on hair. Ugh, I'm a stupid, stupid fool.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Crappy movies I stupidly wasted hard earned money on.

I rather see Little Nicky.
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I haven't wrote in awhile, due to the sun in Florida. I realized how much I missed it when there was a snowstorm in Michigan and didn't want to leave my house because I was too scared to drive. It's actually sort of chilly in the good ol' Fort Lauderdale, but I can't complain. Someone once asked me where the Fort is in Fort Lauderdale, and I should do some investigating because I don't think there's an actual Fort, but if there was I bet you it's kick ass.

Anyway, back to the recent movies I saw that totally sucked huge chunks.

Splangish- I can't believe people are giving this good reviews. I saw this movie secretly hoping it would be really good, and came out almost wanting to hurl. There was no plot and every character completely got on my nerves except for the grandmother. She was the only person that sort of saved this movie from being worse that Gigli (which I should see just to see how bad it really was- has anyone seen that??). Really, don't see this movie. Not funny. Not romantic. Not entertaining. And it leaves you feeling disappointed. Ugh, I hate deceiptful trailers.

Kinsey- This wasn't that bad. But the ending totally through me off. I was expecting a really good ending, since all the sex stuff in the beginning and middle were actually sort of interesting, but instead it was one of those movies were the director just ended it for no reason. Kinsey is talking in the woods with his wife about life and shit, and then boom, a crappy, cheesy ending to a sex flick. BOring. Wait for it on video.

Ray-Okay, I know everyone is jizzing over this flick, but I just didn't like it. Sure, Jamie Foxx did Ray very well, but the story just wasn't that good. And the ending was so bad and cheesy with one of the worst dream sequences I've ever "seen" I almost peed right there on my gum stained seat. I do give Jamie props for perfecting the lip syncing method. He obviously didn't go to Ashley Simpson for advice.

I'm sure I'll see other crappy movies before the year end's. I'm supposed to see Meet The Fockers and Life Aquatic sometime this week. Both received mild reviews, but I'm a stupid sucker who likes seeing movies with Bill Murray and Barb, so shove it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

It's not your ordinary awards show.

No, not that Kennedy, silly.
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So, I just finished watching The Amazing Race when I swear I was in some kind of time warp (I guess those tabs from prom finally kicked in-hehe) watching this random Kennedy Center Honors award shindig. It felt like 1972 with the off white/but sorta yellow curtains from all the people smoking inside. And Walter Cronkike (sp?) comes out to give a little spiel when I realized, damn that bastard is oooold. I felt bad for the poor guy. Stumbling through words and shit. But then I felt worse when he introduced Caroline Kennedy. She was yappin' about her dad when I realized, "How the hell is this chick normal?" She puts on a good front, but I bet you every now and then she totally flips out. I would. I mean:

a) She was a first daughter. Which means either you're an alcohi or your daddy dies.

b) So, then her daddy dies.

c) And her mommy too, this time the big C.

d) Then for a few years she's thinking "No one else should die for quite a while unless..." Bam, her brother's dead too.

Don't know how she does it. I'd be a mess. I'd sit in a corner for a few years and count how many pieces of popcorn are actually hanging from my ceiling.

Man, that was a depressing blog. I'll try to be cheerier tomorrow. But I probably won't.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Who's pretending to be my boss, damn it?

Are you the boss?
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So, I was secretly thrilled to see one lonely little comment on my very first blog. It was from my boss, but when I asked her about my blog she looked at me like I was retarded (which might be true). Now I'm racking my brain about who this phantom is and I've narrowed it down to these people:

1)Leo- my art director who's main goal in life is to play evil tricks on me.

2)Nicole- my other art director, who is dating Leo and therefore might be up to something.

3)Mark- he might do this, but then again he probably hasn't read this because he's playing San Andreas right now.

4)Nik- he might be the only other person that knows my boss's name, oh except for...

5)Kelly- but she would tell me that she tricked me 5 minutes after she posted it.

Please somebody, help me solve this mystery. Anybody? Hello?

I want to slit my wrists.

Learn sign language.
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I am so bored. My partners aren't here this week, there's nothing to do workwise and playing games and writing this shit only takes up a portion of my day. I'm trying to look for something that would properly slit my wrists but all I have on my desk are a stapler with no staples inside, a phone, a Readymade magazine, a nalgene bottle and a fake milk carton thanks to the smarty pants at crispin porter and the mini cooper. I have to do this all week long. Ugh, I wonder how dying from boredom actually feels like. I imagine it's something reletively close to this, but instead of sitting at a desk you're sitting at a 5 hour long meeting about the evolution of cottage cheese. Mmm, cottage cheese and peaches sounds good right about now. I'll be writing about 10 more times today. I'm sure of it.

I'm gonna stop watching TV.

