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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well, it finally happened.

For the squeamish type, do not read:

This morning, I had my normal ritual of going to the potty while checking up on emails and blogs before heading to the gym. I'm the kind of gross person who looks at the prize I left behind, to make sure no worms or other weirdness is floating around. Whatever, you do it too. So I do my normal peek and I noticed something strange. Something blue. Yep, it was my ear plug. And no, I didn't poop it out. It must have gotten stuck in my hair or inside my pajamas and when I sat down on the toilet it probably just fell in. I looked at my blue ear plug for a second, thinking that another one just bit the dust. Usually they find themselves behind my bed, never to be seen again, until I move or my remote falls down. But I guess if you're a blue ear plug and you're gonna die, taking a dive into my morning poop is surely the most interesting way to go.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm moving...again...just upstairs...with Dominic.

November 1st, Dominic and I are becoming roomies. This is part of a bigger plan, as we'd like to own a place sooner than later. He has his half of the money, and I (thanks stupid loans!) don't. So, we're moving upstairs, in the building I already live in, but it's bigger and my rent will be $650 instead of $950. And I won't be living in a basement anymore. And maybe my jade plant will come back to life because I'll have sun in my apartment again. And I'll have to part with some things. And I'll have to get stupid cable because Dominic already got it with his new plan. And we'll see if I ever sleep again with all that snoring he does. And I can't wait. And how fun this new adventure will be. And think of all the cooking we can do in our slightly bigger kitchen. And I'll actually miss seeing him in Ballard a little bit. And I really don't want to throw away that huge cash register I was given, because it's awesome and I love it. And I guess this means I'm an adult. And I guess this also means people will start to assume we're going to get married and get a dog and have a stupid baby. And I guess you are all wrong, because neither of us want that right now. And I can't wait. And I hope this means I can have more people over for dinner parties, and movie nights and knitting events.



Friday, October 10, 2008

Why am I so tired?

I woke up 45 minutes earlier than normal because of this crazy urge to pee and it's totally fucked with my day. It's been too sunny outside, so my eyes are playing tricks on me, and one cup of coffee and a half of a cupcake later and I still can't shake this tired feeling. You know when you're totally jittery, your leg won't stop tapping, but you're also really sleepy? That's how I am right this moment.

Maybe a walk over to temple will do the trick. That's right Mom. Dominic and I are going to his first ever Shabbat, where he most likely will wonder why we don't take communion or ever mention Jesus.

Tata and god speed.


Friday, October 03, 2008

This week's question(s):

-Why are peaches and nectarines so good to eat, but so disgusting at the same time? Whenever I bite into one and see the messiness I left behind I feel weird. Like are people staring at me eat this succulent fruit? And if so, stop it.

-Why are there not any cute clothes to wear in the rain? I really don't want to get rainboots that have some dumb, trendy design on it. Maybe I'll get these for Chanukkah. In a size 9, black. Hint Hint.

-Why do I hate anyone who loves to bash any of the VP candidates? I get the feeling you are just dumb and uninformed (as am I, hence I don't bash).

-Why was last night's debate such a waste of time? From what I read after the fact, a lot of what both sides said were actually not very true. I hate not believing in our system. Ugh, less than a month away and a whole new set of lies. Fuck it all.

-Why am I so excited for my yoga class tomorrow? Because I haven't gone to a class in ages and want to see if I can see find my inner breath.

-Why am I even more excited to go to the Tea Festival? Cause duh, it's fucking tea. And tea is awesome!

-Why did I just book a solo vacation to Portland? Because I really want to go somewhere, on a train and by myself. That's why.

-Why can't I find a house cleaner? I've called two people who never got back to me. Ugh. If anyone in Seattle reads this, let me know who you know!