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Thursday, May 24, 2007

I don't even deserve this blog.

I know. I know. It's been a long while.

Well, not really. But for me, someone who used to do it on a daily basis, I've definitely been slacking.

But I swear I've been busy. I've been non-stop for about 2 months now. I'm not joking either. Every single day/night for the last 2 months I've been out doing god knows what. Concerts/Rummage sales/Seeing Miranda July read out of her fancy new book/Beth came to visit/Knitting. There was one day where I actually didn't go to work because all this going out caught up with me and made me sick. But that was also the same day Beth came to visit so I needed to rest up for that as well.

And I'm not stopping. This weekend is Sasquatch! You don't know what Sasquatch is because you're from the East Coast and you don't know any better, you say? Well, let me tell you you're missing out! Bands like Interpol! Arcade Fire! Bjork! Beastie Boys! Ghostland Observatory! Fuck, even Sarah Silverman is gonna be there! Basically it's gonna be awesome. (And free!)

The funniest part about this is that my friend's friend has a school bus and that's how we're getting there. 12 kids posing as adults are gonna climb aboard for a music filled field trip!!

Next week, my calendar is actually not filled up. So I'll have a little break until Friday when I'll be camping in Mount Ranier!

Hooray for summer!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

In a perfect world...

I was thinking about writing my congressmen (or women) about this issue I've been dealing with recently. You see, I'm not a big fan of taking medication. I much rather find a vitamin substitute. Case in point:

I went to the gynocologist last week because once again I haven't gotten my period since December (and no, I'm not pregnant). This is the 2nd time in 2 years this has happened to me and since having babies has always been a problem in my family I figured I should check this out. Because as of right now, I don't think I want babies and what not, but who knows what the future holds. I could change my mind in a few years and be shit out of luck. Thus, to the gyno I went.

She immediately wrote me a prescription for Provera. I asked her what that was and what side effects this would give me. She said, "Oh, just a little weight gain."

Thanks to the internet, I looked up this Provera because I basically don't trust doctors. And I don't trust medication that will make me gain weight for no reason. To my horror, there was a long list of pretty bad side effects. Blood clots, hair loss, severe headaches, just to name a few. Also, it said that this drug is probably the worst thing out there for you. Well, I knew I wouldn't be taking this that's fo shizzle.

I asked myself, then why would a doctor prescribe such crap? Well, most of them really don't know any better. Some Provera suit guy comes in saying how remarkable their drug is and these doctors just take their word for it. They don't have time to look up how good or bad it is because well, they have patients to deal with.

Believe me, if my health insurance covered homeopathic doctors I'd be going to them. But they don't so I'm stuck.

Anyway, I looked up natural methods of Provera and went to my local natural health store where I talked to a girl who was very knowledgeable and recommended a vitamin (or really drops) called Chaste Tree. She actually has had the same problem and said it worked for her. She said it doesn't work for everyone, and if it doesn't for me there are more vitamins I could try. But Provera is definitely not the only answer. This made my day!

So, of course I looked up Chaste Tree and it seemed legit. It answered all my questions without giving me blood clots!

The bad news is vitamins aren't covered in my health insurance either (does any insurance cover that?) so I end up paying a lot of money. Because not only do I take that but I also take a multi-vitamin, vitamin D and iron. This all adds up. And it's not like I'm taking these for fun. I'm taking them because I'm low in these essential areas and if I don't, I'll be tired. It's just the way shit goes. But I don't think it's fair.

Why would I not have to pay for a drug, but I do have to pay for something natural that is way better for my health? What kind of health insurance are we dealing with here? What are we insuring?

Comments? Concerns?

Next up: Voting

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The last few weeks...

I've been crazy busy ever since Spain. Not with work per se, but with extra curricular activities. And it's been very awesome.

I saw The Books, !!! (for free) and LCD Soundsystem (for free). This Sunday I'm going to see Peter, Bjorn and John (for free). And in three weeks I'm going to see Bjork, Beastie Boys, Ghostland Observatory, Arcade Fire, Mano Chao, Bad Brains, Sarah Silverman and about 50 more totally awesome acts (for FREE!)

I also have my knitting nights every Wednesday with the girls.

And I've been going out on random dates here and there.

And then it was Cinco de Mayo. And then I saw Oscar de la Hoya lose. And then I went to a cool place that served hot dogs and had old school pinball machines. And then I went to the park. And then I started writing more for something secret. And then I threw down $200 at an independent clothing design bizarre (to which I get countless compliments on my purchases). And then I went to the opening of the Seattle Art Museum (twice). And then I went to two taco trucks in two days. And then I went to a rummage sale and then a huge fuck-off book sale. And then I got all these free samples at Kiehls. And then I got a manicure/pedicure/dinner for free. And then I looked all over the city for sheets and finally found the softest ones ever (go beech!). And today I have a meeting to possibly help out with a very cool website and it's not work related, but it's not pay related either (it's one of those good cause thingys).

It's sunny, bright and I can smell the summer is gonna be filled with excitement!


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My best friend.

I met Natalie, oh god, like 20 years ago in Sunrise, Florida. I used to be horribly shy. To the point where I remember my mom going up to a bunch of kids to tell them I was new and they should be friends with me. If that wasn't embarrasing enough, I don't think I actually became friends with those kids. But somehow I met Natalie and her ever-growing family. There was Oliver, Ryan and Keith. They became those annoying brothers you love to hate. Walking in on me in the bathroom, or being our dolls when we wanted to play dress-up. Ryan was closest to our age so he became our pet. And Keith was perfect for his strollers and other toys. I remember riding in that stroller many, many times.

Natalie, Ryan and I would play the weirdest games sometimes. Like, who has the knife? What's this game you ask? Oh, just a little game where we would chase eachother around with a real, sharp knife. Yeah....

Then there was our obsession with Dirty Dancing and really, anything having to do with dancing or singing. We did the typical childhood dream thing and thought we could make a band. I think I still have a cassette tape of all of us trying to sing "Bohemian Raphsody". In our minds we were better than Queen.

God, and the hours we spent in the pool attempting to perfect the lift done in Dirty Dancing.

We had other friends join our little group along the way, but they never stuck. I went to church for the first time with their family and had spent many christmas's with them. Whenever we went to Disney World, Natalie came with. We went to the Dade County Youth Fair, got lost from my parents (at the age of 10 at a very dangerous area) and somehow played it cool until my dad found us hours later. Even when we moved to Pennsylvania for a year, Natalie came to visit. And when we moved back, it was like I never left.

We also splurged on best friend necklaces, to which I think I still have.

We stayed friends up until high school. We never had a falling out, but I think we just outgrew eachother. There was never any jealously for not being friends anymore. It just naturally died a slow death, and I think that was ok for both of us. I remember we even had a class together in high school and we were friendly, made jokes and what not. But we just had different friends. Different lives. We were just different.

Every now and then I hear stories about her. I saw her Mom once about 2 years ago and talked casually, even though I'm pretty sure she didn't recognize me for the first 5 minutes. I also heard that Natalie had a kid. My mom ran into them at the grocery store.

And then a week ago she found me on myspace and wrote me an email. It was so weird to get a message from her. From my past. I barely recognized her. And now she has 2 kids, and is divorced. And she has family here in Seattle.

The internet, man. It brings old best friends together. Even if it's just for a few emails.