Inventions are overrated.
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Right, like that's really gonna happen. But since it's Christmas time, it can only mean one thing. Crappy ads. For some reason everyone has to put a damn caroler in there ad or a Santa that looks like he's ready for another scotch. I know I shouldn't talk, because a) I haven't really made a great commercial yet. b) I know that sometimes clients suck and if they want mistle toes and frickin' reindeers then you have to give them that or else it's your job. But, whatever the reason is, here are some I've seen that might actually make me stop watching TV or at least deeply consider wasting my money on getting a Tivo instead of taking a long awaited trip to Greece or Spain or someplace fun like that.

1) Bod. I've recently been introduced to this commercial, but my roommate said it's been annoying him for years. It's a cologne for men and it comes in a spray bottle. Basically it's about guys with no shirts on and they're in a band or something. The whole commercial is in an off-color purple and there's loud music and some chick whose only lines were to say Bod in a creepy phone-sex, kinda voice. The people over at Bod must be really worried about how there sales are going at K-Mart and Walgreens to make such a crappy ad. I just wish they'd save their money and stop their advertising so I don't have to see their crappy commercial after watching some fatty get murdered on Desperate Housewives.

2) Glade Wisp Air Freshners. Ugh. I'm not even entirely sure if this commercial sucks or not, but I'm just totally creeped out by the product. Why is my air freshner puffing? Do I really need to see something puff? Are people really that bored that they need to stand around an air freshner waiting for the magic to begin. Ugh, people!

3) Some crappy Honda ad. I'm not sure if anyone else gets to see this commerical because I think it's just a Michigan thing we all get to suffer through, but I keep seeing this ad where there's a woman getting her teeth cleaned and then all of a sudden these carollers show up and start singing Merry Christmas or some shit like that. Then they cut back to the woman in the dental chamber and the dentist and they're singing too. Then it cuts to a Honda car and the announcer says some speil about We at Honda would like to wish you a Happy Holiday. I thought i had missed something, because the lady in the dentist chair didn't mention anything about cars, and no one in the ad was driving a car, so why the hell in god's name were these people at a dentist office singing carols for a car spot. Who are the geniuses that came up with this one? I dare you to step up and explain this ad if you were the one that produced this crap. These are the type of ads where I think to myself, I will never buy a Honda based on the crap you try to feed me on TV you stupid, stupid fools.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Don't Waste Your Time.

I can't decide whether I want to dye my hair blonde or brunette or something completely drastic (in the blue or red color palatte). Any advice?

Now back to what's more important. I've decided that you (assuming someone is reading this besides myself) shouldn't waste your time anymore. So, I've compiled a list of movies that totally blow huge brown chunks.

-The following movies make me barf blueish green:
Dodgeball (I've seen this before. It was called Starsky and Hutch and I didn't like that movie either).
A Walk to Remember (I can't even believe I'm admitting I watched this movie. I thought some deep shit was gonna happen, but the best thing about this boo hoo flick was that Mandy Moore beefs it riding a motorcycle- just kidding).
Open Range (Ugh. If you have a penis you might like this cowboy melodrama. Kevin Kostner needs to stick to building baseball fields.)

My ADD/laziness is kicking in and there's something more interesting on The Late Late Show so I'll end my list here. Are there movies you wish you never saw and would like to warn others? If so, feel free to comment. Spread the word so I don't have to waste 6.50 (matinee biotch) on seeing crap on a screen.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

How cool are you?

So, I admit it. I've spent too many hours spying on people at friendster. I'd look up who my friends were friends with and who their friends were, and so on. Then I thought to myself, "Damn (yes, I think in quotes- shove it) I only have 20 friends and some of them I don't even talk to anymore. I must really be a loser." And then I realized that, yes I probably am a loser, but at least I don't lie and say I have 400 friends like some people I've seen. Who has 400 friends? Who are these people? Why do they need to prove their popularity on the internet? Then I realized that these people were probably really cool in high school, and probably even cooler in college. They probably had multiple nicknames and a nice car their parents bought them. Or these people are in dire need for atteniton so they ask every person they've ever looked at to be their friend. Whatever the reason, these people are weird and I guess I'll never understand them. And for that, I guess I'll never be cool. Oh well. Back to playing Dungeons and Dragons. hehe.

My very first blog.

The internet is so creepy. Right now I'm supposed to be writing copy for some brochure that's probably due in a few hours, but instead I decide what better way to occupy my time but to play Gin on the internet with some dude from Africa. I didn't even know they had computers in Africa. So, we do the normal casual chitchat and congratulate each other on our good hands. And then the freaky shit starts. He didn't want to toss my salad on the internet or anything, but he did start babbling about his life. It was like I was a therapist that he found for free and on the side we get to play games. I console him and we end the game. And we don't exchange names or numbers because I'm not that crazy, but it's just understood that people do this. These people will share more with me than they do to their wives, husbands, priests, what have you. And I don't even like giving advice. But I do because I feel bad.