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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wah wah wah.

I remember a few months ago I really wanted to see this Ricki Lake movie about childbirth, but kept missing it for some reason. I finally got The Business of Being Born yesterday from the library, and while it wasn't some groundbreaking documentary and had only one-sided view (like most documentaries) I would definitely have to say that anyone who's considering having one of those little humans should rent this ASAP.

The movie will open your eyes to the dangers of having a hospital delivery. From the costs to all that medicine you most likely don't need to just being uncomfortable because who the hell likes hospitals to the fact that a hospital is a business, and like restaurants they want you in and out, you really have to wonder why so many women are opting to still do it this way.

Why wouldn't you want to have your baby at home, with your music, with the people you care about all around you or maybe not all around you? These midwives are prepared for obstacles that may happen, and I guess I won't give the whole movie away but far less babies die at in-home childbirths than in hospitals and that right there is something to think about.

I talked to my friend, Jessie, briefly today. And when she asked me if Dominic and I were going to get married and have babies. I was all like noooooooo, not anytime soon. But I'm pretty sure if we decided to give up our lives to some crying, money grubbing life form/pride and joy that I'd like to have this thing coming out of me in my nice claw foot tub with Cat Stevens and Bill Withers singing to me from my computer. And not, by any means necessary, at the mercy of some doctor dude I've probably never met before and the sounds of all those scary machines with a nice big bill waiting for me when the placenta comes flying out.

No thank you.


Monday, September 22, 2008


It started on Friday, with a game of Scrabble at the local tea place (and a word I knew didn't exist but I let slide, and so I lost my first game).

And then there were some pretty bad movies, and lots of naps and sleeping in till 11:30. Throw in some internet, crossword puzzles, lots of rain, too many bowls of cereal, peanut butter and a meatball sub (homemade), and then more naps, a pilates on DVD, a very short walk to see the door of a townhouse for sale and a quick trip to the library for even more movies. Then toss in some walking to and from Dominic's place, lots o' cooking and trying to stay up to see that Mad Men won the Emmy's!

And that's what you call a weekend.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

More of the same.

-What's the difference between Miss and Ms.? Miss seems like it's meant for pre-school teachers, so I usually pick Ms.

-Why has coffee become the new cigarettes? Everyone at every workplace go in groups to get coffee. I don't drink coffee, nor do I like to buy it too much. Thus, I feel left out.

-Why is YouTube in spellchecker on Word? I wrote Youtube and that damn Word called my shit out.

-Why does it cost $75 just to renew a passport? Changing numbers on a piece of paper shouldn't cost that much.

-What stock should I buy, now that I've lost over $2000 in the last few days?

-Who wants to go to Portland in April to see the screening of HandMadeNation the movie?

-Was anyone else shocked to learn that Julia Roberts is playing the lead in Eat, Pray, Love? It almost seemed too typical.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fund my thing?

I wish there was a site where I could ask everyone in the world for a dollar to fund whatever it is I want, like a townhouse I just saw or a trip around the world. If you give me a dollar, I'll give a dollar to something of my choosing. Everyone basically puts in a dollar and you get to pick who you want to fund. But since this is my idea, you'd fund my thing, right?

This is actually something I've been talking about doing with Dominic (amongst other projects), so don't steal my thing. Just fund it.


Thursday, September 04, 2008

Questions for Thursday?

-Why do guys lose hair on top of their head, but not anywhere else? In fact, sometimes they grow even more in new places.

-Why is it wherever you travel to every tourist store has the same exact shit?

-Why do people put stickers on their car? Especially for candidate hopefuls. It always seems silly years later when Gore didn't actually become president, and yet there's your dumb sticker for everyone to shake their heads at.

-Why does the guy at my gym where bath and body works cologne? Is he gay or just really into smelling like a pear?

-Who is really paying $100 to board their luggage on a plane? I want to talk to you. And maybe slap you across the face.

-Why are grates in the middle of sidewalks so scary? I always walk around them for fear that I'll fall through and land in a bucket of rats.

-Why are spiders and snakes so scary, yet when you see them they're usually just sitting still and doing nothing at all that's all too scary?

-Why are 3 day weekends so awesome? If we always had 3 day weekends would everyone be more relaxed? I heard Utah is already doing this and that it's working on a productive stand point. Would we start bitching why we don't have 4 day weekends, or is that just pushing it?


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What did you do this weekend?


-went to some secret comedy show in Ballard with the boyfriend. Laughed a lot. Enjoyed the fact that the 10 kind of celebrity comics each only had 5 minutes of joke telling time. Perfect for the antsy people like myself.

-made blackberry bucket. It tastes like one big muffin.

-napped. A lot. Almost the entire day.

-picked even more blackberries at Discovery Park. Then saw the biggest salmon ever jumping all over the place at the Ballard Locks.

-went to Target, lost the boyfriend and bought a sweater. This might be the first time I actually bought clothes that can be seen on the outside from this world wide chain. And I don't know how I feel about that.

-decided I needed to rent a really bad movie, just to see if bad movies can actually be good. So we rented 27 Dresses and I'm convinced that romantic comedies today are totally worthless. This movie was mind-numbing.

-ran, worked out, walked around, found more blackberries.

-hiked with Cristina, her mom and Dominic. I picked this particular hike because it was next to my favorite cherry pie place, where it just so happens Twin Peaks was filmed. Later, we find out a 14 year old fell 100 feet at the same trail we hiked on. This keeps happening for some reason around here. Weird.

-rented Californication. I can't decide if I like it or not. It's good. Not great. I'm not dying to rent the second disk or anything. Maybe it's because the main character talks like the Big Lebowski and it semi bothers me.

-took another nap, walked to another park, got ready for bed, fell asleep to some crime mystery thing about a rapist in Spokane. Quickly turned off the tube and thought of unicorns skipping through yarn instead. Fell asleep within minutes.

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